Word for Warriors

A prophecy received after reading a very pertinent article about the human body being the temple of the Holy Ghost. The woman who wrote it, Celeste, was obviously very well informed and highly educated. Celeste Solum

 Jesus speaking:

“Come away with Me, My love, to the Halls of the Warrior Band. This is your tribe; these are your heritage brothers and sisters of the faith, of the Children of David. Children of David band together because they understand each other. They speak the same language, and they have the same goals. Their sights are focused on challenging the enemy and making forays into his territory with the Words of the Endtime prophet and the New Wine to rescue those who have lost their way and need to find their path again.

It is the pure, unadulterated Old Wine and New Wine of The Endtime prophet. His protégées carry on in his stead, bearing his mantle, proud to be called The Children of David. You may not have so much earthly, worldly knowledge, but you do have something that as yet very few of them have, and that is a direct link to Me with the gift of prophecy. They do have scripture to back them up and to hold onto, but you have the Keys, direct access to the spirit realm, and a host of spirit helpers to advise you and aid you on your journey. You may be very simple compared to their intelligence, but that’s ok, because I love using the weak. They are the other members of the body and have those that they need to reach, and they are doing their job, which is great. Your calling is to hear directly from Me, and their intel just confirms that you can get your revelations direct from My mouth even without knowing any such information. Yours is the walk of faith without seeing, whereas they need the tangible proof. Just as My disciples differed and Thomas needed that boost where he needed to actually feel the hole in My hand, many also need more concrete proof.

“Loving Me intimately is not only you loving Me, but it’s also Me loving you. It’s a two-way street, a two-pronged weapon, and the way to really use its dual purpose is to link it with prophecy.”


Return Of The Keys

Call on the keys, and the spiritual helpers needed to defeat the Enemy’s power and principalities will destroy the works of darkness.

Continue following hard after Me, listening to My whispers,  focusing on the power and calling on the Keys of full possession. You have unearthly weapons, My love –actual, supernatural spiritual access to My realm, through My portals, into the fifth dimension! This other intel is all about what the Devil is capable of doing and is actually enacting. But just remember, he is the great usurper and has only stolen My knowledge. His desire is to take My throne, which he will never do. He is on full throttle now with his fallen-angel technology, but even with all that, he will ultimately fail. So sly, so utterly evil and dark! So don’t worry too much about all this heady stuff, except that it confirms what I have already shown you. I will not lie unto My servants the prophets.

Lift up your lamps and the keys, and I will continue to light your path, your very narrow way, with the Truth. Continue to seek My presence at every turn, to smell My fragrance and to desire My touches, and I will fill you, My intimate Brides, with what you are seeking and needing to know.  The fear of Me is the beginning of Wisdom. Seek me in the inward parts, and I and the Blue keys will give you all you need to know. We are the Ones to give you all the power of the universe. It is My place to have this knowledge, and it is My place to wield it. And it is My place to issue it to you, My loves, My tried and proven, My virgin Brides whose lamps are full and ready. Come away with Me, and let us love long and sweetly. I will carry you above all this sea of storms and bring you into our place of peace and safety. Continue to be My Jeremiahs now. Continue to daily stand at the gates, issuing My Words of truth and warning and invitation. Be bold and brave and hold high the flame of revolution to light the way for the Children of David. Be My beacons. Be My kisses.”  (End of prophecy)

“Who’s Who” a compilation of angels and spirit helpers and their dominions


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January 2022


fight for your faith

Media Word File


Compilation of prophecies for the COD…compiled by John. For more on this subject go to John’s page on our menu page, The Wine Cellar.



January 2022


full access to the keys

Media Word File


Compilation of prophecies on the Keys to the Kingdom…compiled by John. For more on this subject go to John’s page on our menu page, The Wine Cellar.



January 2022


spirit helpers and new weapons

Media Word File


Compilation of prophecies on our spiritual helpers and new weapons…compiled by John. For more on this subject go to John’s page on our menu page, The Wine Cellar.



January 2022


full possession and heavenly thot power

Media Word File


Compilation of prophecies on full possession and Heavenly thot power…compiled by John. For more on this subject go to John’s page on our menu page, The Wine Cellar.


Illuminus speaking:

“I am Illuminus, and I work in the area of your mind. That is where my enemy Pan lurks; he loves the dark unyielded parts of your mind, those areas that are not fully yielded to our Lord.  In the shadowy places of your mind, he directs your thoughts away from the Word and onto the things of this world. Pan loves to confuse, to muddy, muddle and weaken the mind of man. He is the enemy of the Word; the Word brings light and life, so I fight by illuminating the muddy waters his darkness and dark thoughts bring. I work with the FAF (Fairy Angel Fighters).

