your Praise is as powerful as any prayer

“When you’re praying for someone or a situation and you want to focus your effort on using the weapon of praise, what needs to be foremost in your mind is that Jesus is all-powerful. There is nothing too hard for Him. There is nothing that He cannot do, nothing that His power cannot change, nothing that He will not do for His children. This confidence in Him, this trust in His power that is full and abiding, is great cause for praise.” ( The Weapon of Praise  )

Praying girl

The Weapon of Praise

“The Devil, the Enemy of your soul, absolutely hates it when you make use of the power of positive praise! It hits him hard in several directions, causing you to feel physically and spiritually strengthened, all the while bringing My blessing upon you in great measure. Plus, he just plain hates to hear it! It causes him and his imps unimaginable pain.”


Making a home for the enemy

“That’s why Satan tries so hard to get you discouraged or to make you complain‚ because these things have the exact opposite effect of the power of positive praise. No matter how unfair you feel the circumstances are, if you give in to complaining and feel that you deserve to revel a bit in your sorrow, anger, or feelings of frustration, then you are essentially making a comfy little home for the Enemy. He’s just loving it-making himself at home and having a great time.” 

don’t praise later praise now

“The longer you let him in, the harder it’s going to be for you to pull out of it. Don’t think that it’s just fine for you to revel in your negative thinking for a little while and then praise Me later when you feel more like it, because by the time you feel like it, you have already done damage to your spirit and possibly allowed the Enemy to influence others as well.” (Praise =)



speaking faith…Praise the lord no matter what

“When you can praise the Lord when things look bad, you’re speaking faith that you know things will get better. If you can praise the Lord no matter what’s happening, that shows your faith in the Lord’s power. Someone who is filled with faith in their heart-and in their voice-is going to praise because they know the Lord is working and moving!.” (Praise =)

putting off a doubtful mind

“The spiritual weapon of praise is directly tied to your faith. That’s one of the reasons the weapon of praise is so powerful. One way to use the weapon of praise is to focus on the Lord’s past victories, and claim that same power for the present situation.” ( Praise = )

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