Jesus speaking

Wait, where are you going?

Yes you’ve overslept, the hour is late, and it’s very dark out there now. You’ll need that lamp there hanging by the door; don’t forget to check the oil; all lamps need oil in order to give off good strong light. Check the wick too, is it steeped deeply in the oil? Now, before you leave open the curtain, just a crack, and take a peek outside.

What are you seeing? Is it difficult to comprehend?

Okay then turn up that wick, that’s right, a bit higher now, and let Me push back the darkness…just a little. Open your bible because there’s maybe a few sign posts you missed. Perhaps that’s why you are feeling a little puzzled.

Now, I know it’s dark in this room too, but you have that lamp in your hand, and all you have to do is keep the oil level up as high as possible, so that your little wick stays well soaked in oil.

When all the lights go out and you can’t see, there are two things you can do, Put your hands out in front of you and start groping, hoping that you don’t stumble or run into something hard, or God forbid fall into a pit. Or you can stop and listen to My voice in your heart. I know what your mind is telling you…but lift up that lamp in your hand and see what My Word is telling you in John 14:26 and Isaiah 30:21 and Acts 2:17 and 18.

Yes, it’s the time of the “whispers” My still small voice is calling you out of the world because it is much later than you want to believe, that darkness out there is almost complete.

Okay lift up the lamp again; don’t let fear of the dark creep in, you’ve got that lamp in your hand remember, and it’s light is going to help you get through what’s outside that door.

The world, as you’ve know it, has entered its last hours. The enemy is doing all he can to “draw in the net”. I do all I can to warn My beloved brides of the enemy’s attempt to smother all avenues of escape.

To achieve his goal of total governance he not only needs to control all travel routes, and those that believe they can live outside his control, but lines and means of communication between his avowed enemies must be severed. In preparation for these events I have given My children high tech communication channels: prophecy, prayer, meditation, dreams, visions etc., now is the time to use them.

Do you want Me to return and save the world? Then pray for that whilst you prepare for what the world and you must pass through before My return.

Okay, it’s no longer safe hiding in this room, you’ve got your lamp, you have a good supply of oil, now proceed to the door.

Here put this key in your pocket, believe Me you are going to need it….The battle rages, and the fight is on, but the power of the Keys to the Kingdom will see us through the darkest night and into the brightest dawn.

Dreams Visions and prophecy


i begin

Jesus wants you to know that He desires and will do the impossible for you if you cease from your fretful, futile, and frantic struggle to keep yourself, to deliver yourself, to work out your own problems. He says: “I am the Lord that keepeth thee”. Jesus wants you to put your life into His hands, to rest in Him, to learn to totally trust where you don’t understand, and to let Him lift you above every problem that comes your way; to get you so confident in His love for you that nothing will easily shake you.

[prophecy]  No man can save himself, or add Me and My power and virtue to himself by the force of his own will and works. That’s the madness of self-righteous man. It’s only in failing, in falling, in being weak and in need, and in desperation calling out to Me to do for you what you know you can’t do for yourself that the miracle of deliverance from your problems by My great power can be performed.

As for the works of the flesh‚ how difficult it is to rescue a drowning man when he’s still frantically trying to save himself. His mind is full of fear and he’s a danger to all who come near to help him. Often Jesus wants to help you more in a situation, but He must wait until you stop struggling so hard. When you’re in a great battle with your fears and problems, you must learn to trust Him to save you and cease from your frantic efforts in the flesh so that He can speak to you, still your heart, and bring you out of many waters.

the place where you end

From Rising Above…Online gn 02


Keys of Yielding

When you call on the keys of the Kingdom I will help you pass this test of forsaking all to follow Me, and will reward you in wonderful ways.




Keys of Yielding

Call on the keys when yielding to My will, and I will supernaturally strengthen your heart and settle your emotions.


 Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45…….  PROPHECY SESSION ON IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR…2022 (see misc. column)



and the impossible will come

 The one thing you have thought about as “impossible” is when you think about the future. 

If “impossible” is too exaggerated a label for you to work with in daily life right now, let’s use “extremely unlikely” or “unrealistic” or “difficult.” There are things in your life or work that fit that label, aren’t there, and that could use some rising above?

