USED love letter from Jesus

A letter from Jesus



It is getting very very close, dear children. The market is closing and the money is getting smaller and smaller. Please read the letter that you’ll see attached. I believe that this will help you put together one of the most important parts of the final key.


Prophecy submitted by Esteban

Matthew 5:44

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”


Jesus speaking:

Dear child, I have gifted you with the weapon of love. I love you, and want you to show that kind of love that this world knows not of. It is a humbling thing to love like this, but this is the only way of salvation. 

Salvation is not a law that comes and slaps you in the face and says, “Look, you evil person; change now or you will die.” Now is the time to show that you have something greater than what they have, and that is to lose your own life and your own reputation, to follow My sweet, small voice that tells you to forgive. 

I love you and want you to still fight for love even when you have lost it all and look like a loser or a coward in the eyes of the fearful, self-righteous man that is confused and trapped in a prison of condemnation. But you are free, free to choose My love, free to love with no limited time or space.  Love, I tell thee; love with no limits, for I am your only limit, and in Me there are no limitations, only liberation. You must show them My true nature; you must teach them how it’s done, how to live the law (love) of life. 



June 2022


Tree of Genesis 3:22



June 2022


Yellow (See attached song)



A light shining in the darkness of the end

The Holy Spirit speaking:

Dear love, dear wonderful man. 

I love you because you have chosen to give Me and Jesus full entrance in your life. 

You have put yourself into the fires of this world to save those that are lost. You have chosen to be patient and give them time even though you can’t really wait for them. For it is killing you, and every moment that passes by you are living in spiritual & physical discomfort. Your body and mind cry for pain, but you just listen to your Commander in chief. You say   “I will die so that others may live.”

He tells you; “Just a little bit more, for My grace is enough for you. I am bringing you higher and closer to Me, and through this process you are pulling them that see you closer to Me as you drop to your knees and pray with desperate love for Me.”

They will follow if you choose to give even when you have nothing to give because then I can start to give Myself through you, a broken soul that keeps on fighting no matter the shame, no matter the pain, no matter the loss of self is a true testimony of the love of God. 

Forgive your enemies in the flesh, for they are not your real enemies, but your pride and selfish you are the things getting in the way of My light. 

I am the true giver of life. I am the love that never makes you cry for My own satisfaction. I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

So, this is Jesus, and His voice is the one that you must follow, not your fears, because in His perfect love there is no self, only forgiveness, for to give part is not true love, but to give all for another is.

Can’t you see? All is what He wants you to give, to Him and to others. 

“Son of man, eat thy bread with quaking, and drink thy water with trembling and with carefulness;”



Revelation 11

“The keys will give you power to preach the Gospel.





Read Matthew 7:16-26

“But he that searches his own heart and lets Me in to change anything that needs to be changed and take away all the vanities of this old world and its dying doctrines, will be renovated to be able to come into a new level in the spirit, a level of understanding that he or she did not know until then. 

How can you help others or even expect them to let you help them if you don’t let Me change you. Is that fair? 

No, it’s not fair. And when your sheep or any one that knows you begins to see that you don’t apply the very things that you preach unto them, they will give up on you, and what follows is that they will lose faith in Me. 

But why should they lose faith in Me when I am not the one that has failed them but you. You have failed in not hearing My voice whenever I call. They will follow your rebellion instead of your obedience. 

So, please follow Me, give Me a chance to fix your life. Give Me a chance to remake you, to make you into a greater blessing for others, a true servant of others, a true vessel of My light and lifeblood that come from the throne of God. 

I will make thee into a shining star. I will make a beautiful thing among the heavens. I will finish the good work that I have started in thee. You are My precious ones, though little specks of dust. I have given My brides a unique thing among the heaven of heavens. 

Bring forth your old vessels that I may crush them and remake that dust into a strong metal that is flexible and a true conductor of energy that will light the worlds for eternity. 


