A Key to Full Possession



“Be sure that you have made no small progress in the spiritual life, when you can control your imagination, so as to fix it on the duty and occupation actually existing, to the exclusion of the crowd of thoughts which are perpetually sweeping across the mind. No doubt, you cannot prevent those thoughts from arising, but you can prevent yourself from dwelling on them; you can put them aside, you can check the self-complacency, or irritation, or earthly longings which feed them, and by the practice of such control of your thoughts you will attain that spirit of inward silence which draws the soul into a close intercourse with God.    JEAN N. GROU.


The Zone

There is an expression generally used in sports that has an aura of mysticism around it. It’s almost impossible to define it, in spite of it being so real and magical. It feels like perfection incarnated. The closest definition to express what it means might be this one: “The “zone” is a state of supreme focus that helps athletes in all sports perform at their peak potential. It is when your mind fully connects with achieving a goal, such as getting a hit, or stealing a base. Attention is absorbed into the present (the here and now only). When you’re in the zone your mind only processes the thoughts and images that help you execute your task successfully.
Entering the zone requires total commitment to your game plan and the process of winning. Many athletes have mental barriers that limit their ability to enter the zone, such as fear of failure, doubts, lack of trust, and over thinking. Mentally tough athletes are at an advantage because they have the ability to tap into the zone more consistently in competition. When they are in the zone, fear of failure, worry, doubt, indecision, and other mental traps are forbidden from entering their focus. In this state of concentration, mental distractions struggle to compete for your attention but lose the battle. Athletes talk so much about performing in the zone and how awesome it feels. Many athletes view the zone as this magical, hard-to-obtain state of mind.” – Mike Edger
Now imagine witnessing to a sheep: you are supremely focused on them, your mind fully connects to winning that person to Christ, attention is completely absorbed into the present (the here and now only). It’s like time has ceased to exist. It requires total commitment, and while witnessing, the fear of failure, worry, doubt, indecision or other mental traps are blocked because you become such a conduit of the Lord’s Spirit that nothing else is allowed to enter in. Then comes the amazing feeling of unearthly joy while receiving the divine inspiration with all the right verses and answers culminating with the almost tangible happiness of the heavenly angels rejoicing over a saved soul. (Luke 15:10)
Having this parallel drawn between the two “in the zone” states: sports and spiritual, I feel that for the first time that I received a “handle” with which to “grasp” full possession, putting on the Lord’s mind,  rising above and asking Him everything concepts. The goal of all these “aides” are to bring you into His Zone.

Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is wellpleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” Hebrews 13:21
That “make you perfect” now for me means “bringing you into HIs Zone”! 🙂
And back to sports, even Paul makes a parallel between our earthly pilgrimage and running a race or fighting a good fight. Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.” 1 Cor. 9:24-27
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And The Antichrist



“IT’S LIKE THE VOICE OF THE PROPHET JONAH TO NINEVEH, THE DECADENT WORLD CAPITAL of Assyria: –“40 days, then Nineveh shall be destroyed!” But when Nineveh repented, God spared her a little longer. But I don’t think this Nineveh is going to repent!–And the only Nineveh that could possibly mean is America, of course. America has been the ruling power of the world. America is now the declining power, and Russia is the ascending power. “The Christmas Monster”

Note: On the other hand Jesus coming back may very well be me wishful thinking…So what else or who else could it be but the monster himself, Satan, coming like a comet to the earth to possess the Antichrist, who is by now under great duress to pull this mess of a world out of the bag. Luke 10:18 – And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. If the world, but especially Europe see that the nuclear war is imminent then they may do exactly what David said they would in “War or Peace” #1518 Here are the two scenarios David lays out:

“Paragraph 37. NOW, IF THIS INTERPRETATION IS TRUE–& it sounds better than before & fits better than the former–although it looked like the War was to occur almost at any minute, only that Covenant could possibly save the World from War right now! And that would take a masterstroke of Antichrist genius to swing it, when both Superpowers are standing right now with their fingers on the button at the brink of destruction! It would certainly take a revelation of the Antichrist himself & some political genius to bring about World peace right now in the face of imminent War, to bring about a World Peace Pact–which as far as I can see, could be none other than the Holy Covenant, confirmed by the Antichrist himself!–In which case, we may have another 3-1/2 years of peace!

