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 (Spirit helper speaking: ) Pray. For often it is the fervent prayers of a single voice that turn the tide and win the battle.

Pray more than you think. Desperate prayer from a heart filled with expectancy is worth all the money in the bank when it comes to results.

Pray or you’ll lose whatever battle you are engaged in.

What does it mean to “pray”? –To connect, to be online with the King of the universe, and to ask for the Heavenly help that is needed, not to be just doing your own thing. If all you can do is whisper “I call on the keys” you will be doing your bit to fight and win.

So first of all, how do you connect? By listening to your Lover as He shows you the moves you must make. Next you listen and record, when possible, the details and the instructions. And praise, always have the voice of praise in your heart and coming out of your mouth. This ensures that your connection will be strong, and you’ll get the instant help needed. Which brings us to the next part of prayer, and that is to ask. Ask for a team to help you. You’ll always need an army, and that doesn’t come without a serious and earnest request.

Just think, for a King to agree to help fight and win a battle in the land where a citizen of his domain resides, He’s going to need, at the least, a proper request. Since you can’t pay for the expenses of the war, you must at least pray for the expedient victory and respect what it will take.

You thought it was just a little shuffle, and all you needed was a little this or that? You think your requests are small as you often see no impending danger, and so you mumble something about the size of the request. But don’t you see that anything that helps God’s Kingdom is going to be seriously fought and requires the efforts of the King’s escorts, warriors and weapons? What might look to you like a small thing, might indeed be part of a very big problem. And your being alerted to this seemingly small thing might be to enlist your prayers so the bigger battle can be won.

Every prayer helps, for each person might see things from a new angle and request help for a new side to the situation that another might not be aware of or think about.


If you can think, you can be claiming the Keys. To “pray without ceasing” and “turn every thought into a prayer” just think of the keys needed with every thought you think. Ask for them. This shows you are letting the Keys and the King of the Keys rule in your heart and mind and be in charge of every aspect of your life.



Secrets with Jesus (16)

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“God wants to descend and to dwell in the praises of His people. He wants to let loose and dance along with those who are whole heartedly praising and singing and dancing to glorify Him. Why does He want to be where there is praise? Because that is the spiritual element that He lives in! Why don’t you have your birthday party on the bottom of the ocean? Because it’s not your element!

Spirit dwells in spirit. The element of spirit that is placed in the souls of mankind and that they have access to while they are on Earth—the pure realm, the full real and uncorrupted realm of the spirit—is only accessed when they glorify and praise their great Creator.

So with less praise, the world gets more and more carnal and less Heavenly. Why did more miracles occur in days of old because there was more of the recognition that things happened because God did them. This is praise in a way, seeing the handiwork of the God of all.

When you truly enter the spirit, through the portal of praise; that is stating that God is King, and you belong to Him, and your allegiance is to Him, then you are allowed entrance to His throne room. Only those with full allegiance and properly placed loyalties are allowed to go to this freedom land, God’s land. It is here that He can sing and dance and join you in praise when victories are won. When you praise, that is the password that you belong to God and are thus allowed entrance to His realm. Here He loves with you, dances for you and with you, rejoices, and gives gifts. Delight yourself in Him, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

So prayers that are breathed out from the air of His Holy Spirit, the perfume of the wife of God in heaven, are those that He loves to breathe in. Getting close to and taking in God’s precious Holy Spirit will make the prayers you pray be filled with the scent God likes to breathe in—and that’s when miracles happen. If they are not happening for you, either it’s not His will for the current time, or you need to get deeper in the spirit, breathe in more of His spirit, and truly and deeply connect.”

Let loose and dance


“God wants to let loose and dance along with those who are whole heartedly praising and singing and dancing to glorify Him.”




The final lap is about to start, the runners are entering the stadium on the last leg of the marathon. The great tribulation will be our final stand.




Jesus speaking in prophecy:

“Yes you are free; you are free because you have found Me. Those who know Me not, or even those who wish to retain some of their own freedoms or free will, as they call it, aren’t really free.

One example of this; here we stand on a cliff’s edge. There are three of us, one thinks he is free, and one knows he is free. One in their chase of freedom, runs ahead of Me, trying to find their pleasure in freedom, but are stopped when they reach the edge of the cliff. Fear binds them, lack of understanding and their own human weakness and incapability stops them from moving forward. They want freedom now, yet they seek it in their own strength.

The other stands close by My side. Though they may want to run ahead, they know they can’t, they know that the flesh binds them, they know that they are not truly free in themselves, for how can the creature have full freedom within creation. No, they must walk with the creator, and find the full freedom He wishes to give them. It may not come all at once, it may take time, it may be hard to wait, and it may at times not feel like freedom, but I say, all freedom is in Me, for when we reach the cliff, we fly right over it, it cannot stop us for a moment.

With Me all things are possible, with man it is impossible, for he is bound, he is not free. Only with Me can you explore the boundary of freedom. Yet there is more, for in Me is satisfaction. I wish to give you the satisfaction, to be still and satisfied in simply standing and waiting and enjoying the view. This is not possible for man, for I have made man to want to find out more, he is a vacuum, for I have made him thus. Yet I say, I am the Key to fill this hole, I am all you need to be truly and fully content at all times, whereever you may find yourself. I love you.”

freedom with satisfaction

“With Me all things are possible, with man it is impossible, for he is bound, he is not free. Only with Me can you explore the boundary of freedom. Yet there is more, for in Me is satisfaction.”




True freedom only comes through faith in Jesus and His Word.






i begin

Jesus wants you to know that He desires and will do the impossible for you if you cease from your fretful, futile, and frantic struggle to keep yourself, to deliver yourself, to work out your own problems. He says: “I am the Lord that keepeth thee”. Jesus wants you to put your life into His hands, to rest in Him, to learn to totally trust where you don’t understand, and to let Him lift you above every problem that comes your way; to get you so confident in His love for you that nothing will easily shake you.

[prophecy]  No man can save himself, or add Me and My power and virtue to himself by the force of his own will and works. That’s the madness of self-righteous man. It’s only in failing, in falling, in being weak and in need, and in desperation calling out to Me to do for you what you know you can’t do for yourself that the miracle of deliverance from your problems by My great power can be performed.

As for the works of the flesh‚ how difficult it is to rescue a drowning man when he’s still frantically trying to save himself. His mind is full of fear and he’s a danger to all who come near to help him. Often Jesus wants to help you more in a situation, but He must wait until you stop struggling so hard. When you’re in a great battle with your fears and problems, you must learn to trust Him to save you and cease from your frantic efforts in the flesh so that He can speak to you, still your heart, and bring you out of many waters.

the place where you end

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Keys of Yielding

When you call on the keys of the Kingdom I will help you pass this test of forsaking all to follow Me, and will reward you in wonderful ways.




Keys of Yielding

Call on the keys when yielding to My will, and I will supernaturally strengthen your heart and settle your emotions.


 Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45…….  PROPHECY SESSION ON IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR…2022 (see misc. column)