2001 “These keys to the Kingdom are not the last gift that I will give you, My children of David. Those who hold on and go on for Me will receive more spiritual gifts from My hand. The time is not yet right for Me to reveal them to you now, because I must take you one step at a time. But know that your faithfulness to hone this new gift of faith that I have given you, to use these keys to the Kingdom, will pave the way for the next great gift that I will give you, My darling brides.” (#3351)

Prophecy: “I’ll tell you a secret, My dearest loves, and many may still not comprehend or understand, but you will, for it is for “you” alone that I will now reveal the details of this secret. The Reboot was one of these “other” gifts that I had for you and those like you. You see, My gifts are not always wrapped in pretty packages, but one thing is for sure: My gifts are weighty and very precious and are never ornamental or purposeless. They are given just when I intend to give them, and they are given to whom I will. The Reboot was the way into the future, the only way. Just as Gideon’s course led him and his men to the riverside, so the Reboot led you, and all those to be tried, to the edge of the beginning of the ‘great testing’.”

USED Reboot your life



The Reboot was the way into the future, the only way; just as Gideon’s course led him and his men to the riverside, so the Reboot led you, and all those to be tried, to the edge of the beginning of the ‘great testing’.

2021 “As I go at your pace, and as each Family member strives to pull down more and more Heavenly messages, your faith will be increased and your vision will be broadened. My messages and revelations for each one will open up new truths to each individual, and the faith of each one will be increased more and more–and thus begins a wonderful cycle of pulling down My seeds in faith, and My giving and honoring your faith with fuller and

weightier messages from beyond to guide each one individually from My Heavenly realm. And you will not be able to stop up this flow–nor will you have any desire to. For all those who love My Words will seek to know more truth, and will hunger after the meat of My Spirit that I so desire to give you.” (#3351)

Have I not said to My prophetess (not Maria) that she should stand and be ready to open every available pot in order to take the waterfall of My love in unto her bosom. Yes, and have I not said that it is her responsibility to pour out that flow and not stop it up any longer, for she has found the channel, the pipe, the conduit where to direct the flow. Fear not; neither say “There is not enough pipe space; the diameter is not large enough, oh Jesus.” For in time I will open up other conduits and the flow will disperse into all the world as a witness to all nations and then the End will truly come. For there are many ends and your Father David played a keye role in bringing forth the time of the gentiles.” Daniel 8:13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot? Daniel 8:14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.

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June 2022


Matthew 24:15 New Meaning



June 2022


Matthew 24:15 continued Part 2



USED The world has reached a dead end

We are about to take over the earth



Welcome to Part 2 of Discovering More on the Keys

(Introduction from Part 1)

It is the year 2020 and we are rediscovering the Keys of the Kingdom with a friend…our friend writes…

It’s taken me 20 years to realize that I never made it past the first lesson on the keys. Oops! I didn’t even know we were to take more and more “classes” with Ellya. What I must have missed all these years! But I’ll study hard now and keep asking for more. Maybe you’ve learned things about the keys that I don’t know and can teach me. Here are some things I’m starting to discover: the keys are talked about in over 1,700 files on Infostore and within those files are sometimes mentioned hundreds of times! It must be very important to Jesus that we use them—and learn about them.” He said: ”As you start connecting the dots through the Word that I give you on the keys, your understanding of them will be fuller and more well-rounded.” #3472


2001–But know that your faithfulness to hone this new gift of faith that I have given you, to use these keys to the Kingdom, will pave the way for the next great gift that I will give you, My darling brides. (3351) 

Prophecy: “The keye to open this door is “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”…i.e. the key to honing in this case and all cases is not just ‘knowing the key’ but using it, memorizing and reading and obeying…obedience to that key. Put it in the lock and turn it and in time the key will open the door to another level.


2003–I hardly see any of the children of David hanging on to and claiming the keys like you ought to. (3599) (Martin Burnham speaking from beyond)

*Comment: Did we miss out on finding out and receiving “the next great gift”? What was it? Maybe we can get it now!

MB…”Maybe we can; maybe He wants us to be workmen and mine for this treasure. Maybe we are supposed to put our desire into action by seeking Him for deeper truth”?