And or

Paragraph 45. AND WHEN I FINALLY CAME TO THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON, IT JUST DAWNED ON ME IN A FLASH, CLEAR AS ANYTHING!–If that War in Revelation 17 & 18 is the Atomic War–which it certainly sounds like & which we’ve been saying all along, that Babylon or America is destroyed in the Atomic War, in one day, one hour–then it does not occur until after the ten kings of Europe have yielded their power to the Beast!–In other words, until the Antichrist has become supreme!–And until at least Europe makes peace with him & cooperates with him!–Which would almost force the U.S. to make peace! But then, in that 3-1/2 years of peace he really establishes his power & gets complete total control & a real grip on the World, to where he no longer needs the Whore, America! He certainly could easily persuade Europe then to turn on America & fire their missiles that way instead, & that would solve the whole problem!”


“The keys will be to you what you need them to be: a fairy of encouragement to spur you on, a light to guide you in the darkness, a song of victory to cheer your heart, and a fire beneath you to keep you moving forward in spirit.”





March 2022


At The Top Of The World



November 2021


The Crash Update


Alice and the Cards [#023])

“M-Madame Sharla Tann?”
“None other, Alice darling,” she said in a voice that sounded to Alice like two voices overlapped.
Like the sound of some singers on the tapes, thought Alice. But this is spooky.
“You have fear, I notice,” said Sharla, baring her upper teeth and running them across her red lower lip as she leaned close to Alice and peered into her eyes. Alice noticed her pale skin was uncannily smooth, like wax. “Am I scary?”
“N-n-not at all,” said Alice, trembling.
“You’ve hurt my feelings!” said Sharla with mock offence. “It’s okay, baby. You can be honest! One’s power is equal to how much fear one can instill in others. That’s the secret of mine and Truco’s control. How else do you think we can so manipulate those stupid, unthinking masses? So don’t sweat. I don’t mind being thought of as scary. In fact, I revel in it!”

“Looking, looking, My children are circling the prey. They are as eagles, eyes on the carcass. They look to Me for their cue; they trust no one but Me.”

“This game is so intricate, so detailed, and so spiritual. It can be likened to capillaries or the nervous system within the human body. Only I can truly know the intricacies of such things.”

‘My keys are like a clean bath to soak away the dirt and filth of the world and replace it with the sweet-smelling fragrance of the cleanliness of My spirit.’

“It is amazing how content the devil is if he can but nibble at a man’s heart. It does not matter about swallowing it whole—only let him nibble and he will be content! Let him but bite at the ends and be satisfied, for he is wise enough to know that if a serpent has but an inch of bare flesh to sting, he will poison the whole. When Satan cannot get a great sin in, he will let a little one in, like the thief who goes and finds shutters all coated with iron and bolted inside. At last he sees a little window in a chamber. He cannot get in, so he puts a little boy in, that he may go round and open the back door. So the devil has always his little sins to carry about with him to go and open back doors for him! And we let one in and say, “O, it is only a little one.” Yes, but how that little one becomes the ruin of the entire man! Let us take care that the devil does not get a foothold, for if he gets but a foothold, he will get his whole body in and we shall be overcome.”                                                                    (C.H.Spurgeon Sermon #322)

(Prophecy) “Don’t look to man; look to Me. Have you ever been in a small boat in stormy weather? The Endtime is like that. It is hard to know what is up and what is down. The wind swirls and twists as it lashes you with sea spray. The darkness is disorienting, and you lose direction, a wave could sweep across the deck at any time and you are dragged into the sea. The man beside you, who was your friend in fair weather, turns out to be an enemy in foul. His intentions are good, yes, but the ferocity of the storm caused him to take his eyes off Me and suddenly he is acting in the most untoward manner.