The key here is to understand the principle of letting go–not letting go of the victory or of the person or situation you’re trying to help, but letting go of the instinct, born of pride, that you have to be the one to do something to change things. The key to rising above and proving that nothing is impossible is in coming to a realization that‚ yes, in the natural it is impossible. It can’t be done. It can’t change. There are insurmount­able obstacles, realistic, reasonable reasons why nothing should improve or change, and why things will always be the way they are. Yet, in spite of all that, there is hope and faith for change, because through Jesus you can rise above.

You can’t really do the impossible, but you can move His hands and heart to do the impossible. You can not only rise above things in your personal life, but you can have influence on many, many people and help them to rise above the obstacles in their lives through your prayers. They have to be wanting to rise above and desirous of fulfilling God’s will, but if they are, then your prayers have incredible power to enable them to do just that.

start with the difficult

From Rising Above…Online Gn 02


Not only Peter Matthew 16:19 was given the Keys to the Kingdom, they were for all God's children


Keys of Faith

a key to rising above in your own life is learning to depend more on prayer




Keys of Faith

You must resist the “it’s impossible” tendencies in your life. Remember that it’s Jesus working through you, and the power to change is nothing of yourself.


 Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45…….  PROPHECY SESSION ON IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR…2022 (see misc. column)





The last 400 …a story of faith

For the contestant, running a race of faith, can be, at times, likened to running a 400-meter surge on the last lap of a marathon. There is one feature in that last 400 meters that must be unquestionable; paying no heed to the enemy who is right there at your side threatening your conquest.  

I had the privilege to spectate such a race this past week; it was a memorable race, with an extraordinary finish!

This is how it unfolded and how it was won.

The contestant—my daughter’s boyfriend, the support crew—mainly children who possessed that matter-of-fact variety of faith, the race setting; one that many of us face many times in our lives, financial trouble.

In reflection, the runner made a few key moves that I believe won him the race.  His race-end perspective may be different, but as a spectator this is what I saw. On the back stretch, with his eye on the post, his primary move was to share his fears and ask for prayer. “Asking for united prayer and being willing to share your lessons and your heart is so helpful and such a good thing. It’s good for your humility, and united prayer is a powerful force for good and change. The power that we have when we pray unitedly is tremendous—much greater than one of us just praying on our own, no matter how desperately.”

That last 400; when you are struck with the realization that what you are facing is truly beyond your own strength. The props have gone, the training, race preparation and experience are all forgotten, only you, the enemy and…the finish line! It was at this point that our brave winner let go! Have you ever watched “Chariots of Fire”? At that point in the race when you are spent and God takes over, you throw it all into the arms of your Savior. Oh the elation, the reckless, wholesome praiseful abandon, the magic formula of faith, the substance of things hoped,  the evidence of things not seen—crossing that line with raised arms in praise to a God that promised He would not fail in one of His precious promises—was realized in the last 400.

“These battles of faith should show you that you need to move higher in the spirit so that the things of the world don’t have such influence on you. It is entirely possible because Jesus has given you spiritual weapons that are stronger and have much more power than that enemy breathing down your neck. This is how Jesus teaches you how to use them.”

Our story unfolds as our young man, experienced in business and making money, finds himself in a situation where his experience, training and preparation miserably fail him. It was one of those measured frustrating defeats that come upon one slowly and almost hopelessly. The extenuating circumstances could be blamed on others, the situation, or whatever, but in this case, our man of faith realized he was in line for a lesson. Wisdom begins to reveal a maker behind the cookie on his plate. The past and the future all rush into one single point of focus, “I gotta get out of this hole, but how? I have nothing left; what I thought was possible is no longer what it once seemed.”

 At what point in the marathon he came to me, I don’t know, but it truly looked like the last 400 meters to me. He had stepped out by faith and booked his and my daughters airline tickets without any physical means of supporting the idea. “God showed me to do it” is what he told me. Well, for me, that was like a green light. We gathered those “crazy faith” kids of ours, explained the basic battlefield layout. The war room was set up and the fight began. There was money owed, but it was not happening. The prayers continued unabated hourly for one week—zero results.  The last 400 meters was coming into view, it was time to “let go”.  “Oh God I can’t do this!” “No, you can’t, because this race was designed in such a way that only I can”, God replied.  Our man of faith crosses the magical last 400 meter barrier,  and with two days to go, God takes over!  Some money arrives at the door, part payment from someone who owed. The next morning another domino falls -a friend agrees to take on the burden of retrieving another debt after our man leaves the country, and hands over the money still owed! Victory!

