closer to the heavenly realm

(Prophecy:) Have I not said that the just shall live by faith? My children throughout all ages have had to live by faith, to follow Me by faith. When I called them to go out and leave lands, they had to go by faith.  They asked, “Why?  Why should we leave?”  But they obeyed and they followed by faith.  For this is pleasing to Me.–Faith and obedience.  Did I not say that there are many things that I have to reveal unto you but you cannot bear them yet?  There are still many things, as I bring you closer to the Heavenly realm and to the Heavenly Kingdom.

faith pleases me

 “For who can understand faith? Who can explain faith?  And this is what is pleasing to Me, faith in Me.  You believe in Me by faith.  You have everlasting life by faith.  There is a Heavenly Kingdom by faith.  For the Bridegroom cometh and there is a crown for you by faith.  And blessed are those eyes that see by faith and that require not a sign.”

what to give a king who has everything

“I need your love and your loving. For though I am King of all the universe, of all things, and even beyond, I cannot have your love unless you give it to Me, for I have made it this way. For I am as a King Who has multitudes at My beck and call. To one I can say, “Do this,” and it is done; and to another, “Do that,” and it is done.–For I am the Maker of all things, the Creator of all things, the God of all things. But in this I have limited Myself, for I do not make My children love Me; they have choice. I have the desire that they would love Me, and I long for it, that they would love Me. Thus I find great pleasure in those that love Me, for it fills My need to be loved by My children.”


a desire to be closer

“For I knew these things would be hard, but I also knew I could reveal them to My children, the children of David. I share these things out of love and the desire for a closer relationship with you.–Not to push you away or to distance you, but so that we can be even closer and more intimate and share all things.”

The bridegroom cometh

“So prepare yourself, the Bridegroom cometh! Trim your lamps, yea, trim your lamps and be ready and waiting! This is My call to all the young virgins: Come, come, come! Come unto Me. I will bestow much, much love upon you for your humility, for your willingness and your yieldedness, for your faith and for your love, for I know that you truly love Me, and I am well pleased in you.

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