“Charlatan is a person who makes elaborate, fraudulent and often voluble claims to skill or
knowledge; a quack or a fraud. The word charlatan originates in the early 17th century from the Italian or French word which means to babble and denoted an itinerant seller of supposed remedies that were useless medicinal potions..”




“To every problem the keys bring the
solution, to every question the keys
bring the answer, to every difficult
situation the keys open previously
locked doors. The keys open new
avenues for My power to flow


The enemy is always looking to use your good intentions for his benefit, but don’t fear; if those intentions are sanctioned by Me, Romans 8:28 will always apply. My Word is fact and rock solid, so come to Me. I am at the helm. The night is thickening, the winds are picking up, and the swell is rising. Stay on your toes; continue to listen to My whispers as you search for the signs of My coming. And as was said many times in the past, I will direct you as you listen, and eventually your faith will be rewarded as you see the pieces of the puzzle come together.”

“Show her the collection, baby,” said Truco. “I’ll send for hors d’oeuvres and get acquainted with our little puppet princess.”

Taking Alice’s hand, Sharla Tann led her out to a large showroom across the road in which was draped hundreds of flags and banners, and walls papered with pages and covers from periodicals, magazines, and newspapers. Each strangely purported obviously conflicting presentation and ideologies, and bore titles such as Free Truth, Model Citizen, Independent Voice, The National Institution, Inside Scoop, and The State Sentinel. Some even appeared to expose all that Truco stood for.

“You see–flags,” said Sharla. “That’s what my husband calls his publications. They help us keep a finger on the ‘pulse’ of the various sectors of society.”

“Amazing,” said Alice, inspecting a red banner bearing a black imprinted portrait of a bearded man wearing a beret. “Brandon used to have a T-shirt with this face on it…”

“One of our manufactured ‘martyrs,'” said Sharla. “We financed him to destabilize and pave the way for us to pick up the pieces.”

Alice strolled over to a wall covered with a world map. “And what is this with only numbered sections? Where are the countries?”

“My husband’s–our vision. Eutopia one, two, three, etc. Gone will be the confines and bigotry of tradition and nationalism in religion, race, and creed. A dream, is it not?”

“A dream, Sharla? Or a night…?  (Alice Cuts the Strings: Act Seven [#250])



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Prophecy on Isaiah 55






April 2021



“Heaven In The Moon”





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“Discovering More On The Keys”






“I was disturbed for days about the trucker prophecy, Truck’n the Wrong Cause.  We are right here on the border, half an hour from the commotion, and even though there is a news blackout, we feel it here. And from the little I saw on my alternative news feeds, it really tugged on my heart. So this morning I asked the Lord about it. As you said here in the class, and Alice and Truco (Trudeau) illustrated, we can’t trust the news, any news.

So this is what I got. I’m very encouraged by it, because I was, like I said, of the opposite inclination –that this convoy was actually going to do some good.”


(Prophecy: )  Dig the Word. The Answers are there. Sometimes it seems more exciting the way the system presents it, and much of it is true. But it is brackish waters and will not satisfy your thirst. Most of all, it can lead you and others astray; especially if you get out of balance with your Word intake, you won’t be able to discern what is true and what is psych -op. Exactly that, the AC’s are expert in managing the enthusiasm and even charisma of the persons they use to deliver their false news. These alternative journalists and the people they interview seem so sincere and they probably are –but sincerely deceived and being used by the other side. If it can happen to you who are passionately trying to follow close, how much more with them who are free-floating and have little or no anchor in My Word, My Voice or any connection with Me.

What exactly is happening in this situation with the truckers is that it is causing you to doubt My Word and My Word givers. It breaks My heart. They are so close but so far away at the same time. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that is a hard one to accept and swallow. Your own self-righteousness and pride in wanting to know and recognize and be able to call out the truth is the crack in your armor where the enemy can get in with his poisonous gas of deceit. This convoy will come to naught, sad to say, and will so discourage the believers who know not what to hang on to, that many will fall away. Their house is not built on the Rock of My Word but on the hope of the flesh, and flesh and bone cannot inherit the Kingdom.

