Open the floodgates

“Think of a dam and all the water that’s behind it. If you were to make a hole in that dam at the bottom, you would see a little trickle of water coming out, but unseen, behind that little trickle you would have the force and weight of all the water that is stored behind the dam. You can access a little bit of the power with the tiny hole, some power is generated from the little trickle, but think of how much more there could be if you were to enlarge the hole! If you were to open the floodgates at the bottom, you would have much more power!

Your faith is like the hole, and the greater the faith, the more power is generated. Right now, each of you must exercise your faith muscles. You must put Me to the test. In some way you must enlarge that “hole in the dam.”


So what’s the problem


“Most people look at the past, and that’s where their faith is—in the past.”

“When you think of great faith, what comes to mind? Is it the missionaries of the past, the prophets of old, Myself and the miracles of My disciples? That’s just the problem. Most people look at the past, and that’s where their faith is—in the past. They don’t see that the same power—in fact‚ greater power—is here right now!”

Oh ye of little faith

“Spiritual lethargy is something that creeps up on you. It envelops you comfortably in its lukewarm cloak, and then gradually begins cooling you off, step by step, degree by degree, so that you don’t even realize that you’re getting colder and colder.—Until finally you find yourself in a state of total spiritual frigidity, unable to move, unable to change, frozen and alienated from the path I would have you follow.” (What the Hell is Lethargy)

or this?

“Familiarity breeds a lack of respect, which eventually leads to contempt.You don’t yet have contempt for My Word, but you also don’t respect it as you should, as is manifested by how you’ve let your heart hunger after other things. But this path, when followed to its extremity, leads to that contempt which has caused many to turn back from Me, to follow Me and My ways and My prophets no more.” (Oh ye of little faith  Pt 2)

or this   “Not applying the Word right away or as wholeheartedly as you could have.”

or this  ” Not resting in Me or putting yourself in a position where I am the wind beneath your wings.”

or this  Stuffing your life so full of “important” things like work, play, friends, trinkets, entertainment…then reaching a point where you are too preoccupied for the spiritual. 

or this….Procrastination or this….. lack of desire and motivation  or this…. natural tendencies of old age or this….. just plain old human nature or..or..or……


read Matthew 25 


“It is My Word that is most important, not My work. My work is very important, yes, but it is My Word that I have exalted even above My Name. It is My Word that shall never pass away. It is My Word of which I spoke when I said every jot and tittle of it will be fulfilled. I am My Word‚ and My Word will endure forever, and its presence in you is vitally important if you are to do My work as you desire” (Psalms 138:2; Matthew 24:35; 5:18; John 1:14).

 If this is not important to you then thisis your destiny!

“you’ll lose the burning desire to reach every soul that you can, that motivation to keep going until all the world is reached.” 

Love to hear your thots