Prophecy bites

Jesus speaking:

Can a man live without water for a week?

Or can he stay sober for a day without it?

Without new wine the spirit of man will die.

Be not fools, drink of the blood of My sacrifice. For it is life to your body and cleanseth the heart from old blood. The new wine cleans the old pipes in which the old has been in the past. And the past is left behind. Behold all things are made new.

You might think  in your earthly minds. “Why does He say this again and again?”

But please do not get tired of My words, for I must get you ready on time. So listen.

Set your minds on things above and receive the waters of life every day, every hour, every minute. Talk to Me at all times.

It is not foolish to do so.

It is foolishness to trust in your own wisdom. It is foolishness to ask the devil about the matters of life.




The Wine Cellar