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My husband was away on 31st of July for a one day trip to Townsville, in Queensland. He got a flight sponsored to go to a concert of music he had composed. I was in the kitchen thinking that he would probably like to be calling me. But there was no way. My phone was out of charge, and I couldn’t charge it; he’d taken the only charging cord with him.
I was thinking about what I was going to say when he got home and was possibly going to be bothered that I hadn’t kept it charged, so I could receive a call from him. I didn’t want to make him buy a new  charging cord, but I didn’t like the thought that he’d be unable to phone us then. Just that moment, breaking my thoughts, my phone rang! It was him of course.
I talked, and didn’t worry about how it was being powered, or when it would go dead and all that. Then I passed it to each of the boys and they talked a bit to their dad, as long or short as they wished. Each boy got a turn, and the phone was returned to me again. As soon I said goodbye, and the call was finished and I was about to “hang up” CLICK, all is black again on the phone; no power. I guess the Lord can make phone calls happen and power them when He knows it is best. We can depend on Him when things in the material world don’t work or wouldn’t normally work. He’s in charge—literally.

Testimonies of Faith

From Chalsey

Keys of Faith

 As you put Me and My power to the test, claiming miracles through the keys, your faith will be reborn.

Keys of Faith

 Claim the power of the keys for strength, faith, and stability in Me. Nothing can hurt or destabilize you when you are surrounded by the comforting, soothing, stabilizing power of the keys.


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