You Must Walk By Faith

“The fact is, you are special. You are chosen for a special ministry, but like all the other Christians down through the years, you must walk by faith and not by sight (2Cor.5:7). Reconciling the many positive promises in My Word against the difficult and often terrible conditions of their lives was part of their test and their testimony. It’s part of their honor. It’s part of the faith life. It’s the same for you.”

“The tests and trials that come your way today may seem big and hard to you, but they are preparing you and strengthening your faith for what is to come. That faith will be your salvation in the days to come.”

“Hold on to My Word.Hold on to My promises, and don’t let the Enemy steal away your faith and your belief that I am in control. No matter how bad things look, everything is ultimately in My hands, and I will bring about good in the end. My Word is rock solid, it never fails, and you can count on it to pull you through any test or trial.”


“There are so many factors in play, and the only absolute is faith.”


Out Of Memphis

“The keys of revolution are not of this world, and holding on to them will keep you clean and separate from the world.”