This is heartbreaking, I know. It breaks My Heart to see these poor souls grasping at straws instead of wielding the weapon of My Word.

“There is only one cause, and that is Mine. If it were My Father’s will, they would have but to raise one finger and all the legions of Heaven would come and fight on their behalf, but now is not My time. My return is imminent, and when I come, then will we fight to dismantle the kingdoms of man and their usurper king.”


Gaining Ground

“Claim the power of the keys so that you will never desire any waters above My Word, for My Words are the only waters that give life.”


The AAC’s have a form of godliness but without the power thereof. You want to root for them. You want them to win. Your enemy’s enemy is your friend, right? But that doesn’t mean they have the power to resist your enemy. To hold to them as an indicator and sample of modus operandi or as an answer to the oppression is putting your money in a bag with holes and building on sand …Oh, how My Heart breaks for those.  I have a place for them in the end, but they will suffer too many things in vain for not having embraced Me. Share this with your new disciple; he will accept it because he has walked this through and knows deep down there has to be another way to resist. Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his arm, whose heart departs from the Lord. That is what breaks My Heart. Flesh cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.  No two ways about it.


Jesus wept.


A little later this came quite strongly:

This is an hard saying (the above). Who can bear it? And many ceased to walk with Him after that. Then Jesus turned to the 12 saying: “Will you also go away?” and Peter, spontaneous,  impudent Peter, answered, “To whom shall we go? THOU alone has the WORDS of Eternal Life.” (end of prophecy)


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Message of Jeremiah





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Prophets of the End




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Crystal Pyramid (Updated)




from Heaven’s Library

“Alice laid the book aside and decided to read one of Mr. Sage’s complimentary volumes and found it intriguing. Before long, with I Dare Say fallen open across her chest, she slipped into slumber and found herself attired in her customary Victorian pinafore dress stumbling through a forest at nightfall. She was clutching a small golden torch and was making her way through the undergrowth towards distant cries for help.
Finally she stumbled upon a large cave from where those cries emitted and around its entrance scurried a horde of armored ants, wielding swords and daggers. Alice realized she was quite small, as the surrounding grass towered above and the ants were knee ­high to her. Across the cave’s mouth stretched a giant web in which hundreds of ants were bound, some were dead and others were crying for release. From inside the cave, Alice heard a bloodcurdling cackle.
One of the leading ants turned and upon seeing her, gave a joyful whoop. “She hath come!” he shouted to his companions.
“Who?” “The one for whom ye have been praying! Alice!”
“Our deliverer!” the others answered almost in unison. “Me? Thy deliverer?” “Aye,” said the leader. “See?  Many of our comrades, relatives, wives, and children are caught in that web. Didst thou bring thy keys turned to scissors?” “Nay, but I have this golden torch,” said Alice. “Humph, what can that do?” “It hath lighted my way here, and can help you to see all the better.” “Verily? Well, we were expecting thee to use thy golden scissors to cut the strands.” “But ye are all armed. Can ye not do the job yourselves?” “Ah, we try and although there are hundreds of us, the web is much too intricate, and the strands appear faster than we can cut them. Besides, many of us, while trying to do so, are caught and die in the web too. It’s a losing battle.” “Hmm…,” said Alice. “Ye do slash in vain.” “What? Thou deemest our noble efforts such?” “Well, have ye considered attacking and killing the spider itself?” “Spider? What on earth is that?” “The one who is behind it.” “Behind what?” “Spinning the web, of course. Do ye not hear its cackle?” At Alice’s statement, the ants burst into laughter.
“What on earth is so funny, pray tell?” Alice asked. “That is preposterous, dear girl! Something or someone behind the spinning of it? Nonsense. And as far as hearing a cackle…”

“Well, it is true, I heareth it. And wherever there is a web, most assuredly there must be a spider.” “Humph. Hast thou actually seen one?” “Of course I have. In my world … umm … realm,
whatever, it is most perfectly logical. Webs do not just appear out of nowhere!” The ants fell into further fits of laughter. “I am most awfully sorry,” said Alice. “But I fail to understand the reason for such mirth.” “Simple,” said the leader. “Thou hast insinuated that not only are we short­sighted—possibly even blind—but also deaf.”
“Very well,” said Alice. “Do ye all like music?” “Of course!” the ants chorused. “Then we all agree that when we hear music, someone has to be playing it. Music doth not play itself, right?” Alice smiled and waited.