“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”



An Elegy

“Through the power of the Keys, dominion over every evil spirit of Hell is granted to the children of David. Focus on the keys now, and in the power of those mighty keys turned to swords cut loose the grip of Apotheon and command that he be doomed, and by reason of his own weight, he will fall far from you.”





from crystal, Denmark

Dear Ones,

I wanted to share testimonies of my life since the Reboot. I moved back to my hometown in the very south of Denmark in 2012. My mother was in a nursing home, and I took care of her until she passed on. I cleaned her flat twice a month, and spent a lot of time with her. She never liked me joining the Family, so we made up, which was good. I had 3 good years with her. Besides that, I went to college to get my Danish back. After being on the Field for sooooo many years, I couldn’t formulate sentences in Danish.

While in college, I started to personal witness to the other students. It was all very low-key  because I wasn’t allowed to talk about Jesus in the school. Nevertheless, I won many souls while there. It always started off when some of the students didn’t feel good, I would say “I can pray for you. I believe strongly in the power of prayer.” They always seemed touched at the kind thought and that led to talk about God. I’ve gotten many many souls since moving back here, old friends etc.

My town is very small. I never tell people here about COG or that I had been a missionary. I always say I did humanitarian work. You have to win Danish people as friends before you can introduce Jesus to them.

I can see over the years since I’ve been here that it paid off leading so many to the Lord as now I’m starting to give Bible classes. I have a woman that I give End time classes to once a week on Skype. And now 4 more people are standing in line wanting to read the Bible with me. First of all, I will give them a class on how to receive the HS. I did that with Ingrid, the one I’m giving a class to once a week. She wanted to know how to witness, and I found a very good class in the TFI Library. She cried afterward  when she got the infilling of the HS.

Once a month I’m part of a Christian telephone service here, where people who are lonely, depressed or even just want to chat can phone in.  It is such an excellent chance to witness. It’s super inspiring, I share this evening with another Family brother. I have a turn from 8Pm-11pm.  I witness every time and so many souls have been won.

Since I have started sharing the Word with people more the Devil is on the attack like never before. Like the verse goes–The enemy walks about as a roaring Lion, seeking whom he may devour. The enemy tried to snuff out my life a few nights ago. All of a sudden, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like someone wanted to strangle me. I couldn’t breathe. I sat up in bed and rebuked the enemy out loud, screaming at him. (just like Martin Luther  throwing an ink bottle at the devil) I prayed, drank some water and phoned a dear sister in Mexico. She prayed with me on the spot.

Last night I felt it again a bit because an old friend had come over to see me; I asked her if she wanted to read the Bible with me, and she said yes. So the devil was mad. I feel people are so hungry for the Word these days. They don’t find it in the churches. We’re living in the Last Days and have so much to share with the lonely and lost people out there. I’m super thankful for all the training I received when living as a missionary those many years ago.

Since I started to give  Endtime classes and read the Bible with people, the attacks have intensified. Dad wrote a letter way back called Spiritual attacks intensified. Since joining the Family in ’73, I’ve always seen angels, had spirit trips, visions and dreams, as well as the gift of prophecy (which was introduced to us all in ’97)

I’ve lived here in my small town with no other Family members close by. There are very few brethren here in this part of Denmark. I know only 4. I see them from time to time. It hasn’t always been easy for me to live alone. (There are other people living in the other part of the house. They are old friends of mine. I have led them all to the Lord since being here along with my neighbors.) yet the Lord has taken such good care of me all these years; I really can’t complain. I receive a very small pension, but the Lord stretches it every month. I live very frugally, and still manage to send donations to many different Family members every month.

My youngest child lives here in my town as well, and I see him a lot.  But since I’m alone most of the time here in my flat, I talk to Jesus out loud as if he was right here, which He is. We have one-on-one conversations together a lot. When I take my morning walks out in the countryside, many times I hear footsteps behind me; I turn around and there’s nobody there. I know I have many powerful spirit helpers and angels  with me.


I guess with everything happening so fast in the world, the Lord has taught me to praise Him no matter what. When I wake up in the morning, I sing songs to Jesus and pray before getting out of bed.

I love ALL of you around the world wherever you may be. God bless and keep you safe in His arms

Julie (Crystal Streams)

personal testimony

“While in college, I started to personal witness to the other students. It was all very low-key  because I wasn’t allowed to talk about Jesus in the school. Nevertheless, I won many souls while there”



You begin the charge

It’s time to sound the charge, to call the armies of Heaven to war, to set the captives free.





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