Ezekiel 38:6

“Putin has proven that he has the capability to rule the world. That is evident by what he has accomplished. Since taking power in 2000, he has brought Russia back from the brink of disaster. Now the USA is at war with Russia both on the ground and in the media. There is all this talk in NATO about full-scale war and a whole lot of very dangerous-for-Europe chatter. Turkey sided with Russia in not allowing those Nordic nations to join NATO…(Excerpt from “The War to Win Gomer”)







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A Short Discussion on Current Events


T: Here is a quote from Money Explodes, #294

  1. WHEN THE GREEN PIG EXPLODED, THAT WAS A SUDDEN INFLATIONARY EXPLOSION OF THE MONETARY SYSTEM!– Comment: which is happening right now, inflation… And what happens?–What followed?–It collapsed!–In total deflation! See? That’s a deflation: It just collapsed!

T: Then I was thinking, “I wonder if that has anything to do with the comet and the 40 Days and the destruction of America?” The 40 days is what stood out to me, as the Lord has brought that to our attention again this year.

MB: I believe it does too. Now I don’t really grasp the 40 day–40 day–80 day thing, but I keep harping on November and the end of this year because that’s what stands out to me. I feel that is what Jesus is trying to point out.

T: When I observed the news lately, I saw where Prince Charles stated there would be 17 days of mourning for the Queen. I thought, “Is that a countdown to something, or like a signal to each other?

MB:  That sounds similar to what the Freemasons, or Illuminati do. The 25th of September is the last day of that mourning.

T: Then tomorrow they will crash a so-called spaceship into an asteroid. The word CRASH stood out! Then this morning, the Lord led me to the above quote from Money Explodes and the letter (#2165) The Atomic War Ends the Tribulation. What if this World War 3, that is in progress now they say,(?) is the massive war of Daniel 11:44, and that is where we are at in the Endtime time line?

MB: See 2nd War of the Antichrist The Endtime prophet, David, spoke of the Antichrist waging 5 wars, the fifth being Armageddon. If what is being said in the blog article “The Second War of the Antichrist” is true, then the world can expect two more wars. Or as you seem to be suggesting, the present war in the Ukraine and the following two wars will simply continue on to become the final war of Armageddon.

T: The massive amount of world armies being mobilized at this time is a big event to take note of.

In the letter #2165, it says that this war destroys Babylon, and is just before the coming of our Lord. It all seems to be imminent now and rhymes in with the 40 days.

Many see the abomination of desolation for what it is –this jab from Hell is what it is– For the literalist, this is an obvious, literal interpretation, not just a spiritual interpretation.

It is sad to see so many system, churchy Christians who worship this medical system, saying: “Who is like unto it?” and living in denial of it all. They say it’s not the right time, “Oh we need to pray for more time.” What? The Lord’s prayer says, “Thy Kingdom come”  not  thy Kingdom be delayed !

MB: That reminds me of the story of the two monks who each bought a fruit tree. The first monk allowed the Lord to look after the tree, and the other took it upon himself to pray for each of the things he thought the tree needed when he thought it needed them: sun, rain and frost. The tree of the first monk thrived, while the tree of  second monk withered and died.  “Thy Kingdom and Thy Will be done” sounds good to me.  

 T: Two years ago, back in our woods, I saw a big dead tree, bark falling off and everything. It was split in two –from the base of it to the top. The base was partially leaning on and  supported by a big rock (Jesus). I went there this year to cut it up for firewood and found that it had completely come back to life, healthy and whole with brand new bark, leaves and everything. I was amazed! As I looked at how well and miraculously it had come back to life, at that moment, the Lord reminded me of the raising of the bones. I was like WOW, WOW!  It is going to happen! PTL!

MB: Your story reminded me of the MO letter “The Tree”…although its sap was cut off at the Reboot…perhaps your new invigorated tree represents the young saplings that have risen up out of the ashes of the old?



    Second War of the Antichrist?

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Continued from Part 2

he that overcometh…Revelation 3:12


Excerpts from “The Key of 22” August 15, 2022 “The number 22 is an important Key to the future. It is a unique number. It is My number, and although the enemy would use it for his own purpose, he cannot gain access to this Key. He is permitted to make his own copy, a duplicate key –you might say, but it is not the real thing, and like all his counterfeits, when put to the test, they break, misfire or simply don’t work.

There are many locks and many keys that must be utilized to open the way forward. You might look upon the opening of these locks as events that must take place before the world can move on up the tunnel of My will. Each event or key can only fall in place when the previous one has been accomplished; much like how a time-sequence lock operates. The enemy is always trying to interfere with the order of events by attempting to, as the Bible says, “change times and seasons”. He loves to fiddle with the timing, he’s always seeking to delay the final day.

