mysterious keys of the kingdom

(Jesus:) The keys of the kingdom have been in existence, as a part of My heavenly power source, used as an illustration and representation of My divinity‚ since before I came to Earth. When I walked on Earth with My disciples, I told them of this power. I gave this power to them–to Peter, yes, but to all of them as well. They accepted it, and they learned to use it in some measure.

greater access to heaven

“We have been given this amazing power, and it’s through what the Lord calls “the keys.” The keys are one with the Word and with Jesus and with His love, we have to live the lives of disciples in order to use them, and by calling on them we have access to all the power of Heaven. Not only are they all-powerful, but they are also an essential part of bringing about the miracles we need in these Last Days.”

level up for darker days

“I have promised that I will never allow you to undergo what you are not able to bear, and the truth be told, the only way that you will be able to survive and endure and continue to fulfill My mission during the dark days ahead will be through the power of the keys. You need greater power, and a greater understanding of the use of that power, than the Christians of previous eras needed.”

its simply a matter of faith

“It all comes down to faith. If your faith is a little shaky, spend some time strengthening it in the Word. But don’t just throw up your hands or start to doubt or analyze when you come across something that doesn’t fit into your little box of logic. No matter how open-minded you think you are or how big you think your box is, it’s really a teeny little speck in the realm of the universe when compared to all that there is to comprehend and learn–and that you will be enjoyably learning for all eternity! Don’t get stuck now–you’ve only just begun!” (End of message from Jesus.)

bible truth at a deeper level

“The power of the keys of the kingdom is not an entirely new thing. The difference is that in these Last Days I have opened a fuller and deeper understanding of them to you, the children of David. There are many truths within the Bible that were understood on some level at the time they were given, and then later were understood on a deeper level, and which I then revealed to David and his children on a yet deeper level–and when you come to Heaven, you will marvel at the depths you have not yet seen.”

treasures new and old

“That’s one of the marvelous things about My Word and about the Bible–it provides treasures new and old. You can never say that you’ve discovered everything, for even if you have read it all and even understood it all on some level, there are deeper levels to many scriptures, and I choose when and how and to whom to reveal these truths.”

revealing new truth

“There have been others of My children throughout history–powerful apostles, miracle workers, and saints–who have used the keys of the Kingdom to some degree, not really understanding or grasping the power that is available through them. They didn’t fully understand it, for I had not revealed this measure of truth about the keys.”

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