These are fairies, angels of intense light, and they bombard Pan and Arakan like bees of light. Their buzzing is particularly annoying to these demons. Like bees protecting the honey of God’s Word that you are trying to store in the honeycomb of your mind, the FAF are fearsome protectors and will not relent whilst you have the mind to put the Word of God first in your life. The enhancing power of the Blue Key  makes these fairy fighters aggressive. They become killer bees to these demons of dark thoughts and dark alleyways and secret rooms of the mind.

Call on us when the filthy polluted waters of the river of death begin to flood your mind. We know who is at the sluice gate upstream. We will go on your behest and destroy that gate and chase these mind destroyers back into the darkness. Use the Keys of Light to enhance our fighting ability, for these demons are strong. They are surrounded by Satan’s darkness. It is thick and gooey. But I fight with light. It is like a light sabre to his cloying blackness. 

“Illuminus is an advocate of Your light to fight the darkness of Pan. Pan attacks the mind with his darkness–his lies, deceits, doubts, depression, discouragement, and all that opposes the light of Your Word. Illuminus’ power to defeat Pan is released and activated through prayer and a person’s choice to take in the Word.”


You Begin This Charge

“Call on the keys of acceptance if you feel like My will is too difficult for you, and they can change your mind and heart and bring you joy in your labors.”


“The Key of Light is a source of infinite power that can counter the darkness with which the Devil tries to shroud people’s hearts and minds. Call on this key to turn on “floodlights” in the hearts of those you love and care for, and it will illuminate the things of the spirit in their life.”

Your part is to put on the mind of Christ through deep desire for His Word. His honey Words give light and life to those dark corners and hitherto closed rooms of your mind. Fling the doors open, unlock the window along those corridors and allow us full, unhindered entrance. We will sweep clean the cobwebs in those corners and mop up the slime and filth left on the floors and walls by the receding flood waters of Pan and Arakan.”


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November 2021


Who’s who



A library of spirit helpers, angels and departed saints all ready to help us during these days of tribulation.



December 2021


Eagle’s wings


Join MB in a Bible study on Revelation 12



December 2021


divine image destroyed



A well presented video by C. Beadsworth showing how the vaccine is an attack on the God-created temple of the Holy Ghost.



December 2021


Divine image destroyed



Join MB in a discussion held about C. Beadsworth’s video of the same name.


series reveals more than just 2020 pandemic

*This blog was first put up on October 22 last year…I thought it well worth a rerun…MB

Following are a collection of excerpts taken from a book written in 2010 (author unknown by us)…What should be noted is that this short story isn’t an elite enhanced mock-up written by an author, who in years to come would be touted as a prophet. No, this story came from a collection of books called Heaven’s Library. Upon reading the highlighted text below, one would think the story line was developed from a mainstream media headline in 2021. It is evident that some of the characters and events are so stunningly close to reality that the reader must realize that what we are seeing today in 2020/21 was indeed foreseen by the author of this short story.

Where is this author today –this diamond of dust? We may never see the little diamond of dust again, for some of them  flow into the light, sparkle for just a moment and then vanish back into the darkness

Perhaps his or her time in the beam of God’s light was a short one, and this prophet has drifted back out into the blackness. Yet, I would prefer to believe that somewhere out there, this prophet is still shinning out the Words and truth of God to a world lost in sin and gross darkness.

Excerpts from “Alice and the Connolly Castle Mystery”


Deadly weevil flu hits San Romani! GWC reports hundreds feared dead!”

The following morning, the Godley family had just gathered in Eileen and Malcolm’s hotel room to pray for Alice’s audience with Queen Marina, when this announcement boomed from the TV.

“Here in the BSN studio today,” croaked a steely blonde newscaster, “we have renowned pandemic expert and longstanding official of the Global Wellness Concern, Dr. Furcht. Good morning, Doctor, nice to have you on the show … I mean, the programme!”

“Heh, heh. Thank you, Miss Grausam. It is my pleasure.”

“Dr. Furcht, is there any substance to this report from a trusted source that the virus has in fact invaded San Romani on weevils infesting genetically modified cereals and grains imported from the Mideast?”