I have set the stars and the planets in their order. I have created all things and have put all things in their place and under My feet. There is a time and season for everything. As much as the Devil tries to hinder and delay “the here and now”, he cannot change the future. Only I can do that! Yes, he is permitted to delay and confuse and work within the realm of man’s decision-making process, his free will and majesty of choice, but he is not permitted to change what has been set as immovable by Me. You might call this immovable rock, “My will”.

The number 22 is part of your DNA. It is also throughout the Bible. You have lightly touched on these facts during your studies, but I tell you, this number combination goes deep into the very fabric of My creation. One day, My loves, I will show you how deep, how wonderful, and how intricately I’ve weaved this tapestry called time, space, flesh and spirit, These properties that you are aware of are only a few, a small part of that which makes up My creation. There are many others that I have not yet permitted to be discovered, but in time all will be revealed. Mankind has closed that door for now due to his choices; but I am patient and understand that maturity takes time and usually comes through experience. Simple, foolish, immature material man has been distracted by the things of his material world. His eyes to the spirit have been closed, as if by scales. However my spiritual brides see the Keys. They see the combinations, and are beginning to discover the paths that lead into My spirit, which are indeed wondrous to behold.  

I have set 2022 as a pivotal year; it is the portal to the future and the Key of David was given for the purpose of opening this particular door. Read Revelation 3 and see if this be not so.

Revelation 3:7 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; [Were  you not given the Key of David? Those that hear and believe these words are they to whom I have given the Keys of My Kingdom without restraint. I have set before these called-out ones a mighty open door.] 

:8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. [Have I not opened many doors before you. Have I not kept you all these years? Are you not one of David’s children? You are if you keep My Words to David and do not deny that the Words that I gave unto David are My Words. I have put My Word even above My name so by not denying My Word you have not denied My name.]

:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. [These false ones and their usurper god have come to the end of the line. Their line that has gone out into all the world has an end. The Keys that Satan was given –those that he stole when he departed from My presence– are all played out. Their life expectancy limit has expired, and they cannot, will not be renewed by Me. He hasn’t paid his re-registration fee. All his fiddling and finagling has come to nothing but destruction and death to him and all those that follow his dead-end line. Now it is time to pay the fiddler, Me.]



:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. [Yes My dearest dears, the time of temptation has come upon the world. The door to the Great Tribulation stands before you, and you hold the right Key in your hand. Look up and see what number is on the door…22. Now look and see what you hold in your hand, the Key of David! Yes, the Key to the door that will keep you and your loved ones in the hour of temptation. Your faith has brought you this far. Now let it carry you all the way home to Me and your reward.]

:11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. [These are but a few of the many rewards awaiting you, My lovers, My brides, My faithful ones. Those that “know” Me as you have come to know Me through our love-making and have My golden seeds flowing through them, are those whose rewards will follow them on throughout eternity.]

:13 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Listen My bride and you will hear whispers from behind the veil that only the Key of Faith can unlock…

…So come My brides, leave the world and its worldliness, the froth and bubble of a useless and empty future. Pop, it goes as I prick it with the pin of 22! Poof go the plans of man and Satan. Why piddle in that puddle that is left on the floor? Why weep over a burst bubble, a mere trifle that is so easily blown away by the winds of change. Can you feel it blowing? The spirit is moving. The wild wind of My spirit is blowing, and it will build as this door fully opens. No man can shut what the Key of David has opened. No man or god can undo or bind what has been loosed by the Keys of the Kingdom. No man can stop those that hold the Keys in their tiny hands. They have opened the door of 22, and the winds of My will are pushing hard against it. Don’t stand there with your back against it, O foolish elites, O duped of Satan, your strength is of this world and you push against the very breath of God. Can flesh overcome spirit? Your flesh and the ways of flesh are death. It profits nothing. It is the spirit that reigns supreme and those that follow My spirit will rule and reign with Me for all eternity.

All is lost! Abandon ship, you fools! Run to the mountains and hide yourselves in the rock and caves of the earth, for the hurricane of the wrath of God is pushing through the door of 22. It has been opened and none can shut it, for it is written, and the time of temptation has come upon the world. Look upon the wall of My will and read, Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin. Your kingdom has been weighed on the balance of God and has been found greatly wanting. You, your kingdom and world have been given into the hands of the people of the saints of the Most High. Flee, for the day of wrath has come. Vipers, rats and foul things of the earth, your day of judgement has come. Flee if you will into the arms of the usurper. Wail and moan and cut yourselves as did the priests of Baal in the days of Elijah. See if he can save you. He is a broken thing, a pot, cracked and broken, or a wet stick that gives off nothing but smoke, no flame, no heat and is not even good for a beating.