New Reality—Living a life with the Keys

All Heaven is just waiting for you as you transform yourselves and adapt yourselves to this new reality.

My loves, now I can lead you to an astounding plethora of exciting information, new wisdom to assist you to function in this new reality in which you will find yourself. [#3351])

MB…“Prophecy: “Genesis 3:6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. I believe we are now living in that new reality spoken of in “More on the Keys! Part 2”; but there is a danger to all of this ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowledge’…just ask Eve and Satan –if he’d be honest with himself for just one second. Without a deep abiding love for Jesus and His Word the chance of slipping off the track is very real. All the wisdom of Solomon brought him to understand that it is all vanity. Are we on an endless search for some thing, when all along we keep missing the point …that Jesus is Enough ”?  (end of prophecy)

“Your perceptions will broaden as you see and experience the new state in which you find yourself, and you will know that I am the Lord and you are My brides upon whom I dote. [#3351]

MB…”I have definitely moved into a new “state of mind” or consciousness in and around the time of the raising of the bones (2018). This is all about realization…reality…to realize something you didn’t comprehend before.”


All of their training will come to the fore at the time appointed, and I will use them mightily–not as mightily as I will use those of you who have stuck, and those who will go with Me into this new era, making full use of all of My gifts, including the keys to the Kingdom, for unto you is given the greatest power, because of your faith. 

We are to be Discovering more on the Keys

Prophecy; “And how do you move forward with Me…through obedience to the steps I show you to take. It is through your obedience that you have gained access to new doors, with new keyes.” 


Key Promise: As you call on the keys of discovery, I will reveal new truths from My Word.

Prophecy: “The level of desire you have will cause you to discover more. There is no end to discovery in My World, for My world is eternal and never ending. Your obedience has brought you this far, now obey in this next directive. Desire, seek after, dig, look, knock and the keye will be given to open the door to further mystery, and hand in hand with that mystery is power. Can you see what I am trusting you with? Can you understand the magnitude of what I am allowing you to see –why you are being given this greater understanding…light…wisdom? It has been given because of your obedience.” (end of prophecy)

There are many aspects of the keys you haven’t even begun to fathom, and as you start connecting the dots through the Word that I give you on the keys, your understanding of them will be fuller and more well-rounded. But don’t expect to understand everything about them now or be able to use their full power all at once, because that’s just not going to happen! (#3472)

There is much about key power that you don’t fully understand yet or grasp, because it’s not yet time. But learning to claim the power of the keys when you pray is the beginning of understanding and using their power. (#3599)

There is much about key power that you don’t fully understand yet or grasp, because it’s not yet time. But learning to claim the power of the keys when you pray is the beginning of understanding and using their power. (#3599)

I have answered your questions about the keys, as I will continue to do. For unto you it is given to have the full power of Heaven at your side in these Last Days. (#3599)

Hear her (Ellya) calling to you, begging you to use the keys! She knows that you want to use the keys, that you have faith in them and long to see that faith manifested in tangible miracles and marvels. She wants to teach you how to use the keys, like an old and revered sword that has done much battle and never seen defeat, so that your skill can be sharpened, your power activated, your spiritual resources never-ending, and your own weak self turned into a champion that is undefeatable. This is all reality, My loves.

She now gives you your first lesson: the proper way in which to call on the keys. I will let her speak for herself, for her pleading has reached your heart and she is impassioned and persuasive. Listen to her words well, for once you have been under her tutelage, only your lack of faith and unbelief will limit you. I have given her My permission to doubly empower those who cling to her words, who hunger and thirst after her instruction, and who do as she pleads. Ellya is part of the full activation process of the keys that are available to you. You will learn more as time goes on, as you obey the first steps that are shown to you, and look for more.

