And the Reboot

(prophecy)  Time is of essence now; it is flowing through the hour glass at a rapid rate. Like blood runs from a mortally wounded man, the earth is almost drained of its life force. The economy is almost drained of its impetus, people are beginning to see the writing on the wall. The earth is on its last legs. The surgeons walk away having done all they can. They have kept the earth alive as long as possible, now they are calling for the chief surgeon, the head of the hospital to try his hand at the knife. Will he be able to save the patient? Will he be able to perform the miracle that’s needed to raise this dying corpse? For the earth is truly like a dead man now; propped up with drugs and respirators and monitors and all manner of artificial life support systems. Man with all his self-proposed wisdom has failed in his attempt to make his utopia, his heaven on earth. So foolish, so proud, so vain are his attempts to make his own world without his Creator. Such a sad and pitiful picture he makes to the entire universe. The chief surgeon’s support staff charge up the defibrillator; it has been set at full charge; little do they know that it will be the death blow and not the the miracle that they had hoped for. Desperate measures are called for. They know that they have passed the point of no return. It is all or nothing now; it’s time for the reboot. They will cut away what they see as unwanted, unnecessary in order to keep alive that which they feel is vital to life. The patient must be kept alive long enough for the final operation.  The knife will go deep and the patient will shudder and twitch under the relentless stroke of the surgeon’s blade. The relatives wait nervously in the waiting rooms around the world, holding their breath, their faith in the master surgeon unfazed. They expect the patient to live, with all their hearts they want it to live. It must live or else their world will end. They have no hope beyond the operating room; the patient must live at any cost. Such is the mind and heart of selfish, proud and recalcitrant man.

The surgeon


Time is of an essence now; It is flowing through the hour glass at a rapid rate.




It’s time for the reboot !


 Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45…….  PROPHECY SESSION ON IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR…2022 (see misc. column)



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