“It was not the man that was flung out and knocked the heathen giant to the ground and won a great victory that day. But it was the pebbles—the little, smooth, water-worn and washed, water-shaped pebbles that were flung out and hit the target, bringing the evil down to the ground.

So it is with you, My child, My daughter. It is not in being you that will win, but in you being washed in the water of God until you are washed and decayed, and crumbled into small pebbles—reshaped, made low, under the current, until you become a new being that I can see sparkling in the crystal stream. Then I can pick you up and use you to hit a target and bring down that which stands in the way of My Kingdom.

So don’t despise the day of small things and of becoming small. Don’t despise the youth, the small ones in your hands there. For these ones may become a mountain, a strong fortress, though it takes you yielding gently to Me washing and reshaping you.

I know it’s hard to see yourself crumble and decay and change from being the way you’d like to be, but let Me wash you with My water from God’s throne room—waters of tears, waters of refreshing, waters of yieldedness, that make all creation flow along with it.

Let the frame of who you’ve made yourself to be, erode like rocks on the shoreline. The water will carve you out, bore holes and then cause you to crumble. Then the water is washed on you until the rough edges are smoothed. It’s is then that I can inspect and collect the smooth and very useful stones. And then you can be flung out and hit the target.

I couldn’t do it with you before. Different people’s breakings come from different sources and in different ways. Yield to My hand–My yet painful hand—as I make and reshape you into sparkling pebbles, multi-colored pebbles sparkling in the river of the Lord, in the house of God. There you lie, ever so patient, for the hand to touch you, to draw you to His bosom, for His eyes to be on you.

When I pray for you, for our future together, I pray and rivers of water flow from My throne. These wash and cleanse and remake you. Yes, you cry and you break, and on it goes. But humble yourself in My sight, and I will lift you up and out, to be a key part of the structure of My Kingdom made of living stones.

Don’t despise this time now of remaking, for it will grant you a prominent place in the house of the Lord. Like the stones that were perfectly made and shaped to fit just right in King’s Solomon’s temple, so you too must be shaped and created to fit in just right. Now is the reshaping time—but then the fitting in. Now the blows and cutting and noise off the property, (1 Kings 6:7) but then the quietness and togetherness in perfect order and shape, each finding their place.

The Day of small things

“So don’t despise the day of small things and of becoming small. Don’t despise the youth, the small ones in your hands there.”



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