But wait, there is still one day left, surely God is not finished. Where is the winner’s laurel? Where does the “Well done thy good and faithful servant” part come in? The former came as many miracles do, unexpected yet hoped for. In this case, it was found under the seat of his car in the form of a wad of cash that till that point had remained a secreted stash waiting for the right key to unlock it. Now the key was one of those special Heavenly ones called “the law of love”. And it was manifested by a good deed. Someone’s car had broken down outside his house and he went out to help them, and during the operation needed a spanner, which he remembered was under the back seat of his pick-up.  He reached inside the toolbox only to find a bank note in his hand!! He went in again, another and another and yet another bank note emerged.  Forty-one high denomination bills came forth from the window of Heaven. (Testimonies of faith)

“I promise to lead you through to a place of victory that cannot be taken away from you.”

Testimonies of Faith

The Keys to find the Keys

One day while heading to our office, (which is about a five minute walk from our house) I dropped the gate keys, but didn’t realize it till I got to the office. So I prayed “Lord please help me to find those keys, I need to get this work done today”. Slowly I back tracked my every step, but to no avail. I reach the house…still no keys. I thought,  “Oh hey…I could go to a friend to get the extra, but I should pray first”. So I prayed, and the Lord spoke to me and told me to try one more time. So out again, but this time I was more desperate, so I prayed,” Lord, you said we had all power in heaven through The Keys, I believe that, so I call on The….” Just as I said the word “Keys ” my head turned down, and right in front of me, between my feet, was the keys, thank you Jesus!

(This exact same thing happened on our farm after we had lost the motorbike keys in very thick low bush. We knew it was absolutely impossible to find them, so we prayed for the Keys to reveal them and then walked a few paces to no spot in particular lifted up a branch of a bush and there were the motorbike keys lying under the bush.)

Testimonies of Faith

From James

Keys of Possibilities

All things are possible through the power of the keys. Expect miracles today, call on the keys for help, and they will unlock doors you know not of.

Keys of Importunity

Importunate prayer calling on the keys is the most powerful force in the universe. Never give up, keep your prayer fires burning and you will see miracles.

I open a mighty effectual door

I am a missionary and the country I am in was closing because of Covid 19 and I had no idea what the government would do to foreign visitors here. If they would send them all back home like other countries were doing…That meant that I would have to go back to my home country. I hadn’t yet ask Jesus what His plan was, but going home meant having to go into quarantine for up to 14 days and I didn’t really have anywhere to go after that besides my relatives, which wasn’t the best solution. So looking at the options I began praying desperately for a key miracle to stay where I was. I told my dad what was happening and he said that they would be praying along with me. The other missionaries I lived with were positive I would have to go home and that there was no way I would be allowed to stay here so they started contacting other missionaries in my home country asking if I could stay with them for awhile. So far it looked like I would be going home… But the Lord spoke beautifully to me in prophecy and reassured me that He would do a great miracle and keep me here; that I had nothing to worry about if I just had faith and trusted Him. With that there was nothing left to do but keep praying. When the time came for me to go to the immigration office to see what was to be done about my situation… the immigration office was pretty much closed down only allowing entrance from the back. We went in and talked to an officer and he told us that the government had issued an emergency visa for all foreigners still in the country and that there was no processing that needed to be done and it was issued automatically. It was completely free and anyone holding certain types of visas (which I happened to have) was allowed to stay until the Covid-19 shutdown was over or until further notice. No hassle no nothing… just like that I was able to stay. Everyone was quiet shocked as it is very unlike the government to do that. Even the very fact that there was no charge was surprising as the the government here tries at every opportunity to get something from you especially when it comes to visas.

 It was such an audacious miracle and answer to key prayers. It strengthened my faith and just showed me what He will do for you when you follow Him.  Thank You Jesus!

Testimony of Faith

By Ariel



Keys of Overcoming

When you encounter an obstacle in performing My will, claim the keys of overcoming and you will have victory!




Keys of Overcoming

Why tire yourself by blowing the sails of your ship with your own breath? Call on Ellya and claim the keys, and she’ll help you learn to sail uncharted seas and conquer new territory.