I open a mighty effectual door

I am a missionary and the country I am in was closing because of Covid 19 and I had no idea what the government would do to foreign visitors here. If they would send them all back home like other countries were doing…That meant that I would have to go back to my home country. I hadn’t yet ask Jesus what His plan was, but going home meant having to go into quarantine for up to 14 days and I didn’t really have anywhere to go after that besides my relatives, which wasn’t the best solution. So looking at the options I began praying desperately for a key miracle to stay where I was. I told my dad what was happening and he said that they would be praying along with me. The other missionaries I lived with were positive I would have to go home and that there was no way I would be allowed to stay here so they started contacting other missionaries in my home country asking if I could stay with them for awhile. So far it looked like I would be going home… But the Lord spoke beautifully to me in prophecy and reassured me that He would do a great miracle and keep me here; that I had nothing to worry about if I just had faith and trusted Him. With that there was nothing left to do but keep praying. When the time came for me to go to the immigration office to see what was to be done about my situation… the immigration office was pretty much closed down only allowing entrance from the back. We went in and talked to an officer and he told us that the government had issued an emergency visa for all foreigners still in the country and that there was no processing that needed to be done and it was issued automatically. It was completely free and anyone holding certain types of visas (which I happened to have) was allowed to stay until the Covid-19 shutdown was over or until further notice. No hassle no nothing… just like that I was able to stay. Everyone was quiet shocked as it is very unlike the government to do that. Even the very fact that there was no charge was surprising as the the government here tries at every opportunity to get something from you especially when it comes to visas.

 It was such an audacious miracle and answer to key prayers. It strengthened my faith and just showed me what He will do for you when you follow Him.  Thank You Jesus!

Testimony of Faith

Submitted by Ariel



Keys of Overcoming

When you encounter an obstacle in performing My will, claim the keys of overcoming and you will have victory!




Keys of Overcoming

Why tire yourself by blowing the sails of your ship with your own breath? Call on Ellya and claim the keys, and she’ll help you learn to sail uncharted seas and conquer new territory.






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