O foolish Galatians, choose ye this day whom you will serve. If Baal be god, then line up, serve his mark, serve the serpent and take your medicines and phials of poison. Serve the treasures and riches of Egypt, of gold, silver, tin and zinc. But if God be God, then serve Him. Come out from among them and touch not this unclean bird. This is your year of escape, and My just ones must live by faith. If you serve Me, then come into the wilderness of My spirit. I will fit you with eagle’s wings, and you will fly from the wrath to come.” (End of prophecy.)

Who can capture the Wild Wind? Who can corner the winds & put them into their place?–Only the songs of David & of Moses!

The Words of David & all the saints came from the Wild Wind of the Spirit of God!  (David Prophecies [#020])

Quench not the Spirit, but open yourselves and let it flow–flow, flow, flow! Let it flow freely. Embrace the Wild Wind! Let it lift you above earthly concerns. Mount up, dear ones, receive, and rise–rise high above! Don’t hold back. Receive, receive, receive! The King seeks to have you. He longs to possess you, therefore open yourselves wide.

Oh, how He loves our praises, how they bid Him come. How these praises call out to Him, how they lure Him; they pursue Him; they stir Him. Be roused, dear brides, and so will your Lover be roused. Join me in His praise. Praise Him to His heart’s delight, that He might come into us. Let us declare our praise, that we might receive to full contentment.                           

(Natalia:) Praise Him for His revelations, for revealing to you deep things of His Spirit.

(Natalia:) Praise Him in all things, with every breath you breathe, with every thought you think, with every word you speak. (Keys to the Kingdom!, The [#3318])




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“I sleep, but my heart waketh.” — Song of Solomon 5:2

Even wise virgins sometimes slumber, but it is high time for all to shake off the bands of sloth. It is to be feared that many believers lose their strength as Samson lost his locks, while sleeping on the lap of carnal security. With a perishing world around us, to sleep is cruel; with eternity so near at hand, it is madness. Yet we are none of us so much awake as we should be; a few thunder-claps would do us all good, and it may be, unless we soon bestir ourselves, we shall have them in the form of war, or pestilence, or personal bereavements and losses. O that we may leave for ever the couch of fleshly ease, and go forth with flaming torches to meet the coming Bridegroom! My heart waketh. This is a happy sign. Jesus will hear our hearts, will help our hearts, will visit our hearts; for the voice of the wakeful heart is really the voice of our Beloved, saying, “Open to me.” Holy zeal will surely unbar the door (Spurgeon [Member of the Warrior Band]…”Morning and Evening”- 24th Sept. Evening)


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Revelation 22:20

(Revelation of the Beast!, The [#2501]) But that’s the way they’ve come, & it was sweet. It just came as sweetly as that. “It did. It came as quietly as the Comet.” Or really “he did.” But see, I was asking, “Something should’ve happened.” And so following my question, the answer was, “It did.–As quietly as the Comet.” In other words, “He came as quietly as the Comet & began to take over in ’86!”


Who took over quietly? Putin took over quietly, and as My Endtime prophet said, he has been working behind the scenes since that time. I may not have revealed to David how all the parts of the puzzle would fit, but I used him to place the pieces on the board in preparation for the next player who came along to fit his piece into place. In 1992 I had David lay a significant puzzle piece on the table…

(It Could Happen This Year! Part 1 [#2738]) “(Maria: Could the Antichrist start out by being a very good man?) I don’t like to call him good, but he could start out as a very wise man, a brilliant man, a genius. He’s got to have that supernatural genie power & wisdom of Satan in order to solve the problems in the Soviet Union. He’s got to have that kind of genius & brilliance & wisdom of the Devil to survive what’s happening there right now. So let’s just theorize & say that maybe Yeltsin is it, & therefore his reign has begun.” And as the whole world knows: In August 1999, Boris Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin prime minister. It was a clear sign that President Yeltsin was preparing Mr. Putin for the Kremlin. 

