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 (Spirit helper speaking: ) Pray. For often it is the fervent prayers of a single voice that turn the tide and win the battle.

Pray more than you think. Desperate prayer from a heart filled with expectancy is worth all the money in the bank when it comes to results.

Pray or you’ll lose whatever battle you are engaged in.

What does it mean to “pray”? –To connect, to be online with the King of the universe, and to ask for the Heavenly help that is needed, not to be just doing your own thing. If all you can do is whisper “I call on the keys” you will be doing your bit to fight and win.

So first of all, how do you connect? By listening to your Lover as He shows you the moves you must make. Next you listen and record, when possible, the details and the instructions. And praise, always have the voice of praise in your heart and coming out of your mouth. This ensures that your connection will be strong, and you’ll get the instant help needed. Which brings us to the next part of prayer, and that is to ask. Ask for a team to help you. You’ll always need an army, and that doesn’t come without a serious and earnest request.

Just think, for a King to agree to help fight and win a battle in the land where a citizen of his domain resides, He’s going to need, at the least, a proper request. Since you can’t pay for the expenses of the war, you must at least pray for the expedient victory and respect what it will take.

You thought it was just a little shuffle, and all you needed was a little this or that? You think your requests are small as you often see no impending danger, and so you mumble something about the size of the request. But don’t you see that anything that helps God’s Kingdom is going to be seriously fought and requires the efforts of the King’s escorts, warriors and weapons? What might look to you like a small thing, might indeed be part of a very big problem. And your being alerted to this seemingly small thing might be to enlist your prayers so the bigger battle can be won.

Every prayer helps, for each person might see things from a new angle and request help for a new side to the situation that another might not be aware of or think about.


If you can think, you can be claiming the Keys. To “pray without ceasing” and “turn every thought into a prayer” just think of the keys needed with every thought you think. Ask for them. This shows you are letting the Keys and the King of the Keys rule in your heart and mind and be in charge of every aspect of your life.



prophecy Bites

New Key promise:

 (Spirit helper speaking: ) Abolish the old with the keys of faith, and then you can walk on the water of whatever stormy seas you must cross without a care in the world. Knowing that you have abandoned all makes you grasp tightly on to Jesus and know that you are eligible for all that He wants to give you.

Increase your faith by claiming key promises and see the power of the Lord work miracles for you and yours. Those who pray in faith see more answers to prayer than those who simply go through the motions of prayer, but don’t really expect anything to happen.

One way to activate your faith more is to pick a needy situation and claim victories for it, and keep knocking on the door of Heaven until the keys have done their work and changed things for the better. Just a fast little prayer, once in a life time for a myriad of details may help, and does indeed work; but for your own good and that of others, sometimes focused and repeated prayers by you, will allow you to see and take part in the miracle more personally.

Like that quote: “What can prayer do? Anything God can do.” So, wanna be God’s hand at work today? Or more like His mouth? Then pray, and take whatever steps are needed—such as praising and claiming the power of the Keys of Heaven, then miracles can and will come your way. Help to speak what He wants said, so the miracles can form in the world around you.



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“Now is the time of the whispers, and all My troops that have taken the call seriously are using this method. This is the method of communication from now on; it has been for a while, but it is now in earnest. Forms of earthly communication will become more and more difficult and in some ways impossible. This may not be an easy saying for some, but I cannot strive with the double-minded endlessly. As I’ve said before, Satan saw the fall of the COD as his golden opportunity, as his signal to strike what he thought to be his most deadly blow to My plan at that time. Now he is locked, loaded and ready to go, and will not, cannot turn from the inevitable end –all-out war.

This is the time when My troops must be where they have been called to be, to fill the places that have been kept open for them. If they are not ready or if they are hesitant, then they must remain where they are and there fight with the resources they have at hand. If you are called to be a commander of a small guerilla band or if you only have one or two people to oversee, make sure you do it with My earpiece in your ear listening intently to My every instruction. All My troops both spiritual and physical are now behind enemy lines.” (Jesus speaking)


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Submitted to mB by Kay

(Message to a young lady ensnared in drugs and abuse.)

(Jesus:) God is not the author of confusion but of peace. The peace of God which passes all understanding can keep your heart and mind. This utter turmoil and topsy-turvy situation you find yourself plunged into only compounds the issue and makes matters worse.

