the face of the beast

“Fire, brimstone, earthquakes, volcanoes, weather manipulation, wars, terrorism and political upheaval; the author of confusion is revealed; the time of his revelation is upon you. The many headed hydra of mythology has risen from the sea; seven heads and ten horns is what is written.

He that withholds has been moved from His place and this FINAL head has many heads; and with great blasphemy he shakes the four winds of the earth. Fire, water, air, earth; great authority has been given unto him to try the hearts of man in preparation for the beast, who is soon to step upon the stage for the final scene.

Politics, commerce, religion and war; what you see now is the beast taking shape, much like the Australian bushfires; it was controlled yet became uncontrollable. He can also be likened unto Pandora’s Box, once opened all control is lost. Your policies, your gold, your religious system, your wars will not contain what has been released from the Box; the bottomless pit. As the many headed hydra; any attempt to cut off this head or that head only creates another more dangerous one.

All-the world wonders after this beast as it reveals its heads around the world; Australia, Iraq, Iran, the America’s, Russia, Europe; it was given unto him to make war and all power was given unto him over all tongues and nations. Worship must follow, for who can make war with him, who can stand against him? If you have an ear then listen; the call remains the same; come out from among them; for the time is almost at hand.  There are only two ways to run, into the arms of Jesus or into the arms of the beast. There are no fences, not in-betweens; they do not exist except in the minds of those with alternative thoughts. They will not work but for a short time more, the arm of flesh cannot save you.

On the other hand

The keys of the kingdom were designed to open the portal to the spirit world, so that they that be wise will run into and be safe.“

revelation 13:4





standing at heavens gate

Howard Pittman

What I’m going to tell you is the real truth, and I know it because it happened to me. I know the difference between a vision, a dream, or a hallucination, and a real experience. And what I had was a real experience, but I’m not going to try to convince you, that’s not my job. The Lord told me to tell it, and that’s all I intend to do. If there’s any convincing done here, the Holy Spirit will do it. I’m just going to tell it as it actually happened……

The miracle occurred August 3rd, 1979. That day I suffered what appeared to be a physical death, as a result of a massive internal hemorrhage, a rupture of a main body artery, without warning. My spirit was taken from my body and carried first into the second Heaven, and finally before God in the third Heaven, where I saw many different things and received a five-point message, which God sent me back from beyond the grave to tell the world, to give the world this message…….

An appointment I could not miss–my death

The first people I met, or the first beings, are real, individual spirit beings, that are extremely powerful, and before I tell you about them I am just going to give you a few Scriptural references to their existence.
Luke 8:29 says that demons are extremely powerful. Mark 5:8-9 says that their number is so great that it’s unable to be recorded. Matthew 10:1 says that they are unclean beings. Matthew 12:24-30 points out that they are totally and completely under the authority of Satan himself. And 2 Peter 2:4 points out that some of them are fallen angels……..

But I had met my appointed time to die, and no matter how hard they worked, they were not going to preserve that life, only God could extend that. And I knew that when I came to myself, that this was it! It wasn’t that I guessed, or it wasn’t, “Oh, I feel terrible, I’m going to die.” It was a revelation that this was my time to die!…….

Standing At Heavens Gate By Howard Pittman…download Testimony Here (Under Miscellaneous)


revelation 13…. pictorial read by alexander scorby

keys to the kingdom…. god’s end time power

they got the money…. but they ain’t got the power

watch out for 666…. the future is here

the great church deception…. what can we say???