Jesus speaking

Wait, where are you going?

Yes you’ve overslept, the hour is late, and it’s very dark out there now. You’ll need that lamp there hanging by the door; don’t forget to check the oil; all lamps need oil in order to give off good strong light. Check the wick too, is it steeped deeply in the oil? Now, before you leave open the curtain, just a crack, and take a peek outside.

What are you seeing? Is it difficult to comprehend?

Okay then turn up that wick, that’s right, a bit higher now, and let Me push back the darkness…just a little. Open your bible because there’s maybe a few sign posts you missed. Perhaps that’s why you are feeling a little puzzled.

Now, I know it’s dark in this room too, but you have that lamp in your hand, and all you have to do is keep the oil level up as high as possible, so that your little wick stays well soaked in oil.

When all the lights go out and you can’t see, there are two things you can do, Put your hands out in front of you and start groping, hoping that you don’t stumble or run into something hard, or God forbid fall into a pit. Or you can stop and listen to My voice in your heart. I know what your mind is telling you…but lift up that lamp in your hand and see what My Word is telling you in John 14:26 and Isaiah 30:21 and Acts 2:17 and 18.

Yes, it’s the time of the “whispers” My still small voice is calling you out of the world because it is much later than you want to believe, that darkness out there is almost complete.

Okay lift up the lamp again; don’t let fear of the dark creep in, you’ve got that lamp in your hand remember, and it’s light is going to help you get through what’s outside that door.

The world, as you’ve know it, has entered its last hours. The enemy is doing all he can to “draw in the net”. I do all I can to warn My beloved brides of the enemy’s attempt to smother all avenues of escape.

To achieve his goal of total governance he not only needs to control all travel routes, and those that believe they can live outside his control, but lines and means of communication between his avowed enemies must be severed. In preparation for these events I have given My children high tech communication channels: prophecy, prayer, meditation, dreams, visions etc., now is the time to use them.

Do you want Me to return and save the world? Then pray for that whilst you prepare for what the world and you must pass through before My return.

Okay, it’s no longer safe hiding in this room, you’ve got your lamp, you have a good supply of oil, now proceed to the door.

Here put this key in your pocket, believe Me you are going to need it….The battle rages, and the fight is on, but the power of the Keys to the Kingdom will see us through the darkest night and into the brightest dawn.

Dreams Visions and prophecy


Revelations 14:1

 (Jesus speaking: )

 It’s not something you can see, this seal that is placed on the foreheads of My brides, believers and confidants. They shall see and know things that others can’t, because in their humility they accept the torture for believing on Me. Their faith knows no limits, and this is how they will rise above. They long to please Me, and just as I in My suffering too, yea in my utmost anguish of heart and mind and body while fulfilling scripture and placing Myself as the offering for sin, pleased God; so will the suffering of My believing and faithful brides please Me. When someone is willing to suffer and die for the love of God and brethren, I weep, yea I tremor with heart wracking tears. This is love. You wonder what love is? This is love. I say “love your brethren” and this is what it means—laying down your life for another, that the cause of Christ be promoted and upheld. Those who are not willing to lay themselves down in daily, hourly, lifelong sacrifice to promote the cause of the Kingdom, don’t have true love. For love is the fulfilling of the law. Love is obedience, fulfilling My Word. You cannot have true love, as the Bride of the Redeemer, and keep your life, save your life, and withhold. He or she that withholds is not a true lover. Just as to withhold Myself in the hour you needed My love to be shown, giving up the life I had on Earth, would not have been love. Why do you want to hold back? Is it pain you fear? That is to say pain has power over you. Just as much as an addiction to something hurtful can have power over you. Don’t give in to fear, or it will ruin your life. Throw it off. It should have no power over you.

This freedom: to serve and follow Me, to live without fear of the conditions and circumstances, pain and hardship; to just do as you are bidden, and leave the consequences up to Me; to love not your lives, even unto the death. And will be death for so many believers, not because I am unrighteous, but because I am, and I wish to release them from the clutches of the devourer and pleasure them in My Kingdom of love. Here they will be nourished.

Those who stay on and power on with the flaming power of God’s message and are tortured and tormented for doing so are given extra strength and empowerment. That’s why it says in the book of Revelations that the Beast and that whole wicked team were to be “tormented day and night”. If My believers, My humble, honest, give-their-all brides and warriors were troubled day and night, yea if for their lifetime they find no rest, so will they who oppose them be given no rest—it’s just that their “lifetime” in the world to come is much longer. I can do bigger and badder things than they and others thought that a “nice loving God” can or would choose to do. I can be as bad to the bad guys as I can be good to My believing followers.

