Satan is a predictable fool with not a foot to stand on because he's a serpent 

one of the Devil’s great weaknesses is predictability

“He’s a predictable enemy, which means that you can be prepared. He tries new things from time to time, but by this time in history he hasn’t got many new tricks or strategies left. That means that just about everything he pulls on you‚ he’s pulled before‚ and if you’re wise and study his moves, you can see them coming. Here’s a short list of some of the typical attacks that you can pretty much always count on from the Old Boy‚ and how you can exploit them:”


he’ll attack your weakest point

Counter that by expecting it‚ not being surprised when it happens, and ambushing him with key power, united prayer, and a stand of faith that you’re going to bolster that weak point and make it a strength.


he almost always starts small

When he’s really trying to trick you into something—compromise, doubts, selfishness, jealousy, whatever it is—he’ll start small, hoping that he can get you to allow “just a little” and let it grow from there. Tighten up and be aware that any little bit will lead to more.


he uses the worst, laziest parts of your nature against you

Another one of the devil’s great weaknesses is He loves to exploit your own bad habits and tendencies toward doing what’s easy and doesn’t require much. If you find yourself giving in to those kinds of inclinations a lot, suspect a plot!


when things are going well

He’ll come up with some kind of problem, some way to try to drag you down. If you realize this, not only will it encourage you that, “Well‚ if I’m getting fought, I must be on the right track,” but knowing that when you’re making progress he’ll try to attack in some way‚ you can be ready for it and be expecting the attack. That way‚ when it comes it’s not a source of great discouragement, but a confirmation of your success. Without the initial discouragement of, “Oh no, I was doing so well, but now look what happened,” whatever he pulls on you will be much less successful and you’ll recover from the attack much faster. You can also learn to ask Me what the Enemy might attack with next so that you can specifically prepare and minimize any damage.


if one attack isn’t working

If you’re withstanding outside attacks like persecution, you can expect an attempt at an inside attack—disunity, personal problems, sickness, etc. Or vice versa. Knowing that this is one of the Devil’s great weaknesses, you can focus prayer power on keeping your guard high in all areas, and take proactive steps to strengthen the area that you may not have been focusing on so much. If your Home has had problems with disunity and you’ve made good steps of progress there, pray and see if the Enemy isn’t now planning some kind of outside attack—an accident, a bad media article, financial difficulties, or something like that. You can be almost sure that he’s up to something, and through praying and hearing from Me, you can prepare and thwart him.

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