Prophecy Bites

[submitted  to MB]

 (Message from the Eternal Spirit) 

I, the Lord of hosts, am your Creator.

I created Heaven and Hell and the uttermost parts of the earth. I created them with My hands and move them wherever I choose. I created the heart too, and the mind to give help to the heart in this lowly plane of the spirit. .

But the heart has gotten used to listening to the mind. You, My creation, have chosen to believe what you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears. But you were made by My hand before the  foundation of the world. Before there was speech, I created you.

I come now to give you back what you lost in the beginning of the world. To be fully possessed is what you were created for.

Come now, and I will teach you the first things. You must not speak to yourself anymore, only to Me. Is there ever knowledge in an empty vessel?

Ask and you shall receive the things that you hunger for- seek out of My mind.

Stop with unprofitable things. Have I not given you all these treasures and spirit helpers, even My word that is My spirit to guide you in all these?

Do the difficult things in the flesh and you will see that you will be able to see in spite of the darkness that covers this world full of devils. But to do this you must let Me in fully and let Me guide your thoughts completely.

When you start to ask your carnal mind about things good or bad, you open a channel for the darkness of this carnal world. You start giving glory to yourself, and it directly takes your attention to your enemy’s channel.

There is no such thing as your own mind. That idea –of thinking your own thoughts– is a lie. Your mind is spiritual and your heart as well. So if you put your thoughts on yourself, and your questions are directed to yourself as a carnal being, the lord of this world will be able to capture your mind. So, put on the mind of God. Ask Me every question, and do not be yoked with the bondage of this world.



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