I am very pleased that you have found this great treasure and have inquired after it. In listening to Me and receiving the training that I have ordained Ellya to give you, your understanding of the keys will grow tremendously, and you will advance quickly. She will teach and explain to you one lesson at a time. She will not give you more than a simple instruction in one sitting, and she will wait for you to absorb and implement what she has given before she is permitted to dispense more. This is My command, because the gift of the keys is so priceless, and I will only give it to those who are respectful of My Words, and those who are willing to be taught and instructed. (#3368)

Prophecy: “Twenty years ago this counsel was given to the Children of David. Now it is 2022, and you are facing the darkest days this world has ever experienced. The world and you along with it are about to experience the final days of man’s rule on earth. Please understand: the only exit from the days of Jacob’s trouble is Jesus and the Keys …or death. Pick them up now, because this is the End of ends; it is not about who is the strongest or smartest player. This is about Satan taking over the world of men. He will not share his prize with anyone, no elite will benefit, no country will benefit, no one will survive the demonic wrath and wanton destruction that this fallen angel will wreak upon planet Earth. There is only one winner in his eyes, and that is himself. The elites, Putin, Russia, America –they are all playing a loser’s game; they will all be destroyed, either in this life or hereafter. Their fate is sealed along with Satan’s. Start now; pick up the Keys of the Kingdom, and you will move on into the future with Jesus and His brides. There will not be too many more calls to come to high ground. Please read Revelation 13 and believe that the time John spoke of in that chapter has come.”

 “You don’t need great power; you need understanding on how to use the great power. Again, obedience to My will, obedience to My instruction, taking the steps I tell you, leads you to greater understanding of My will. You are not looking to usurp My power, for you know that without Me there is no power.”(end of prophecy)

Many will hunger and lust after the power of the keys. As My children advance in their use of the keys and learn to harness the untold power of the keys, others will seek after the keys in order to twist their use toward personal glory and fame. These will be eager to learn, to be instructed, to follow the steps to power. But they will find none. The keys are only activated through sincerity of heart, and without the quality of a deep love for Me, dedication, and yieldedness to Me, the keys give no power. The keys know the heart of a believer, and they will not be deceived or made a mockery of by selfish and power-hungry users. (#3368)


Again you show your sincerity and love for Me through your obedience.

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Submitted by Victoria

Jesus speaking:

Keep close. Keep the keys slipping into the locks of confusion, the locks of misunderstandings and I will not fail to use the keys you hold  and swing open the doors that are needing to be opened. That’s what the keys are used for, but you fail so often to put them into the slots, as you are still seeing them as objects that you don’t really attribute full power to. They have the impact of battering rams, combinations and codes far advanced in My dimensions of power, yet you still are not aware of their mighty, powerful, multi -purpose use in activation.

You have the codes. They await your request for access. You are the user, they are ready with your own personal access codes at anytime. You just have to insert the codes. Beckon and summon, plead their power over the elements, over the principalities and powers and the darkness of this world. The enemy will flee in face of your calling upon their power!

This I have given you, for you are the people of the keys. It is your portion of My Kingdom that is given freely in all My promises ordained for this time. Now is the moment –and each moment of your day and night– for time is at hand. It is now.

“Jesus, the Keys and His Word are our vital companions in the days ahead.”


Keys are our wilderness

The keys of revolution can remind you each and every day that time is short, so you don’t fritter your time away on worldly time wasters that eat away at your faith.

These are the days you dreamed of yesterday. You are now surrounded by such powerful forces, and you face unbeatable odds, yet they can’t change your destiny. My plan, My purpose, is to give you the Kingdom, and the keys are activated by your faith in their power. Your belief in My anointing upon their power is activated by your faith codes into the locks, and they will open upon your requests for your codes to be activated. I can’t make it anymore simple than that. Now is high time for the miracles needed for anything that you want to happen.

Put your heart in My care, My love. I will protect and supply. All the impossible things that you think you can’t do, I will do for you . Just trust in My ability, My assurance and My faithfulness. I have never failed you in all My many promises, and I will not fail you now.


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December 2021


Flee as a bird


MB live…Revelation 12:14 time –We have the Keys to the Kingdom, now is the time to exercise great faith in them.



November 2021


daily sacrifice


The 3rd Temple in Jerusalem may well be a deception based on  a misunderstanding of scripture.



August 2021


Freedom of spirit


A compilation of quotes, verses and prophecies on the wild and free spirit of God.



June 2021


Taking the mark is very simple



Man says trust in money, God says, seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.