Just as good, and beyond-belief  rewards are given out to the faithful; to those who have not shared loyalties with the enemy but stayed true to Me and to My plan, so will bad consequences be dished out to the willfully, rebellious wicked, and the consequences will be beyond anything they imagined. They thought they could dream up torments and lash out pain on My little family on Earth? They didn’t invent evil and bad things. They invented nothing. They are simply using on My sheep what is actually going to be done to them, but on a much bigger scale. They want to play the ‘bad game’; I own the rights to it and will win.  They want to engage in “tribulation” warfare with Me and My Family on earth? That is what they will get. They will so regret they ever even looked the way of torment, dragging My humble believers off to be used by them in wicked ways. I have things to show THEM, “great and mighty things” that they certainly know not. Great— as in big—will be their payback. And they will be so, ever so sorry for it.

And the game ends the way it starts. All losers, all Lucifer’s losers, will be in the “taken” pile and off the board game, and I’ll begin setting up My side of the board again. Only this time, once my players are in place, there are no evil ones to play against. Then I ask you to sit on the other side of the board and show what pieces you have. Your wins for Me while on Earth are like the pieces you will have to work with when you and I sit down to play this next game together. It is a game of instruction. I will teach you strategy and lessons, and what are winning moves and what are not. It’s like a Father-child game in a school of learning.

You think this life here is all there is to it, that this is all there is to learn? No, My dear ones, this is just one room in My vast school for My children. Not everyone comes here, as it’s a tough place to learn. But those who do and come out winners, having played the game of life well, are truly glad. They get honors and rewards given only to those who entered and passed the test of Earth class. It gives you a certain rank. It is the different things you know and have gone through that earn you titles. –That is, that you can be called on to do this job or another, for you know what you need to know to do it well. Passing in Earth school gives you the ability to be entrusted with different jobs and services and honors. –Like ambassadors have to know things about the country they are sent to; and have to act like a good citizen of the one they belong to, while they work to bring good relations between the two. How else will the rulers of the World to Come, in the thousand year reign, know how to help those on Earth, if they haven’t lived there and been trained, knowing the hardships and struggles? If you want to be a ruler in Kingdom Come, and be able to get this place in shape, so that many more can have the chance to believe and live for Me, then you have to suffer for Me first, and go through life’s struggles. It’s par for the course. So if you suffer, then you are qualified to reign, and have earned it as well.


“You think this life here is all there is to it, that this is all there is to learn? ”




“When someone is willing to suffer and die for the love of God and brethren, I weep, yea I tremor with heart wracking tears. This is love.”









the seal


introducing “seeds of David”  a series of 20 golden seed packets from god’s messengers

(Jesus Speaking: )The Angelic Spirit Helpers will now present themselves to you. See that you heed their advice and follow their instructions closely; for I myself have instructed them. Heed their advice, for they are heeding Mine.
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I was wasting away in prison

“Time, what’s the time? Oh God is that it? How long have I been waiting? Hmm… do I still stand a chance anyway?? What’s the matter…You still have a plan…..right?”

(Spirit helper speaking):

“Hey, those were my thoughts. That was my life for 10 years: trusting.

I guess you could call me a blessed one. The rest of my family were killed, but I was sent to prison for umm…being a Christian. I lived in modern days,  but yeah I lived my youth in a Chinese prison. Forgotten, forsaken you name it. I thought those thoughts I felt that feeling of complete and utter hopelessness. I almost gave up on life, but something kept me going, no, I wasn’t a great prison evangelist. In the eyes of any normal person those years of my life were seemingly wasted behind bars. Umm…Father, do You still know? Are Your promises true for me too?

But I held on to the fact that I was there because Jesus saw me worthy to suffer for His Name. At least in the beginning that worked…but as months turned into years I felt myself fringing on the edge of madness…I  would stare into the clock and just lose touch of everything, and I honestly felt that yes, I was fading. It was while I was in that trance like state that it happened, I received one verse that made everything suddenly clear and snap back into focus. Just one verse saved me from insanity. I didn’t see anything, I just heard this: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but If it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”

Here I was “losing” my life in prison, just wasting away and He was telling me that I was actually saving it?? That struck my soul like lightning and from that day on I held on to the promise that one day I would see much fruit borne in my life…I never saw it in the way that I imagined: great witnessing, hundreds of souls won so on so forth. Yes when I was released I had a great testimony. I had led many to the Lord and comforted many others. But when I arrived Here the Lord showed me just what type of fruit He was looking for.

