USED Aquarian age

Jesus speaking in prophecy



“Was man, as in Adam and Eve, once a being of light?

Jesus: Oh yes, indeed! And that is what is so exciting about this whole revelation and concept I’m sharing with you now. I am the light and I absolutely love –no, I live– to share My light with whomever wishes to have it and in any amount they desire to have it.

Look at Moses, his face shone from being in My presence. That is true in part; Moses shone from within not from without, as some might suggest. He was full of Me, My Word; he shone from the Word that was in his heart, and it shone out from his face.  Stephen was the same; he shone because of My Word, Me, in him.


Adam and Eve lost that light and became darkened in their understanding because of disobedience/sin. The movie “Cocoon” illustrated the “skin over the beings of light” concept really well. So now that you have lost it, how do you get it back? Well, the Moses illustration should teach you that. You asked, “Why did the angels that didn’t rebel continue to shine with Your light, while the all the humans that have lived after Adam and Eve, who didn’t have anything to do with the original sin, didn’t retain the light?” Well, that is not completely true. I give a little light to every man that cometh into the world, (John 1:9). That little bit of light can guide you through life, but more importantly, to salvation, being born again. That is when the door is fully opened and My light bursts through and into a unenlightened soul. You see, the angels that didn’t rebel made a decision to retain Me, the Light. For man to enter that class, he too must make a decision. Once that decision is made, he then must choose to read My Word; and in so doing his soul/being begins to fill with light. The more he reads –and mind you, obeys what he reads, the more light is infused into his being. It is a continual process that must be repeated throughout existence; just like a battery must be continually charged by an alternator, and a light by a dynamo and a power grid by a turbine.”

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“I’m seeing a handsome young man materialize in front of me. He’s Jewish-looking, with shoulder-length blond hair, very strong, and in his early thirties, I’d say. (He can be my “companion” any time, ha!) He has a cape on, pinned at his shoulder, and he’s enveloped in a mystical, moving, swirling light. At first I thought it was flames, but it’s not fire; it’s as if he’s part of these moving flames of light. You really do sense that, as he said, he’s “part of the energy of God.” So beautiful. Thank You, dear Love!
He has a peaceful, calm, almost soothing spirit about him, very much like his name, Companion, suggests, like he’d really be there for you. He’s gazing down at me and he’s holding a long rod or staff in his right hand. The staff has a beautiful lamp of some kind at the end of it, which is emitting powerful flames of light.


He seems to be holding it as part of his identity and purpose. He’s quite striking, standing there in the midst of these flames of light, holding this beautiful lamp, with a peaceful smile on his face, almost like he’s helping to light the way for our spirits to open up to Heaven in praise.

(Companion speaking:) I have been a companion for many a pilgrim and traveler on the paths of life. As part of the energy of God, the spirit of praise is the core of my being. This gift of praise has helped to both lighten the burdens and light the way for many a weary traveler. I hold in my hand one of the lanterns of praise which line the paths and passageways leading into the heavenly high courts of our Lord. These lanterns–standing in majestic power–give glory to our God at all times. Their flame never wanes or dies as they burn in impassioned honor and praise to our Husband!
We enter the gates of Heaven lifting our arms and voices in thanksgiving, and those who are called to enter into His high courts always bear one of these lanterns of praise with them, where we set them in attendance around about us within the halls of His heavenly courts.
When I am called to abide with and assist another who walks the Earth, I always bear one of these lanterns of praise–Nierna, they are called. They are both a standard and a worthy staff upon which to lean. So shall your eyes, your lips, and your spirit be lightened, so that praise springs forth more readily from every part of your being. In this is strength you know not of! (End of message from Companion.)

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Ever Been Translated?

Here’s something that happened a short time ago. I was traveling on a bus in the west of Ireland with my Blue angel. Now the roads there are so rickety you wouldn’t believe! The bus was full and It was hot. So I prayed to the Lord to get us to Galway quickly and clear any traffic ahead of us. Well He did better than that. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and then looked out the window , we were in the outskirts of Galway!!! I did a double take., And looked at my watch. We’d traveled 40 miles in the blink of an eye! And I was fresh as a daisy. Thank you Lord for the gift of translation!
Thank you for submitting this testimony Se. This is the second translation testimony we’ve received. Anyone else out there…besides Philip…been translated? We’d love to hear from you.






Seven spirits of god

A few years ago when I started seriously getting into the Word and memorizing again, the Lord inspired and encouraged me with the following message: “My word is like water: when you read it, it is like taking a shower; it cleanses and refreshes you. But when you memorize it, it is like drinking water, it becomes part of you!” It’s interesting how memorizing seems to have more to do with the heart than with the brain since both the English: “to learn by heart” and the Latin “recordum”, which comes from the two root words “re” (repeat) and “cor” (heart), mention the heart.
On the topic of spirit helpers I recently “discovered” the seven spirits of God as in Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6 and Isaiah 11:2. This realization of who the seven spirits of God were, made wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord personal. Now I know who and what they are, and it opened my eyes to the fact that they’re entities that I can communicate with and have a relationship with. At least wisdom and understanding seem to be part of my personal family!
“Say unto wisdom thou art my sister and call understanding thy kinswoman.” Proverbs 7:4

Submitted to MB by Sam

Will Tribulation begin this year 2022?