I bring peace. I don’t bring turmoil. You have to learn the difference between tests of faith, and the devil’s voice of confusion that seeks to drown out the voice of God.

I say to you, Peace be still.

Trust in the dark brings triumph at dawn.

The tunnel, the long dark tunnel you are in, could end any time you decide to stop going  the same way and to dig your way up to the surface.  But it takes doing something no one else is doing, reaching for the light, tossing out anything dark and determinedly reaching up through hard ground that people say will lead to nowhere. When you at last reach the surface and find you can breathe and that real light does exist, you’ll be the one to laugh at them all. You’ll hear the muffled grunts as those who said you were crazy to believe in the “upstairs” are still digging their way around in circles far below where your feet are floating. You’ll laugh then, as you finally have real oxygen to breathe—at last!…

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“Break out, and you’ll love your new life.”




Your eyes that see me as  I am and love me just the same. (A love song to Jesus)





Break out of the tunnel

David Berg

“You’ve got to keep pouring out the old to receive the new. You’ve got to keep the flow moving, or else it’s bound to stagnate.

 Let it roll; let it burst. Let the New Wine flow freely from the taps. Out with the old, and in with the new. And why not? It’s a new day isn’t it? Old things are passed away.  Behold, the Lord is making all things new, fresh, and alive. God’s not dead; He’s alive! He’s raring to go. Ooohh boy, it is time! We’re so excited to have some new bottles to pour into. I’ve been praying and weeping for my children. “How long, oh Lord, how long will these old bones sit?” But I’ve kept myself busy … let me tell you. New Wine up and coming! It’s a special brew, and there’s more where that came from. Are you ready?  It’ll knock your socks off. PTL! Well, the time has come at last, PTL! I can see new bottles really starting to pop up all over the place! Wow, finally –at last!”

All those prayers, all those tears.

“God’s new Words started this wave, and His hot new seeds are going to finish it. It’s time to get drunk on Jesus; it’s time to fly high on His sexy hot new wine! To Hell with what they think! We’re going forward! Want to join us? Then burn those rags; burn that pride! Let go and let God. Hang on! You see who the driver is, right? He’s the wildest rider you’ll ever meet. Don’t bother with any wrappings. Forget clothes; you won’t be able to keep hold of them anyway. All you need is a pair of those goggles of prophecy and a tight hold on the handlebar of the Keys. Are you ready? PTL, here we go, on another wild ride, a revolution for Jesus! One last time, let’s light up the hearts of men with one more boom, PYJ! Off we go!!! “

New Wine

“Well, the time has come at last, PTL! I can see new bottles really starting to pop up all over the place! Wow, finally –at last!”




Only one way forward, hop on the racer, put on the goggles of prophecy and let’s fly.





Ellya speaking:

“Can you not feel the storms billowing all around you? The winds are strong and wild. Can you not feel My presence? I dance among the trees calling, ever calling for you to come. Awake, dry bones; awake and hear. Hear my call, for the Lord hath need of you. Those of you who have already awoken, join my forces in raising up the others. This can only be done through the keys. Only the keys can unlock their hearts and bring them back to life again. Jesus holds the key to every heart, but it is you who hold the key to His heart and the power through prayer to move His hand to action.

So pray, call out to the Lord; plead before the Throne of Grace as even I do and petition the Lord on behalf of these fallen ones, these fallen arrows. This is your calling, beloved. You are the chosen generation, the last generation. The year 2021 has blown in, and the winds are strong.

Now is the time to let the winds rip these old garments off off you. Don’t clutch them more tightly to you. Let them go, let them fly. Lift your arms and feel the wind blow between your fingers. Do you feel that power, that raw energy hitting you? It is the power of the keys. Now is the time to use their power in greater measure and let them become a very part of your being. Only through using them and depending on them and letting their power possess you will you make it through the End time.”

the call of ellya

“Now is the time to let the winds rip these old garments off off you. Don’t clutch them more tightly to you. Let them go.”



Keys To The Kingdom

“Me, the Keyes of the Kingdom and My Word are one, we three are your vital companions in these last days of man’s rule upon earth. Combined We will help you through the darkest days ever to fall upon this earth.





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