“Absolutely. For many years, despite Global Wellness Concern’s urgent counsel and repeated warnings not to do so, San Romani has maintained strong relations and commercial ties with certain Middle Eastern countries. This foolish, and dare I say, traitorous, treacherous, and treasonous liaison with the enemies of the Western world has resulted in an act of bio terrorism in its lowest form through the chain of our planet’s weakest link. “By that I assume you are referring to San Romani itself.”

“I am. The gross negligence of this insignificant, uninformed country has the potential to destroy the entire civilized world.”

“I see. For the benefit of those interested, what are the initial symptoms of weevil flu?”

“Usually the victim experiences a mild headache, a runny nose, and a dry cough, followed by a sore throat, chills, and fever.”

“But these are somewhat normal flu symptoms, am I right?”

“True, Miss Grausam—at the onset. Then vomiting and diarrhoea ensues, and once the rash appears, what follows is traumatic—tumours in the groin similar to those of bubonic plague, holes in the brain, pain in the joints and muscle spasms. Finally an inability to breathe due to the slow perforation of the lungs takes the victim’s life.”

“Oh, my goodness! Do you really think you should be seeing the Queen, Alice?”

“Absolutely, Mummy. Why, pray tell?”

“Well, the whole palace could be infected with it. Didn’t they say that the virus came from weevils in their imported cereals? I mean, we could have been eating it in our porridge this morning.”

“This sounds like Truco at work, Mum,” said Brandon.


“Listen, darling,” Malcolm whispered as the broadcast continued.

Do you see any hope, Dr. Furcht?”

“Only if we, as a responsible global community militantly take the necessary steps.”

“Such as?”

“Such as benefiting from an unassailable mass vaccination program, through which we could stem the devastating potential of this pandemic. You see, it has recently been discovered that once the mutating super bugs realize the threat of extinction, they do not wish to bring their offspring into a hostile environment and so they practice a form of intelligent birth control, thus decreasing their population.”

“Amazing. It makes one wonder if the microcosmic world has something to teach us humans!”


Alice burst into laughter.

“What on earth is so funny, Alice?”

“I-it’s okay, Mummy.”

“So Doctor, what measures, such as mandatory vaccination programs, has San Romani’s government taken regarding this potential devastation?”

“Unfortunately little, if any, Miss Grausam. The embattled regime of Queen Marina (The Family) and her cronies have demonstrated blatant irresponsibility towards the threat and flagrant disregard for the warnings of the GWC, and have been grossly negligent in making sure their people are informed…”

They heard every one of your invitations, Alice. Now it’s too late for human intervention. As they have rejected your winsome love, and instead heeded the voice of the devourer, the strings hardened like the arteries to the heart due to the inordinate intake of the host. They become nearly impossible to cut, but you can cut Marian’s strings and help her escape. She’s over there..”


An Elegy

“Satan’s roaring is silenced through the power of the keys.”


“See?” said Brandon. “Definitely Truco.”

“Nevertheless, Alice,” said Malcolm. “You should pray about it. It’s just like the old boy to throw a spanner into the works right when you are about to meet the Queen of San Romani.”(Romani = Gypsies…does that ring a bell?)

“Exactly,” said Brandon. “Besides, there’s not a lot about it on the local news. That says something.”

“Well, as the news said, they could be withholding the truth from their own people,” said Eileen. (sounds like mainstream media coverup)

“I meant that we’re not seeing any specific footage on the international news either. So, are you going, sis?”

“But of course.”

“Have you prayed about it?”

“I most assuredly have, Mummy, and Joshua told me ever so clearly this morning to accept Queen Marina’s invitation and to give her a printed copy of Alice Cuts the Strings (someone’s job no doubt) that I had bound at Kinki’s.”

“It survived the fire?” Brandon asked.

“It was in my backpack which I took to the show.”

“But isn’t she depicted in the story as some kind of a puppet?” (see Frozen Book)

“Yes. Mummy. But Joshua said that I should still give her a copy.”

“Really, Alice. Is this ‘Joshua’ you refer to Jesus?”

“Well … of course.”

“Anyway,” said Malcolm, “we need to get you out of that fancy dress and into something a little more relatable. Let’s go.”


“You need say nothing. Oh, by the way, seeing as this ridiculous quarantine is delaying your leave, I recommend that you and your family visit the San Romani book fair in Catana


“Yes, but not so awful that I could not counsel and concede to the importing of foreign cars. For the sake of my people, I did, and tomorrow the global news agencies will report that the rumours of weevil flu in San Romani are fallacious. As if by a miracle, quarantine is over on Friday.”(Isn’t this just so typical)


“Sounds like Truco at work,” said Alice.

