A light shining in the darkness of the end

The Holy Spirit speaking:

Dear love, dear wonderful man. 

I love you because you have chosen to give Me and Jesus full entrance in your life. 

You have put yourself into the fires of this world to save those that are lost. You have chosen to be patient and give them time even though you can’t really wait for them. For it is killing you, and every moment that passes by you are living in spiritual & physical discomfort. Your body and mind cry for pain, but you just listen to your Commander in chief. You say   “I will die so that others may live.”

He tells you; “Just a little bit more, for My grace is enough for you. I am bringing you higher and closer to Me, and through this process you are pulling them that see you closer to Me as you drop to your knees and pray with desperate love for Me.”

They will follow if you choose to give even when you have nothing to give because then I can start to give Myself through you, a broken soul that keeps on fighting no matter the shame, no matter the pain, no matter the loss of self is a true testimony of the love of God. 

Forgive your enemies in the flesh, for they are not your real enemies, but your pride and selfish you are the things getting in the way of My light. 

I am the true giver of life. I am the love that never makes you cry for My own satisfaction. I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

So, this is Jesus, and His voice is the one that you must follow, not your fears, because in His perfect love there is no self, only forgiveness, for to give part is not true love, but to give all for another is.

Can’t you see? All is what He wants you to give, to Him and to others. 

“Son of man, eat thy bread with quaking, and drink thy water with trembling and with carefulness;”



Revelation 11

“The keys will give you power to preach the Gospel.





a sensory receiver for your love

Jesus speaking: My sensors for receiving love and loving feelings are in the most unexpected places. I might have one in that person that you are called to love or be kind to. And then the moment you show them love in the way they need it, bing, I suddenly feel it real good.

You think you can’t touch and feel Me and show Me love, but you can. You can do this by touching and stimulating the sensory receptacles that a certain person or situation has. It’s not just through touch, either, but words can do it, or other actions that show love.

I’ll give you a hint; often I put the highest level of sensory feelings in that person who is most hard to love or to give loving to. That is so that when you do at last yield to share My love with that person, I feel it oh so much more—that’s because it took more effort and humility and selflessness to do it.

So, how will you touch Me today? Look around and see what and who is around you. Hiding in their soul or body I have placed a sensory receiver for your love to touch Me in a special way. I love your love and need to feel needed and loved by you.



the Lamp

The keys of divination give you power to see into the future and to read the mind of God.”


faith-Standing on the word

(Spirit helper speaking:) Things in this world arent always going to be easy. They arent going to seem easy. They arent going to be problemfree, and its not often going to look like were winning. But thats what taking it by faithis all about. Thats what its all aboutjust standing on the Word and believing that the Lord is going to do it, believing that youre doing what youre supposed to be doing. Faith is the true coinage of Heaven. Faith is the key that unlocks the treasure house of My blessingsMy spiritual blessings, My material blessings, all of My blessings.For without faith,it is impossible to please Me. For he that comes to Me must believe that I am the rewarder of those that diligently seek Me. And why would you seek Me unless you had the faith that I would hear and I would answer and I would honor your faith and honor My Word, My promises to you? I am not a man that I should lie, nor the son of man that I should repent. Have I said and shall I not do it? Have I not promised that I will supply your every need, that I love to give more than you love to receive, that I would open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing you could not contain, if you would but trust Me and believe My Words and obey them?


Video: Revelation 13:3

Calling on the power of the keys is the road to strength, power, victory, and new life.”


Faith-For the impossible

The key element for effective prayers is faith. Im talking about faith thats so strong, so eager, so enthusiastic, so desperate, that it doesnt even really notice that its asking for and expecting something ridiculousby the standards of logic or practicality.

I love to prove Myself to you. Put Me on the spot today, and make it good. Give Me something hard, something impossible. Thatll be fun! I love doing the impossible. Its a chance for Me to show My love for you; a chance for Me to show off to youMy bride. So, come onI know you have lots of requests, but pick one and commit it to Me. Focus your prayers on that one thing and let Me get to work. Okay?

Gods men of old were few in number, but the prayers of a few, coupled with faithattacked the strongest and mightiest men and cities, over came the greatest oddsand reversed circumstances. Prayer is what enabled the men and women of faith to leave their mark on history, and prayer will enable you to leave your mark too, and to gain one of the most important titles availablea man or woman of faith.




Do you believe that what I have promised I will perform? Do you trust Me so much that it doesnt matter what things look like to your eyes or mindyou know Me so intimately that nothing could ever dissuade you from following whatever task I give you to do? Thats the kind of dedication that will carry you forward and through any battle you will face. Thats the conviction of heart that will cause you to get up off the ground after some blow from the Enemy, to glare right back at him and scream in his face that his attempts to stop you only make you more determined to destroy him utterly. Its easy for circumstances and conditions to hurt your faith, if thats what youre going by. The thing to do is to thank Me for what doesnt work out, and move onto find the one that will. If you expect that youll be able to demand something according to your will, not Mine, youll be disappointed (Jn.5:30).



The Wine Cellar

Faith-Expect no quarter

Your life is a test of faith. Its good to realize that there are no exceptions when it comes to some of these tests of life and faith. I test you to strengthen you. I refine your gold to purify it. I allow you to face difficulties because it forces you back onto your foundation of faith and trust in Me and enduranceand with time and using your faith you become spiritual bedrock that can stand any test Strengthen your faith. Thats the bottom line. Faith is the currency of the spiritual realm, and when youve really stood your ground with faith and endured, your faith will be the stronger for it.