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Introduction by John

I had lost my national I.D. card once before, but as I recounted, not because of negligence. It had somehow disappeared and reappeared in a drawer. At the time of its reappearance, I received a prophecy which explained that my spirit helpers wanted to get through to me and I needed to get serious with being in closer touch with them. Well, of all things, I lost that card again and couldn’t find it. A replacement card is very expensive, so I immediately began looking everywhere but to no avail.

The next day my 6-year-old grandson asked me where his dad’s drawer is (his dad shares a room with me and we each have one drawer in a little wooden closet). I showed him which drawer it was, and he went looking through it, but before long came to me with my I.D. card in his hand. He had found it in his father’s drawer. It was very strange because it wasn’t my drawer now but it used to be when I lost the card the last time, and he found it in exactly the same place where it had disappeared and reappeared before –when it was my drawer. I knew that this had to be my spirit helpers trying to get through to me again. This is the prophecy I received:

Aqua, Blue Angel speaking:

“We are trying to get through to you, and sometimes we are permitted to manipulate objects to get your attention. We made your I.D. card  disappear and reappear in the same spot two different times to make it obvious that it was not some natural occurrence but was in fact supernatural. Since you are inclined to be rational and logical in your thinking and since you have leaned heavily on your fleshly mind in the past, it has been rather difficult for you to connect with us. The carnal mind is the enemy against anything from this realm. I am Aquamarine or Aqua for short. I am your blue angel. It was no coincidence that you found that rock with my name on your daughter’s farm.

Now that you know my name, it will be easier to communicate with me. I understand the predicament that you are in. You are living with your family, but they are not on the same wavelength as you. You desire to be with those that are like-minded but they are few and far between. They are as gems that are scattered around the world and hard to find. But there are many of us, and we are not hard to find –if you only have faith. Faith creates a vacuum that pulls down the words, and then you have to accept those words.

Even as precious gems have different qualities, so does the Lord consider all of his children valuable. He made them all with a specific purpose in mind. Even as gems many times have what people call “flaws”, sometimes these “flaws” help concentrate the light and contribute to the beauty of the gem. I am called Aqua because my color is slightly different from some of the other blue angels. My hue is influenced by the color of the water of the Word. You need not ponder this as there are so many mysteries in the realm of the spirit that you don’t need to know yet. Suffice it to say that my specialty is to impart a love for the Word.

I was chosen to be your blue angel because my specialty would be especially needed by you. Of course the Lord also considered my personal desires. We blue angles only want to do the Lord’s will no matter what it is, but He is so loving that He looks deeply into our hearts and gives us what He knows will make us happy and fulfilled. So you can be assured that we were perfectly matched by the Matchmaker Himself. Is that a little shocking for you that our working together is kind of like a marriage? Well, let me tell you that it is much deeper than earthly marriages but that is a whole different subject that I won’t get into now.

Would you like to get to know me more? Just keep tuned to this channel, and I will tell you more about myself. But more important than that is the training you will need to prepare you for what is coming. I know you are interested in that. You have been trying to prepare physically, but you know that the spiritual preparations are much more important.”


“To enhance your spirit helpers’ power and abilities to the maximum, call on the keys. Through the keys I strengthen your spirit helpers, give them more wisdom and a greater anointing as they assist you.”

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“I give you My keys and My spirit helpers-powerful forces for good, workers of change and miracles, helpers to assist you whenever you call on them.”

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Tribulation Station



A Time of Great Tribulation



Holy Spirit: I’ve gone into the depths of Hell and seen the confusion and torment that awaits the disobedient souls.

I’ve also seen what’s coming, what’s creeping into your world, this darkness and destruction, this upside-down depression that will hit them while they are killed in their sleep

–a tsunami of trouble, economic loss, natural disasters, famine, war and violence.

There will be so many people that will be awoken by these last birth pangs, but sadly, a lot of them, seeing these troubles, will prefer to go back to sleep thinking that if they sleep long enough, the trouble will be avoided and when they awake all will be normal again.

But no!!

That’s not your destiny, son of man! You have been put on this earth to make an active decision. To stand for what’s right and fight for the truth, to give your life that others may be saved.

So it is up to the individual to choose and change. Others can help him with God’s power, but each and every one must take the gift of change when it’s handed to them by the Father. The Father of lights is putting you through this tunnel of time for a reason –to learn how to love and give freely.

Everyone is getting closer and closer to the end game, closer to God –some to blessings and others to eternal damnation.

We are all on the same road that leads to the White Throne of God, the last judgment for the souls that are born before the New Earth and the New Heaven. Every day that passes is leading us closer and closer to that great event.

So be wise, ye sons of man, and let instruction and the wisdom of God dwell in you.

Let Him that sacrificed His life save your souls before it’s too late.

“As you yield to My advances, as I draw you ever closer to the veil, to the realm between the earthly and the heavenly, call on the keys, and I will reveal to you the beauties you are about to enjoy!”





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