two eggs

At last the time had come for my sons’ Birthday book launch. Part of the program was a funny skit, based on Charlie Chaplin. So my son dressed up like him, and the script talked about a man struggling to find something he could do right—cook, busk, anything to help him be able to get some food, as the man was poor. While “Charlie” was doing the cooking part of the skit, he was to use two eggs. We would hard boil them, so the “cracking” part wouldn’t be messy.
A few days before the show I knew we’d need two eggs to boil for the comedy show—if we were to follow the script. I didn’t know what to do, however, as I only had one egg left. It was there in the fridge for a few days. Thankfully, it didn’t get eaten, but I didn’t have an easy way to get more eggs in time. I didn’t want to go out and buy this and that. I thought it would be a bit of a waste of time and such, to take a trip out just to buy eggs for the show. I left it to the Lord. He’d either supply another egg, or I could just give up the idea of getting everything perfect.
I decided, on the day, to go ahead and cook the one egg; we’d make do with that, or change the script to just use one egg, or something. When I opened the carton to cook the one egg, I was stunned for a moment; I was so touched. There were TWO eggs there! The Lord is so sweet to me. If it had been really two left in the carton all these days, they would have been side by side, the last eggs in the egg carton. But they weren’t, one was a space or gap away, and slightly bigger too. It was good to have two, as then the boys (and their dad) could each get half an egg as part of the dinner. They were very hungry by the time we got home from the show!

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