spirit helper speaking

(Aiyn:) All things change, but Jesus, never. This world is a temporal one, these places, people, and things are all temporal. Everything has to move, to change, because that is how it is set up. This world was not made to last. And you should be praising Jesus that nothing around you is solid—that people and places come and go—because if they didn’t, then you wouldn’t be as desperate as you need to be. You wouldn’t be as focused on the Lord and His Kingdom if all around you, in this world, you had everything set up and established.

It’s hard to move on, we know. But once again, the only reason it is hard is because you are too attached to the Now. You do not have enough of the Heavenly Vision. This world has an end, but the Realm of the Spirit is everlasting. Right now we have loss, deprivation and heartbreaks. Our earthly nature hurts because it was born and raised in this temporal world. But as spiritual beings, we must fight that nature of death and look onward and upward towards the beautiful and bright future ahead where there will be no more parting of ways or loss of loved ones or restrictions of movement and communication. We will understand in that day; we will be able to know each other in that wonderful day. This world, this life, these days, are not what we want. So do not get bogged down in the present sorrows because they will be forgotten in the long run, and like a dream, they will vanish away and not be remembered. Fight, my brother, to stay on the course. This world is not a place where you want to stop—even for a moment, unless it is to save a soul or lift up a brother. Keep your eye single, so that your whole body be light.

“Keep moving onward, ever onward. We are pilgrims and strangers in this land. We cannot stop here, not even to rest for a moment, for the dark vines of carnality are ever present beneath our feet waiting to entangle our minds in the present sorrows of death.”



“If you need to change your mindset, call on the keys of discipleship and experience a complete reworking of your mind by My power.”





Prophecy for the days of tribulation

“This whole life is a journey, a road that we all must walk. And we can choose how we want to walk it. Will we go through life looking at all the things we don’t have, or will we look UP each day and remember that we have something far greater awaiting us at the end of this road? Will we stop our murmuring and remind ourselves that we’re just pilgrims and strangers in a strange and hostile land, and that our true Home is not here at all? Will we quickly come to the realization—so as to make our life easier—that everything good we have is a perk, an extra, and that all we’ve really been promised is service and sacrifice? With food and clothing, therewith be content. You have not yet resisted unto blood, my friend, striving in this world. For if the footmen weary you, how then will you contend with horses? If these minor trials get you down, how will you fair when the real fires of hell are put on you?  

If we can just get our minds and eyes off of the Now, then our whole life of service becomes so much easier! If we can praise our souls into the presence of our Love King and forget about all the goodies of Egypt, then our walk in this world will be so much more enjoyable. I am Companion, and I’ve tutored many of God’s wayfaring ones through this earth life safely. The secret lies in learning to set your eyes on the focal point, on the prize, on Heaven. This is what you know as “the Heavenly Vision.” This is the most important thing a traveler can do  to reach his destination. He cannot look to the right or to the left, but straight ahead. And praise helps you to keep your eyes facing forward. Praise lifts your head for you and sets you aright again, on your feet, and gets your vision cleared. Praise is the breath of the wayfarers. It’s the staff of the pilgrim. It’s the voice of all those who are seeking that City.

Come walk with me. I’m more of a background companion, a shadow helper. You won’t always see me or feel me around. And I might not talk too much either. But I am here, walking right beside you. My Nierna is in my hand, and its flame is encircling the both of us. As we breathe this fire in, our hearts sing. This song comes out our mouths—the song of the wayfaring folk, the song of the free spirited, the song of the children of David, the song of God’s gypsies!”

(End of prophecy)

“I hold in my hand one of the lanterns of praise which line the paths and passageways leading into the heavenly high courts of our Lord. These lanterns-standing in majestic power-give glory to our God at all times. Their flame never wanes or dies as they burn in impassioned honor and praise to our Husband!”


Return of the keys

“We call on the keys of resolve, of strength and of power to help us to work hand in hand with them, to acknowledge them, to listen to them and to follow their checks.”





by father david

THE CHURCH TRIES TO MAKE GOD SO BIG, SO HIGH AND MIGHTY THAT HE’S ALMOST TOTALLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE, so that you can’t even understand His system or means of communications or how He works or His government. How much have they ever explained to us about the spirit world or how God works or what, or how things are organized there?

GOD’S VISIBLE CREATION IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE THINGS IN THE SPIRIT, of that which is invisible. I have always said that everything God created, everything God ever made, all the visible creation, is in some way an illustration of something spiritual.

SO THEREFORE THE SPIRIT WORLD IS NOT SO TERRIBLY DIFFERENT FROM THIS PRESENT EXISTENCE that we can’t even comprehend it or can’t even understand it. Otherwise, when we got ushered into it we would be completely lost. It would be just too far out, too totally different, we couldn’t even relate.

WE ARE GOING TO BE MUCH THE SAME AS WE ARE NOW, EXCEPT THAT WE’RE GOING TO HAVE SUPERNATURAL BODIES. We will look like we do now, just as Jesus did after His resurrection. He could even eat and drink and they could feel Him and touch Him as well as see Him, and yet He was in a miraculous supernatural body, His new resurrected body. (Lk.24:36-43)

OUR OLD DECAYING NATURAL PHYSICAL BODY GOES BACK TO THE DUST. But His new resurrected body, His new spiritual body was very much alive and supernatural! It could materialize or dematerialise, appear or disappear!–Think of that! It could pass from one dimension to the other through locked doors and solid walls! (Jn.20:19 & 26.)