“So be it,” she stated in response to no response, and shone her torch into the cave. The ants fell silent and drew back; some even dropped their weapons and scurried off. The beam of Alice’s torch had revealed a monstrous black spider that, with bared mandibles, appeared mortified at its exposure. It had also ceased its cackling.
“Attack it and kill it!” Alice shouted. “Ye have the weapons and the more of ye that do so, the more effective it will be!”

“The human mind is like a computer. No matter how efficient it may be, its reliability is only as great as the information fed into it. If it is possible to control the input to the human mind, then no matter how intelligent a person may be, it´s entirely possible to program what people will think, and yes, it´s even possible to program people to laugh at the mere mention of the word “conspiracy”.”


Out of Memphis

The Word is what will keep you in time of trial. Listen to My Word, claim My Word, say My Name, praise Me through your tears, rebuke the Enemy, submit your will to Me, and trust Me. Forget your feelings! Obedience and faith bring victory, as you call on the power of the keys.


Although bewildered, at Alice’s command, the remaining ants swarmed towards the spider wielding their swords and daggers. “Stop!” another of the leading ants shouted. “We need not get involved with this loony little girl! She is evidently delusional, sincere but deceived. Beside herself!” The ants stopped, evidently respecting this intellectually persuasive ant. “Alice is mad, Baron?” one whimpered.
“Aye. Loony. It is not real.” “What is not real?” “This horrific thing the loony little girl doth call a ‘spider’.” “What meanest thou, ‘it is not real’?” said Alice. “See for thyself!” “Simple, child. Thy contraption is merely projecting an image into the cave.”
“Thou speakest of my torch?” “Whatever thou callest it, yea. It is most irresponsible and foolish of thee to project images of fear into the minds of my fellow ants, leading them to believe that such an evil creature could ever exist. Switch off thine accursed talisman.” Alice did so and the ants gasped. “See?” said the ant. “The image was just that—an image. Now let us get back to the real work of freeing our fellow ants.” With a roar of agreement, the ants returned to their task of slicing at the strings of the web and Alice heard the cackle resume from within the cave “Ha!” touted the leader ant. “and we don´t want to be confused with the facts!!!
Then Alice awoke.
* * *
I FEEL SO SORRY FOR THOSE VIOLENT REVOLUTIONARIES–they are so outnumbered, I’m afraid they’re going to be wiped out! They cannot destroy the LIE by destroying what the LIE has created, because the LIE is the Spirit of Antichrist–a spiritual force of evil that is invisible, but which has created the visible evil System. We have to shoot the LIE down by God’s Spirit! DBB
* * *

“Only I can make the tiniest ant to teach a nation.”


Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalms 119:105



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Prophecy and The Temple


January 2022





January 2022





January 2022




series reveals more than just 2020 pandemic

*This blog was first put up on October 22 last year…I thought it well worth a rerun…MB

Following are a collection of excerpts taken from a book written in 2010 (author unknown by us)…What should be noted is that this short story isn’t an elite enhanced mock-up written by an author, who in years to come would be touted as a prophet. No, this story came from a collection of books called Heaven’s Library. Upon reading the highlighted text below, one would think the story line was developed from a mainstream media headline in 2021. It is evident that some of the characters and events are so stunningly close to reality that the reader must realize that what we are seeing today in 2020/21 was indeed foreseen by the author of this short story.

Where is this author today –this diamond of dust? We may never see the little diamond of dust again, for some of them  flow into the light, sparkle for just a moment and then vanish back into the darkness

Perhaps his or her time in the beam of God’s light was a short one, and this prophet has drifted back out into the blackness. Yet, I would prefer to believe that somewhere out there, this prophet is still shinning out the Words and truth of God to a world lost in sin and gross darkness.