…Yes, My loves, it was a clear sign to the world that a time of trouble was about to begin. But has the world listened? As usual, it has not. History teaches that man does not learn from history. I have sent My prophets, and they have stoned them and vilified them. I have sent warnings from the heavens and in times past some have seen them as warnings from God, but over time they moved on and about their business. The comet came quietly and so did “the man of sin”. He crept in and began controlling the world behind the scenes. And for those that see, they see plainly that his policies and organs of power have also come in quietly. There is a one-world government operating openly, yet somewhat veiled. The Mark of the Beast is also operating openly, yet it too is somewhat veiled. The Abomination of Desolation has been placed in the true temple, the hearts of man, yet this also is not obvious. As David said of the comet, so it is with the coming of the unjust one and his regime…

(Revelation of the Antichrist!, The [#2191]) “MAYBE THE LORD JUST FELT THE WORLD NO LONGER DESERVED A WARNING, THEY NO LONGER DESERVE TO HAVE SUCH A SPECTACULAR WARNING! Because a lot of people are pretty superstitious & they would have thought it was a warning from God, just like they have in the past! But since it failed to show up really visibly or spectacularly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people have gone back to rest now & said, “Well, things continue as they were since the days of the fathers, why worry? It didn’t come, it’s no warning, so maybe nothing’s going to happen!” (2Peter 3:3-4, 2Pet:3:32) 

…I reveal My secrets unto My prophets, therefore hear My Words in David’s Words and believe…every prophecy will find its mate…

(Interpretation [#0282A]) “I HAVE TOLD YOU IN ORDER TO BE FAITHFUL TO WARN YOU! GOD ALWAYS GIVES A WARNING! HE SENDS THIS COMET AND TELLS US THAT WE HAVE 40 days to get ready and another 40 days of warning! The first warning is for us and the second warning for the world. “So shall the future be as I have told thee before.” What has God told us before? What is the future going to be? He’s told a lot of us a lot of things about the future. “Even so shall the future be as I have told thy father. It shall come in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye! But they will not believe your father.” Is that a warning, that last thing, they will not believe your father? Because it didn’t happen at the end of 80 days, is that why they’re not going to believe me? Are they going to go off scoffing saying, “Ha! See! It didn’t happen–false prophet! It’s not going to happen!” and then–Boom! It would really catch them napping, amen? Wouldn’t that be a good way for the Lord to really trick them? I mean they’ll all be waiting–let’s wait and see if it’s going to happen–but then if it doesn’t happen right at the end of 80 days … you know what? That sort of thing weeds out the unbelievers and the scoffers and it makes them show their true colors. “Ha, ha, I never believed it the whole time! See, it didn’t happen. I knew he was a false prophet.”–And then God can really judge them.”

…But you now see that it has happened and it will continue to happen. This adulterous generation has been given the sign of the prophet Jonah. These all came in quietly and over time they infiltrated the governments, the medical and financial institutions of the world, and now as strings in the hands of the puppeteer, he holds control over the puppets and people of this world…

Revelation 17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. 13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

…So be not as the world who look for earth-shaking signs and wonders, but instead listen for My whispers in the night seasons, when the men of this world sleep. The signs that you seek will be given to those that sit at My feet. If you would hear of what is about to come into the world, then enter the tabernacle of your heart. Listen to the Words of God through the mouth of David and the gift I have given to you of hearing from Me, for very much has already been revealed, and it is given to you to place them before those who would hear…

(What If? Part 2 [#2211_2]) “With the Covenant having already been made secretly & the Antichrist controlling things from behind the scenes already for 3-1/2 years, the Tribulation could begin any time from now on, in order for it to end sometime after my death!  SO PREPARE YE! BE YE THEREFORE READY, AMEN? PTL! It’s later than you think & may be earlier than you think! The Antichrist, if he’s already made the Covenant & is already in power behind the scenes, could seize full power & be revealed at any moment from now on! But as we’ve said today, since we don’t know when the Covenant began or his rule, we won’t know exactly when he breaks it until he does, which could be anywhere from now on. In other words, the Tribulation could begin at any time, when the Antichrist is revealed & sets himself up as God.”

…If you truly desire the truth, My brides, then listen and heed the Words of your prophet David. Listen and heed the Words in My Bible. Listen and heed to the Words on this page, and I will open your eyes and you will see. If you are waiting for the mark in your hand or forehead, I speak to those who have been vaccinated…look again…(End of prophecy)


Revelation 22:20 (Turn it around and you have 2022)…He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

They Got The Money

“Through the keys you can make your calling sure and have a clear purpose, just as I had a clear purpose and calling when I was on Earth.”


Daniel 2:22 He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.


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— the games people play —

The Devil uses music much more than anyone realizes. He uses it in song; he uses it in advertising. He baits the people with his lyrics and laces his lines with poisonous lies. He is fishing for souls, and his lines have gone out into all the world. It is a take on Psalm 19:4 “Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun.”

