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Ellya speaking:

Hear the song of the heavenly realm. 

I know that this world lifts up the volume of its infernal music to choke the sound of the wind of change. 

Nevertheless, it’s coming closer and closer, and like a giant millstone, if anyone dares stand in its way, it will crush him.

The sounds of heaven will tremble in the skies and the ground will quake with God’s vibrant voice. Their towers will fall; the mountains will melt at the sound of the tenors. 

But not one of your hairs will be hurt by this wonderful explosion of power. 

These evils are only reserved for the ones who turn their backs on God. 

You trusted in the Son; you kissed Him. You are His bride, so be at peace. 

And she will be exempt from the reward of the wicked. No destruction shall touch her body, for she is at her husband’s side. 

Says the Lord; “I will cover thee with My wings, in My protection thou shalt be separated from the destruction that shall come upon the earth. Stay by My side, My love; for out of Me, there is no salvation. Make love to the King and thou shalt be filled with golden seeds, and this gold will be put to the furnace seven times, and it will not be consumed by the fires of God. Thou shalt be as unto crystal pillars of light, lighting the worlds of men and spirits for eternity”. 

(End of message from Ellya and Jesus)

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“Faith is the power that opens the door of your heart and connects your mind directly to the broadcasting signal of heaven. After that you must do as Jeremiah. The Lord told him “I have put My Words in thy mouth.”


keys are our wilderness

“No matter how hopeless things may seem, things that seem do not have to be, when challenged by key power!”






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