Excerpts from “Alice and the Connolly Castle Mystery”


Deadly weevil flu hits San Romani! GWC reports hundreds feared dead!”

The following morning, the Godley family had just gathered in Eileen and Malcolm’s hotel room to pray for Alice’s audience with Queen Marina, when this announcement boomed from the TV.

“Here in the BSN studio today,” croaked a steely blonde newscaster, “we have renowned pandemic expert and longstanding official of the Global Wellness Concern, Dr. Furcht. Good morning, Doctor, nice to have you on the show … I mean, the programme!”

“Heh, heh. Thank you, Miss Grausam. It is my pleasure.”

“Dr. Furcht, is there any substance to this report from a trusted source that the virus has in fact invaded San Romani on weevils infesting genetically modified cereals and grains imported from the Mideast?”

“Absolutely. For many years, despite Global Wellness Concern’s urgent counsel and repeated warnings not to do so, San Romani has maintained strong relations and commercial ties with certain Middle Eastern countries. This foolish, and dare I say, traitorous, treacherous, and treasonous liaison with the enemies of the Western world has resulted in an act of bio terrorism in its lowest form through the chain of our planet’s weakest link. “By that I assume you are referring to San Romani itself.”

“I am. The gross negligence of this insignificant, uninformed country has the potential to destroy the entire civilized world.”

“I see. For the benefit of those interested, what are the initial symptoms of weevil flu?”

“Usually the victim experiences a mild headache, a runny nose, and a dry cough, followed by a sore throat, chills, and fever.”

“But these are somewhat normal flu symptoms, am I right?”

“True, Miss Grausam—at the onset. Then vomiting and diarrhoea ensues, and once the rash appears, what follows is traumatic—tumours in the groin similar to those of bubonic plague, holes in the brain, pain in the joints and muscle spasms. Finally an inability to breathe due to the slow perforation of the lungs takes the victim’s life.”

“Oh, my goodness! Do you really think you should be seeing the Queen, Alice?”

“Absolutely, Mummy. Why, pray tell?”

“Well, the whole palace could be infected with it. Didn’t they say that the virus came from weevils in their imported cereals? I mean, we could have been eating it in our porridge this morning.”

“This sounds like Truco at work, Mum,” said Brandon.


“Listen, darling,” Malcolm whispered as the broadcast continued.

Do you see any hope, Dr. Furcht?”

“Only if we, as a responsible global community militantly take the necessary steps.”

“Such as?”

“Such as benefiting from an unassailable mass vaccination program, through which we could stem the devastating potential of this pandemic. You see, it has recently been discovered that once the mutating super bugs realize the threat of extinction, they do not wish to bring their offspring into a hostile environment and so they practice a form of intelligent birth control, thus decreasing their population.”

“Amazing. It makes one wonder if the microcosmic world has something to teach us humans!”


Alice burst into laughter.

“What on earth is so funny, Alice?”

“I-it’s okay, Mummy.”

“So Doctor, what measures, such as mandatory vaccination programs, has San Romani’s government taken regarding this potential devastation?”

“Unfortunately little, if any, Miss Grausam. The embattled regime of Queen Marina (The Family) and her cronies have demonstrated blatant irresponsibility towards the threat and flagrant disregard for the warnings of the GWC, and have been grossly negligent in making sure their people are informed…”

They heard every one of your invitations, Alice. Now it’s too late for human intervention. As they have rejected your winsome love, and instead heeded the voice of the devourer, the strings hardened like the arteries to the heart due to the inordinate intake of the host. They become nearly impossible to cut, but you can cut Marian’s strings and help her escape. She’s over there..”


An Elegy

“Satan’s roaring is silenced through the power of the keys.”


“See?” said Brandon. “Definitely Truco.”

“Nevertheless, Alice,” said Malcolm. “You should pray about it. It’s just like the old boy to throw a spanner into the works right when you are about to meet the Queen of San Romani.”(Romani = Gypsies…does that ring a bell?)