The Devil is setting up his tabernacle in the hearts of the lost, those that through their many wrong choices and decisions have become snared by the deceiver. He holds so many lines, and they sit in so many different ponds. In fact, all that you see now on television and the internet is staged. Every war, every political maneuver, every speech, every game people play  and every song that is sung –is sung by him through one of his tools, puppets, players. Call them what you will; they are his bait sitting on the end of his line. It’s time for the final reaping, the final worship. All his instruments of power are now in place. He is ready to draw the net…tight! Swim little fishes of David, swim upstream and into the tabernacle of David your king. The day of perdition has arrived. Their king sits as God declaring himself as God demanding his subjects to pay obeisance to him…

…The flood of lies that pours forth from his throne is as his river Stynx, the river of death. Get out now and swim into the the River of Life and breath deeply of the waters of life eternal. The sirens of Satan play their tunes to those whose ears are dull, whose hearts are numbed by his poisonous darts. Swim now!  His fishermen are everywhere. There are nets and lines and fishing darts on every bank, in every pond, lake and stream.

Behold the Key of David; behold your Key to the wilderness. Take it and flee; for the time of wrath has come. Close your ears to Satan’s tunes and lyrics, his advertising and sensational nonsense. He is closing down all resistors, all alternative routes and those that have held open those doors are now locked behind the very door they themselves thought were escape routes. Spirit or flesh–there is only one way and that is spirit. These Words that I speak unto you this day are spirit and life. Swim now, leave the Stynx behind and take the tributary back to where you came from those many years ago. There is a lake of pure water waiting for you, where lies the source of all that is good. All you have to do is follow the trail of strange truths. Start with this one and you will find your way back home where the Father is waiting with open arms to receive you. (End of prophecy)


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Ezekiel 8:6

To see, or not to see, that is the question. This question or a variation of it is repeated 10 times in the remaining 13 verses of chapter 8 of Ezekiel.  It is not meant to be seeing as with the natural eyes, but rather people who are actively considering. Mankind was and is actively engaged in driving God out of their lives.  Worse yet, God’s children, His own flock, as in the past. are now bowing abjectly to graven images. You may be shocked to discover that images are placed in NanoCubes, a counterfeit Ten Commandments that are being injected into your body via the Jab. [Written by Celeste Solum]

Prophecy from MB:

“Idols are on every corner and in every shop too, idols of plastic, tin and glass, of tinsel and beautiful things. These are also a counterfeit of My Word that says to put no foreign god before the Lord thy God. It all starts in the mind, My children. That is where the real warfare is, and that is where you and all the world will be held accountable on the day of judgment. On that day I will press the playback button, and your mind will tell the story of your life, the choices you made and paths you took, but more importantly, what you allowed into the holy of holies of My temple– your heart. The door of My temple is broken and hanging; it is left ajar, the hinges rusty and dry. No angels stand there, for they have not been bidden to stand as temple guard. All abomination that passes by freely enters, for my guardians are bound to protect only those that call on My name.

The Devil and all his groveling demons and human slaves; those across the globe that shuffle and poke around like rats in their white lab coats –those who call themselves scientists but whom My Word calls fools, will be judged according to the works of their hands, as well as their dirty, corrupt minds, which are nothing but conduits for Satan’s poisonous input. These human lab rats are worse than the dumb rats they jab and poke during their endless experiments because they mix their poisonous brews and witches’ concoctions knowingly and with purpose. As for the poor dumb rats, they are like the poor, dumb humans who are being injected with these abominations that Celeste Solum speaks of. The dumb rats cannot be held responsible for what is being injected in them in secret. The blind, deaf and dumb masses of this world are trapped in their class cage within Satan’s matrix. They gave up their right to choose a long time ago. Many do not even know that there is a light; the darkness they see is the only light they comprehend. The people of the world have knowingly filled their hearts, My Holy temple, with the things and trinkets of this world. They have filled their minds with the ways of this world and follow after the rudiments of the material world. Every idle word, every corrupt and idle thought, every plastic idol will be a witness against the children of darkness in that great and mighty day.  

My children who “bow abjectly to the idols of this world” will be given many stripes –these that know My Word and do it not. These who call themselves teachers of My Word, who lead their flocks into the world and not into the light –by their fruits you will know them. These I do not know, and My Word says that they will be thrown into outer darkness. Many of these that call themselves pastors grope in darkness themselves. They are blind guides with a blind following. All will come to the light in that great and mighty day.” (End of prophecy)


“The dumb rats cannot be held responsible for what is being injected into them in secret. The blind, deaf and dumb masses of this world are trapped in their class cage within Satan’s matrix. They gave up their right to choose a long time ago. Many do not even know that there is a light; the darkness they see is the only light they comprehend.”

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VIDEO…Great Church Deception

“Claim the keys of courage to follow what I tell you, even when all your peers seem to be doing the opposite, and you will stand strong in My power and anointing.”



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