Queen Marina laughed. “Yes. Actually, did you know that ‘Truco’ is the name of a Spanish card game?”

“I knew it was a card game, but…”

“Well, Lionel my former butler was an avid player. It’s a game of deception and bluff. You literally have to lie to win!” (The Elites are experts)

“Then Truco is a most appropriate name,” said Alice.


“As the theme outlines in your adventure, let the doddery old conspiracy theorists rave on mocked and unheeded, but as a young female idealist, you have no small power to be a major thorn in our ‘Truco’s’ side. Even though many may regard you as naïve, they will listen to you and will take you seriously, some even as a voice from beyond.” (our gift of prophecy, which is the voice we should be following, not the voice of media or man’s opinions)

“I understand, Your Majesty. It was made most awfully apparent in my adventure with the cards. But what exactly do you wish me to do?”

“I realise it could present no small danger, Alice, but get a website going. Mine is blocked and hacked outside of my country and I can’t get my message out to the rest of the world. I have been in touch with Britannica about this and she recommended you.”

“The Queen of Diamonds? You mean she…?”

“Rich woman—one of the unknown richest in the world, way above the paltry so-called top ten. Don’t broadcast the fact, however. She is well aware of your potential.”

“I see, but this is all way above my…”

“I do not wish to pressure you, Alice. You can decline.”

“I cannot, Your Majesty. I do so wish to expose ‘Truco’s’ nefariousness to the world. Furthermore, I believe it’s what I am meant to do.

Link to “Alice and the Connolly Castle Mystery”

*The Wellness Program (same name) is in Africa staged by none other than Bill Gates

Editors note: Besides finding the jewels in the very small section above, we have found references to Queen Maria giving up her crown and other very pertinent post Reboot events as well as what the enemy is up to in this immediate era. This series should ignite your interest. I strongly suggest you read these books… you may even find yourself embedded in their pages. Not only that, but it may well give insight into what is about to happen this coming year 2022 and beyond.


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December 2021


maria’s mission and destiny

Media Word File


Prophecies for the COD regarding Maria’s calling, compiled by John.



December 2021


faithful to the words of David

Media Word File


Prophecies for the COD…whether we choose to follow or not, we are still accountable to the words of truth given through the prophet David. Compiled by John.



January 2022


the prophets of the end

Media Word File


The COD were called as Jeremiah was called –as prophets to a nation that had forgotten God. Compiled prophecies for the COD.



December 2021

the majesty of free choice

Media Word File

Compiled prophecies for the COD…by John.


1 kings 19:12…and after the earthquake…

(Jesus speaking: ) So you are sitting there thinking, wondering, what is up, what is down.

When you were a child, the tests seemed hard, but the encouragement to do what was right was equal, if not stronger. But now that you are older, it’s the other way around. Nearly no one around pleading for you to do what is right; and many, many who say it is wrong to believe as you do.

Yet, I call you to walk through the thorns, and to be scarred and tattered because of it. But so is the life of a full-time disciple.

Why don’t you review your calling and election and make sure it’s what is best for you. When you know it’s right, then proceed. All you need is My Word, the living Word that sounds in your ear.

You are trying to round up some support by hearing the sound of your voice reading My Words aloud to others, hoping that will make it more convincing to you, to make you strong enough to go against the very present and real opposition to believing and doing it.

But when that isn’t happening, or very rarely can, it takes you being willing to do it just because of the still small whisper in your own heart and own heart alone—even when the storm rages all around and is yelling and taunting you to give up your belief and stop walking in the way, the whispers are calling.


“I listened to the still small voice of God. — Think how much God can show you from even a little beam of light, if you’re just simple and child-like enough to appreciate it.”


Keys are our wilderness

For those who are new in faith, the keys can work wonders to increase their motivation to take new steps for Me.

But yonder is a team, a faithful band who have likewise defied the serpent’s rage. Listen to their voices and your own heart will be cheered on. Let them cheer you on in this way.

And when the call comes at last to take you into My arms, you will be glad you heard the words, the still small whispers in your heart, because I will just keep speaking where I “left off” without a break, without a glitch. I will just keep smoothly speaking from one learning topic to the next, and your entrance into My Kingdom here will be oh so much easier.

I reward those who have been true to their faith, and who loved My Word above all.

I know you want to share the Word far, far more than there is allowance for now. But keep the faith even if you are the only one who believes it. Keep trying; do the best you can for your little ones and older ones. Any little seed that makes it in will help to feed and to nourish them—even if merely to test where their loyalties lie.