“We’ve got the benefit now of such a tremendous collection of departed saints, men of God, great men of wisdom, administrators, kings, prophets, psalmists and what have you! Look what a collection God’s got by this time!–Of all these that have gone on to be with Him! Why, He’s got people available for anything you want to know, for anything that needs to be done.” (Hebrews12:1.)


Prophets of the end

“The keys of spiritual awareness will part the veil and bring unity and communication between you and your spirit helpers.”





By Father David

PEOPLE JUST DON’T REALIZE THAT THE SPIRITS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD ARE STILL VERY MUCH LIKE US in their feelings and their emotions and their desires and their choices and opinions and preferences and all these things.

IN THE SPIRIT WORLD YOU MAY HAVE THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS and some of the same problems you have now, but you’ll be better off and in more direct communication and obey better because you’ll be under more direct control.

“TO BE ABSENT FROM THE BODY IS TO BE PRESENT WITH THE LORD.” (2Cor.5:8.)–You’ll be like in the presence of the Lord all the time! When you’re almost able to see God all the time, you’ll be afraid not to obey the Lord!

ARE YOU UNDER GOD’S CONTROL NOW? If so, the spirit world will not be too strange for you, and the transition from this life to the next will not be too great a change. You’ll still be God’s child in His care and accustomed to doing His will, which is absolute and unquestioned in that world.–And you’ll enjoy it, as now.

BUT IF YOU ARE STUBBORN AND DISOBEDIENT AND SELFISH and used to having your own way and doing as you please instead of pleasing God and others, the spirit world is going to be rather difficult for you, as there everyone does as God pleases, whether they like it or not!

OF COURSE, THE MOST REBELLIOUS SPIRITS ARE IN PRISON THERE, just like here, the criminals of the spirit world! (I Pet.3:19-20.) Some are still bound right here on Earth in certain places like haunted houses and compelled to observe the sad results and progressive damage that continues to be reaped from the sowing of their former sins!–And of their punishment!


“WHY SHOULD THE LORD WANT US TO GET INTO ALL THESE SPIRITS AND HOW THEY OPERATE? Is it to prepare the kids for what is coming? These are things they even need to know here and now.”


Revelation 15-22

“In the power of the keys, we commit ourselves to getting to know and learning to work with our spirit helpers more frequently. Help us to make it a priority in our lives, to make full use of their help.”





Aiming for Kids

Hebrews 12

“I put up a shield of faith over a place in your heart where a dart might risk entering. I shield you quickly, because I know you. I know what types of things hurt, have hurt before, or will yet hurt you. And the goal of this game of life isn’t to get as hurt as possible and come up to your Heavenly Father’s arms bruised, hurt and bleeding, but actually, to get as many wins for Christ as you can.

Sure, the fussy children get more “comfort talks”. They have to keep going back and hearing it again, “It’s okay. I’m with you still,” said for the 500th time or whatever. But the whiners aren’t making all that much forward progress as they have to keep nursing their hurts and reopening their bandages to see how their hurts are doing and re-crying about them, again and again. Just getting through life is exhausting. But they never really get past grade one in the spirit. Sure they get tougher in some ways, but who did they bring along with them? If their own time was so filled with their own needs and whimpering, there’s not a whole lot of room in a life left for helping others along in their journey into a closer relationship with Jesus.

So that’s why you need and want someone like me. I help there to be less to fuss about, so more forward progress can be made. I shield you from hurts to your heart and mind that are really left-field and aren’t going to help you get near to the goal, to any goal.

So keep me near as a shield by calling on the keys of praise, the wings of praise, the victory squadron.

I love you.

A mate in arms.”

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.”


Green Door

“To enhance your spirit helpers’ power and abilities to the maximum, call on the keys. Through the keys I strengthen your spirit helpers, give them more wisdom and a greater anointing as they assist you.”





By father David

LEAVING THIS LIFE IS JUST LIKE GOING FROM ONE ROOM TO ANOTHER AND CLOSING THE DOOR.–It’s passing from the flesh to the spirit, an abandoning of this world and a desire for the other. It’s really very simple: Everybody does it when they die!

IN FACT, IT’S A TREMENDOUS BLESSING TO DIE! I’ve been through it, and it’s wonderful! It’s similar, I presume, to what the astronauts feel in their weightlessness. Right now we’re burdened by this old body. But in the spirit you don’t have this weight! You’re no longer weighted with the flesh and burdened with the problems of the physical life. You’ve graduated from this grade of earthly life.

IT’S A WONDERFUL FEELING! You feel like you’re floating on air when you’re rid of the dead weight of this body. The one time I died, I thought, “Ah, this is great! I feel light as a feather, I never felt so good! I don’t feel heavy anymore!” I felt like I could just give a little shove and I’d float right off!

I WAS SITTING UP IN MY BED, BUT MY BODY WAS LYING IN THE BED BEHIND ME! I was sitting half in it and half out of it. But because I knew the Lord had more work for me to do here and more lessons for me to learn, I had such a will to want to come back I prayed, “Lord, let me return to my body!”–Then all of a sudden I was back here in the natural, normal, material realm!

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For us dying is the easiest thing in the world. I mean it’s so easy to die when you’re a Christian–you know where you’re going! We don’t have to fear because we’re ready to go! Thank the Lord!”



Fields of Airyn

“As you yield to My advances, as I draw you ever closer to the veil, to the realm between the earthly and the heavenly, call on the keys, and I will reveal to you the beauties you are about to enjoy!”