In those seemingly endless years; how was I actually saving my life all that time? During those years I learned to trust, I learned to love Jesus more than my freedom, I learned to pray and keep praying without ever seeing any results, I learned to praise through my tears, I learned how to be closer to Jesus than ever before, I learned that He knows better. In the confinement of prison I learned that, yes, Jesus is enough. And when I got Here He showed me just how much I gained in prison! I had been saving my life all that time when I was seemingly losing it.

You might be in some prison too. You might feel like anymore is too much. He’s got you there for a reason, and He is teaching you, right now, how to love Him more than your life itself. More than that thing called relief and painless existence. Darling it won’t last too long, it won’t continue longer than what is absolutely necessary. Sweetheart it’s beautiful, when you get Here you’ll see how much you really gained from losing. Losing what you wanted and gaining what you have truly been after all along. He promises you and He always keeps His promise believe that sweet one.

It is not a matter of being free from what you see as prison… it’s a matter of being free while still in prison.

Praising behind those bars knowing that they are there because He loves you, singing on the stake because you know Heaven’s coming.  Blessed are those that carry the burden of waiting…wait, wait, wait, to learn to trust, to learn to wait and to lift up your voice and know that He knows better. I love you


Father, do You still know? Are Your promises true for me too?




Blessed are those that carry the burden of waiting…wait, wait, wait, to learn to trust, to learn to wait and to lift up your voice and know that He knows better.





But I held on to the fact that I was there because Jesus saw me worthy to suffer for His Name.




Testimony of faith…wasting away


the golden key ring of faith

It was a week or two before the semi lock-down started in the country where I am a missionary. Lock-down had already begun in most countries… People were getting pretty scared at the time, but where I lived they still hadn’t declared lock-down yet so we were still out and about. I woke up one morning feeling quiet sick; I had a sore throat and a bit of a cough and runny nose. Of course because of what was happening all around the world with Covid19 coupled with the symptoms I was having it was on everyone’s mind that I might have caught it. So I was house bound just to be safe… after a week of drinking the local herb medicines and resting in bed as much as possible, I didn’t seem to be improving, but rather getting worse and came down with a fever and achy body with a severe headache as well. I had little appetite and I would throw up at times. It was almost to the second week like this with it only getting worse… then one day as I was laying in bed chatting with my parents they told me a testimony about how a fellow missionary who was recovering from surgery had been listening to the key promise audios every time she was in pain and how they had helped her so much to get through that time. So as I lay there in a lot of pain myself, I realized I hadn’t been as desperate for my healing as I should have been; though I had been praying and calling on the keys of course… so I turned on the audios and began to listen to the promises on healing. As I listened, I decided to take it a step further and focus on the power; focusing on the keys and imagining the golden key power flowing through my body, to every aching part, healing me and ridding me of the sickness. I did this for awhile until I was too tired to continue… The very next day I was able to get out of bed, eat properly and the fever and headache were gone. It was such a sudden and big change that there was no doubt what the keys had done!

Testimonies of faith

From Ariel


Not only Peter Matthew 16:19 was given the Keys to the Kingdom, they were for all God's children


Keys of Faith

For those who are new in faith, the keys can work wonders to increase their motivation to take new steps for Me.




Keys of Healing

Like the woman of old, who touched the hem of My garment and was made whole, so as you grab hold of the key of healing, My power will flow through you and you will be restored to full health.





ARCOTHON… do you believe in guardian angels?

While witnessing to one of our friends, I felt led to share with him how the Lord uses Angels and even Spirits to help aid us in our war against the enemy. So I began to explain how the spirit world works and how the Lord organizes His good spirits and Angels. He (our friend) was very interested to know more, so I began to share with him a few of the names of some of the many Spirit Helpers. He was particularly interested in Arcothon. I explained to him what he does and wrote down the name so he could call on him when needed…. Well a few weeks later I received a call from our friend. He said that he had a friend who was an officer in the army and this officer had problems with horrible nightmares. He had recieved prayer from his pastor but still the nightmares continued. So our friend told him to call on Arcothon. So his army friend did and the nightmares stopped.

The spiritual war is real, and we wield great power when we call on the Spirit Helpers by name.

Testimonies of Faith

From James

Key of Protection

Call on the power of the keys and you will be safe, surrounded by the forces of Heaven.

Key of Security

The keys are your strong defense, a constant help in every time of trouble