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(Jesus:)  I have given you the power of life and death through the Keys of the Kingdom.

Do you want more? Get up; don’t just stand there. Tell the world the truth that I have given you. Get up, soldiers! Get up, dry bones!  Rise up, My angels! I am calling, and through My command you will start moving. Your bones will grow meat and tendons, nerves and blood vessels, skin and hair.

Now I can pour My life-giving blood upon your sleeping bodies.

Life is come to your dead soul. Rise up O dead soul, come alive. Speak, mute mouth.  Listen, deaf ears. Feet and hands, move. I have formed you, My son, and for this I have created you: to bring liberty and truth to this oppressed earth. Rise up and tell others what you have seen and heard from My spirit.

Tell them the day of the Lord is at hand. Repent, oh wicked generation. Give ear to the words of   salvation. Give ear to the word of the Lord, for He comes from His place with power and great glory to break the nations like the metal rod breaks mud vessels.

I will tell them, this is My son, hear him.

Says the Lord.

(Read: Jeremiah 25)


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