Prophecy: Jesus speaking

Yes beloved, we’ve reached the top of the roller-coaster climb; the biggest incline on the whole ride. Take a panoramic view of all that has passed before you. See the ride behind you, wow, what a journey, ups, downs and corners so steep you thought you’d surely fly off with nothing but thin air between you and the ground far below.

Did it happen? No never. Not possible.

Each way-station that came up along the route you were given an opportunity to stop the vehicle and hop off. There are safer, more stable, more reliable rides in this fairground of life, you thought. Well, you didn’t take the hard way out, you took, by faith, the easy way Yep, you stayed on the roller-coaster and let it carry you to this wonderful view. A view no one else, since the beginning of time, has seen. You and those around you on the coaster have been given an opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of what is coming.

It looks quite murky toward the bottom of that slope. Yes, it’s hidden from view, but that shouldn’t matter because you already know the end of the story; and that is really all that matters. Just hold on to the safety rail, and the roller-coaster of God’s will is going to carry you right on through that murky darkness, and soon enough you are going to come out into the light of a brand new era.

Of course it is all by faith, but that’s the fun part. That’s why you stayed on this roller coaster in the first place…wasn’t it? Yes, you love to live the faith life; you love to put your life into the hands of the only One who knows the way through this journey called Faith.

The Ride of your life

“Yep, you stayed on the roller-coaster and let it carry you to this wonderful view.”



“The Happy Ending”

Take a look at what is coming after this ride passes through the short but murky future…you’ll love it! ‎ 




        To My Elites

        Parts 7-10



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