“Exactly,” said Brandon. “Besides, there’s not a lot about it on the local news. That says something.”

“Well, as the news said, they could be withholding the truth from their own people,” said Eileen. (sounds like mainstream media coverup)

“I meant that we’re not seeing any specific footage on the international news either. So, are you going, sis?”

“But of course.”

“Have you prayed about it?”

“I most assuredly have, Mummy, and Joshua told me ever so clearly this morning to accept Queen Marina’s invitation and to give her a printed copy of Alice Cuts the Strings (someone’s job no doubt) that I had bound at Kinki’s.”

“It survived the fire?” Brandon asked.

“It was in my backpack which I took to the show.”

“But isn’t she depicted in the story as some kind of a puppet?” (see Frozen Book)

“Yes. Mummy. But Joshua said that I should still give her a copy.”

“Really, Alice. Is this ‘Joshua’ you refer to Jesus?”

“Well … of course.”

“Anyway,” said Malcolm, “we need to get you out of that fancy dress and into something a little more relatable. Let’s go.”


“You need say nothing. Oh, by the way, seeing as this ridiculous quarantine is delaying your leave, I recommend that you and your family visit the San Romani book fair in Catana


“Yes, but not so awful that I could not counsel and concede to the importing of foreign cars. For the sake of my people, I did, and tomorrow the global news agencies will report that the rumours of weevil flu in San Romani are fallacious. As if by a miracle, quarantine is over on Friday.”(Isn’t this just so typical)


“Sounds like Truco at work,” said Alice.

Queen Marina laughed. “Yes. Actually, did you know that ‘Truco’ is the name of a Spanish card game?”

“I knew it was a card game, but…”

“Well, Lionel my former butler was an avid player. It’s a game of deception and bluff. You literally have to lie to win!” (The Elites are experts)

“Then Truco is a most appropriate name,” said Alice.


“As the theme outlines in your adventure, let the doddery old conspiracy theorists rave on mocked and unheeded, but as a young female idealist, you have no small power to be a major thorn in our ‘Truco’s’ side. Even though many may regard you as naïve, they will listen to you and will take you seriously, some even as a voice from beyond.” (our gift of prophecy, which is the voice we should be following, not the voice of media or man’s opinions)

“I understand, Your Majesty. It was made most awfully apparent in my adventure with the cards. But what exactly do you wish me to do?”

“I realise it could present no small danger, Alice, but get a website going. Mine is blocked and hacked outside of my country and I can’t get my message out to the rest of the world. I have been in touch with Britannica about this and she recommended you.”

“The Queen of Diamonds? You mean she…?”

“Rich woman—one of the unknown richest in the world, way above the paltry so-called top ten. Don’t broadcast the fact, however. She is well aware of your potential.”

“I see, but this is all way above my…”

“I do not wish to pressure you, Alice. You can decline.”

“I cannot, Your Majesty. I do so wish to expose ‘Truco’s’ nefariousness to the world. Furthermore, I believe it’s what I am meant to do.

Link to “Alice and the Connolly Castle Mystery”

*The Wellness Program (same name) is in Africa staged by none other than Bill Gates

Editors note: Besides finding the jewels in the very small section above, we have found references to Queen Maria giving up her crown and other very pertinent post Reboot events as well as what the enemy is up to in this immediate era. This series should ignite your interest. I strongly suggest you read these books… you may even find yourself embedded in their pages. Not only that, but it may well give insight into what is about to happen this coming year 2022 and beyond.


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maria’s mission and destiny

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Prophecies for the COD regarding Maria’s calling, compiled by John.



December 2021


faithful to the words of David

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Prophecies for the COD…whether we choose to follow or not, we are still accountable to the words of truth given through the prophet David. Compiled by John.



January 2022


the prophets of the end

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The COD were called as Jeremiah was called –as prophets to a nation that had forgotten God. Compiled prophecies for the COD.



December 2021

the majesty of free choice

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Compiled prophecies for the COD…by John.