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January 2022


yieldedness bring empowerment

Media Word File

A compilation of quotes on yieldedness by John.



January  2022


Full Access to the keys

Media Word File


Power for the Endtime comes from the Keys of the Kingdom. Your faith in the Keys is vital to Endtime survival.



January 2022


yield fully to what i ask you

Media Word File


Yielding to the will of God –a compilation from letters by David Berg.



January 2022


The lord’s supernatural protection

Media Word File


Read this and empower your faith in His protection. God’s promises are real to those that believe.


School of the Prophets Part 1

Ecclesiastes 1:14 I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.

Ecclesiastes 1:15 That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered.

Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Matthew 22:36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

Matthew 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Matthew 22:38 This is the first and great commandment.

Matthew 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


Don’t allow your vision to be clouded by the challenges of today, My loves, but rather live in celebration of tomorrow–that wonderful world that awaits you!


Psalm 66:10 For thou, O God, hast proved us: thou hast tried us, as silver is tried.

Psalm 66:11 Thou broughtest us into the net; thou laidst affliction upon our loins.

Psalm 66:12 Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.


Spirit helper: Things in the world aren’t always going to be easy. They aren’t going to seem easy. They aren’t going to be problem-free, and it’s not often going to look like we’re winning. But that’s what “taking it by faith” is all about. That’s what it’s all about–just standing on the Word and believing that the Lord is going to do it (ML #3073).

 (From Jesus with Love 1:34)


He knows the tiredness I feel, and is there to hold me.

“I love looking at You, Darling. You are so inviting and charming. I could never get enough of You.”

I begin to not feel so tired anymore, but want to feel and know His love in every way I can.

I love His intimate love. …


 This Earth and your short life here is a testing ground, there are no two ways about it. There’s no way to come to Earth, learn what you need to learn, grow in the ways your spirit needs to grow, experience what you need to experience, and accomplish what you need to accomplish without this sore‚ painful testing. That’s the Earth life. That’s life experience on Earth, and that’s why what you learn during your life on Earth is so valuable–irreplaceable, really–because it’s so hard earned.

 Yes, you have the keys. You have the spiritual weapons. You have spirit helpers. You have so much knowledge of the supernatural realm and how it intersects and works with the physical realm. Those are wonderful hints, clues, shortcuts in some ways. But there are limits to how much I can deliver you from the difficulties without taking away your honor, your reward, your testimony, your privilege.

“What are you living for? Are you living for the things of this world, or are you giving your life in sacrifice for the Kingdom of God? There is no sacrifice that could ever pay for what Jesus has already paid, so you see, there really is no sacrifice.”


In Sight of the stadium

Even though this battle is manifested in the physical, it is a spiritual battle and can only be won in the spirit. Call on the power of the keys and intercede on the behalf of those who are struggling, and a great victory will come about through your prayers.

My loves, there’s no “secret answer” that I can give you that is going to see you through the tough times you’re experiencing now, or the ones you’re going to go through in the future. But what will see you through is faith–faith that never lets go, that never gives up.

You don’t have to feel like you have great faith. You don’t have to feel like a spiritual giant. All you have to do is stick it out, clinging to the anchor of My Word no matter what things look like around you, and eventually you will win the reward of the promise.

It’s tough and hard. I’m sorry. I know you struggle sometimes, and it seems like nothing makes sense. But if you compare your situation with the other missionaries and prophets of history, you will see that they didn’t have it any easier. They had their own trials and tests. They prayed desperately for the answers they felt they needed, and then patiently endured when the answers seemed to be so slow in coming–or didn’t come at all, from what they could see. They went through the fire just like you are going through the fire‚ and in some cases their fire was even hotter.

I know what each person needs to bring out the best in them, to refine their faith, to make them pure gold. I don’t rejoice to see you in the fire, but I do rejoice when I see your faith stand the test–because then I know that you have gained the reward of the promise, you have endured, and the blessing and honor is yours for all eternity.

It’s hard to fight the battles day after day. They almost always seem small compared to the really great goals that are before you. You’d much rather be fighting for something that you see as glorious and magnificent. But you know, great and magnificent victories arise from battles of all sizes. And if you will step back, you’ll remember that yours is the most magnificent cause of all time. It’s worth living and dying for.

It’s just that dying daily is so hard, takes so long, and sometimes you lose sight of the goal.

 But, My loves, you are doing it. You’re running the race. Your names are being inscribed in the heavenly halls of fame as you run and don’t give up.

