The Golden Key Ring of Prayer

“I have placed in your hands the golden key ring of prayer.On the ring are many keys. There is a key for every problem, a key that will unlock for you every solution that you will ever need in life. These are the keys of power prayers. To be the keepers of these keys is not to be taken lightly. Truly it is a high honor, a priceless privilege, to be the holders of these prayer keys, great possessions of inestimable worth, which I put in your hands.

When Moses raised his arms in prayer to Me at the banks of the Red Sea, I stretched out My hand and parted the waters, and I held them at bay until the last of My children were safely on the other side. When the shepherd boy David loaded his sling, looked up to Me and whispered a prayer, I guided his stone and brought down the giant Goliath. When Elijah besought me for the rain I had promised, I sent the showers in great abundance. Likewise, at Zarephath, when he cried unto Me, asking for the soul of the widow’s son‚ I returned life to the boy’s motionless body.” Jesus

“Let this spur you onward in prayer, for great is the cross-ripple effect of your prayers as they go out and cover the world, reaching across the boundaries of time to reach a heart‚ to save a soul, to encourage and lift up, to bring hope and life, peace and comfort, to protect and guard and to bring great victory to those for whom you directly pray and for multitudes of others”.

USED The Ripple Effect


The Ripple Effect

“The day you see the cross-ripple effect of every prayer you ever prayed will be a great day! The awe of it is more than can be contained in all the earth.”

“No one prayer stands alone. Just as no man is an island and your life is bound to affect others, so no prayer stands alone. No prayer starts and ends with a single entity or a single purpose. One prayer accomplishes many purposes and is multiplied many times over. For example, say you pray for a headache and I heal that aching head. The immediate fruit of that prayer is that the headache is gone, yet that prayer bears much more fruit than one healed head. Through one prayer, your faith has been boosted, and when others hear of the healing, their faith is often boosted as well. The result of this boost of faith then continues bearing fruit as it goes along.

“Only the Heavens can contain the glory and magnitude of the effect of your prayers. The cross-ripple effect of your prayers reaches far beyond the shores of the sands of time.”

Your prayers have a ripple effect—on and on they go, bearing fruit in many ways.When you pray for someone and their life is touched by the result of your prayers‚ likewise the fruit of your prayers in that person’s life will also bear fruit and have an effect on others’ lives. Because one life reaps the benefit of your prayers‚ other lives are also touched through the positive results in that one person’s life.

So many things happen as a result of your prayers, so great is the ripple effect your prayers have on the world. Your prayers not only create ripples, but when they bounce off others, they are reflected in more ripples, which in turn bounce and reflect even more! So your prayers have a cross-ripple effect—the ripples of your prayers go out in all directions, backwards and forwards, up and down, top to bottom‚ from side to side, over and above and beyond, reaching out in many directions and ways you never dreamed possible, creating ever more ripples as they do so.” Jesus speaking on the ripple effect of prayer


And I give unto you the Keys of The Kingdom Matthew 16:19