If everything was easy, I wouldn’t need you so desperately–because there would be plenty of people willing to serve Me and do what you’re doing. It’s hard, it requires so much sacrifice, faith, and endurance‚ and that’s why you are rare, priceless, extremely valuable–and why I will reward you accordingly, above all you can imagine.

So don’t give up‚ My loves. Don’t be weary in well-doing. Strengthen your faith in My Word. Drink it in. Let it sustain you. If you’re losing perspective, return to your faith, return to the perspective of My Word, and hold on! The victory is coming, and so is the reward, the promise‚ the blessing.

I give you My Word to strengthen you. I give you the keys to do miracles for you. I give you My love to sustain you. But you must endure. That is what you must do, and that is what you are rewarded for–your faith, your endurance.

No exceptions 


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November 2021


The crash update 2021



The crash of the world’s economy has been long predicted. Cashless banking, digital money, ATM’s closing…read this update on the Oldie Goldie Crash Letter by David Berg.



December 2021


Be faithful to the words of David

Media Word File


Excerpts and quotations on discipleship from the letters of Father David.



December 2021


Our founder on our radical beliefs

Media Word File

Excerpts and quotations on the beliefs of the COD.



November 2021





Compilation on standing on your faith —quotes, prophecy and excerpts from the letters of David Berg and Maria Fontaine.


Myrrh…a spirit helper

“Your lives are a living sacrifice, my dear, made to burn out on the altar of sacrifice. You have to keep putting it there every day, even every moment if you have to. If you pick it up again then, yes, burn it again you must. But our Husband knows your heart. He knows your love for Him, and He knows your desire to please Him despite yourself. It’s when you stop putting yourself or your baggage on the altar that things go awry. He knows your frame, and he is patient, oh so patient and tender to forgive. The secret is to love Him more than anything. Then it’s easier. Because you love Him so much and He is your Morning star, you search the sky for Him. Let Him be your star during the dark night, and he will light up your sky. Where He is you will be also. Run to Him as fast as you can. Let Him kiss you with the kisses of His mouth. Let Him possess you. Be as a cup of water, and He the sugar that dissolves as the two become one. Lift up your arms and be the incense, wafting and rising on high into His chambers where he will imbibe you and the exuding fragrance will be exquisite, because He will take you, dear, and come into you. He will inhale your love and your desire. Your thoughts will become His thoughts, and it will be your pleasure to do His bidding. This is the secret.

And do not be dismayed when you get hit right after you have spent time with your Husband and you are soaring on high and flying in the heavenlies, but rather know that the enemy knows you are a bride full of your Jesus. He (the enemy) knows you are a lethal weapon, like a bee overladen with pollen; take a care that he doesn’t take advantage of your ecstatic state. Surround yourself with the Keys and preempt his attacks on you. Be aware and as you come out of the wilderness leaning on your beloved, He will set you as a seal upon His heart. The valiant men of David will draw their swords and hedge you in, for you are His beloved. (End of prophecy)

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” Hebrews 12:1



There is no greater love than to call on the power of the keys to lay down your life for another in unselfishness, compassion, sympathy, sacrifice, tenderness, and humble service.

 (Jesus) So, My dear bride, I say to you to leave behind the fears that you can’t do it, that you aren’t good enough, that you will fail and are too weak and useless. Yes, that is all true. But …it is not you doing it. It will be Me, through you. So be done with this line and leave it behind you now. Burn this mindset, these carnal thoughts that it’s anything of you at all. Of course it isn’t. So stop that train of thought because the enemy will pull you down on that every time. Tell him that you know you can’t, but that your beautiful, strong, capable Jesus will do it through you. Be confident of this fact. For thus it is. This sniveling and whimpering and self pity is murmuring now because you know well enough that you are not able. So look to Me with your eyes fixed as a flint…and do not waver. Fiercely believe. Have faith in Me. Have faith I will answer your prayers the best I know how. Stop this incessant disbelief that I can use you. It is time to let that mindset flow away, down the river. It is a hindrance and a stronghold of the enemy. So that is what I want you to let go of.”


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May 2022


Sand of personal conviction



The vaccine is being forced upon you; what are you going to do? Personal conviction without the Word of God is like building your house on sand.



January 2021


it can happen in 2022 part 2



You have the gift of prophecy, you have the gift of discernment…look at the signs saying it is later than you think.



December 2021


modern day shad



If you are going to make a stand, then make it on the Word of God, that is where you will find Jesus standing waiting for you.



December 2021


divine image destroyed



A video produced by Christine Beadsworth on how the vaccine is destroying the temple of the Holy Ghost.