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Prophecy bites

Time to be speeding forward

Angel speaking : I am your conductor, to conduct you through your day. Pleased to be of service. It’s good when you feel little and small in your own sight. When your own strength of “being able to take it” weakens, you see how very much you do need Jesus and need His help through us who are at your side ready to help in ways too numerous to list.

It makes us glad when you know you need our help, as that means you will be calling for it far more often, and then greater progress will be made. It’s like making the selection of a vehicle for your trip down “today’s road”. Will you just walk or crawl down the rough road? Or will you ask for a coach to take you? Or will you get the smartest service available—us?. We can take you in style and get you to the desired destination by the time the day comes to a close.

When you call on Heaven’s service, you get there in Heaven’s style, speed and condition.

Yes, scratched knees from crawling along the rough road teach you things—like a child who is learning to crawl and to walk. The bumps teach them what to do and what not to do, and mostly teach them how much better it would be to walk and stay upright, and learn to do it well. It was a stage to get them to reach a better end. Then once they can walk, they can go on to biking, and then being able to carry other little ones, and finally they can even learn to drive.

So your crawling and struggling through things isn’t meant to be a lifelong state, but a means to an end, to get you to want a better way. You can walk holding onto Jesus’ hand, and take steps that way. But soon you’ll learn that to make the fastest progress on the road of your life, you’ll want to climb aboard the Heaven-a-copter to take you over vast areas in a short amount of time.

To use Heaven’s service, you simply need to call for the Keys of all the various needs you encounter, and allow yourself to be coached along on what to do and say.

You no longer have to struggle with hard times that drain you of so much, but can simply stop and say, “Hey, I need some ____” whatever. We’re there to help.

Like you heard the whisper yesterday during a really rough time, “What do you want us to do?”

You thought it was a lesson of bravely going through struggles and tough days again, unlike you have had in a while. “That’s just life” you thought.

But that was in several grades back. You no longer need to crawl in the rocks and get torn knees. Maybe that was a good reminder of what it’s like without our constant help. See, now progress forward is more important than deep lessons like you’d learn on a tough day.

We want to lift you through it. Just say the word, and the Lord will send whatever you need. It’s really quite simple.

It’s oil time. Time to be speeding forward with the oil of God’s Spirit.




prophecy bites

 (Spirit helper speaking: ) Pray. For often it is the fervent prayers of a single voice that turn the tide and win the battle.

Pray more than you think. Desperate prayer from a heart filled with expectancy is worth all the money in the bank when it comes to results.

Pray or you’ll lose whatever battle you are engaged in.

What does it mean to “pray”? –To connect, to be online with the King of the universe, and to ask for the Heavenly help that is needed, not to be just doing your own thing. If all you can do is whisper “I call on the keys” you will be doing your bit to fight and win.

So first of all, how do you connect? By listening to your Lover as He shows you the moves you must make. Next you listen and record, when possible, the details and the instructions. And praise, always have the voice of praise in your heart and coming out of your mouth. This ensures that your connection will be strong, and you’ll get the instant help needed. Which brings us to the next part of prayer, and that is to ask. Ask for a team to help you. You’ll always need an army, and that doesn’t come without a serious and earnest request.

Just think, for a King to agree to help fight and win a battle in the land where a citizen of his domain resides, He’s going to need, at the least, a proper request. Since you can’t pay for the expenses of the war, you must at least pray for the expedient victory and respect what it will take.

You thought it was just a little shuffle, and all you needed was a little this or that? You think your requests are small as you often see no impending danger, and so you mumble something about the size of the request. But don’t you see that anything that helps God’s Kingdom is going to be seriously fought and requires the efforts of the King’s escorts, warriors and weapons? What might look to you like a small thing, might indeed be part of a very big problem. And your being alerted to this seemingly small thing might be to enlist your prayers so the bigger battle can be won.

Every prayer helps, for each person might see things from a new angle and request help for a new side to the situation that another might not be aware of or think about.


If you can think, you can be claiming the Keys. To “pray without ceasing” and “turn every thought into a prayer” just think of the keys needed with every thought you think. Ask for them. This shows you are letting the Keys and the King of the Keys rule in your heart and mind and be in charge of every aspect of your life.



Spending more time with Jesus

“It’s not about how much you read that gets you farther along, but actually how much you are being changed for the better. Maybe it’s taken a whole lot of text being produced to do this because there’s been so much worldly knowledge that has swept through the minds of My believers, and so to counter all that, it has taken a gush of the spirit of prophecy and pouring out the new wine to the children of David. There is so much that has been poured out you wonder how or if you will ever get around to reading and studying it all.

But maybe that’s so you’ll be forced to spend less time on what the world offers. Maybe that’s why I did it that way for the children of My family. I gave lots to help fill in their mind’s hunger, thus giving less place to Satan who has produced tons to capture the minds of believers, tasty stuff to fill their gut yet leave them hungry, hungry for more fluff and no-nutrient intake.  

Maybe it’s a bit overwhelming to think of all that you’d like to read, along with your full-time mission and projects you are meant to complete before time runs out. But if you are taking in next to nothing of this world  and only feeding on new sap from Heaven, you won’t have to cram and try too hard, laboring to read and reread so much. If you are only feeding from My hand, I can make sure you are getting nourished. I can lead you to the best stuff and what will teach you what I need you to be focusing on now. You don’t have to feel like a slave to the burden of reading all the zillions of things. Though they are good and teach plenty, really are more than you have the time to partake of all, before the race is up. I have to lead you to the right and most pertinent things.

It’s when I see that rather than studying or working for Me in what I’ve called on you to do, you are wasting time with the seeds of the serpent and playing on his playground, that I say you need more added to your reading list. I need you to then feel so overwhelmed by all that there is to study, all the good that is delightful to partake of and will help you grow spiritually.

But for those who are working full-time for Me, not taking “vacations” on the things of the world either daily or hourly,  I put aside some of the vast books that could be and should be read, and say, “Later. You can have a chance to catch up on all those fun bits later. Just take in the most needed, pertinent things while you use your time fighting the war. Well done.”

So are you a soldier or a student? Students need lots of books to read and plenty of homework to do, so they don’t waste their time getting into trouble. But soldiers are too busy fighting to run off and get some time-wasting gimmick. If they have time at all to luxuriate and take in some beauty, there is plenty they can choose from, from the archives of the children of David, but it’s not as a huge burden that they need to work through. They don’t need to feel the pressure to read and absorb the near–impossible amounts in a very short amount of time. They already feel the pressure to fight the wars they are in the middle of.

Those with “time to spare”, that is: brain space that is spacing out on this and that, yes, there is the requirement for them to get filling that brain with the multitudes of things to be read and learnt from, so Satan does not get the advantage.

For those who are too busy fighting to take in more than the basic time with Me, I’ll give them some nice catch-up time later. But those who aren’t sure yet who or where the enemy is, they better stay tucked in their trench for long hours and absorb as much as they can from the manual and books of soldiers who have fought on before them. Otherwise they are bound to be peeking up their head, facing it all the wrong way, and getting hit. If they aren’t peeking out of their trench, weapons in hand, trying to shoot at the enemy, but just trying to get a look around, they are going to get wounded.

Stay down. Stay learning a bit more. There will be more to read about from the archives of My fighters than you’ll have time for now. So get started until you are ready to engage fully in the war for the souls of men. Then when you are a solid soldier during your times in between skirmishes, you can nestle down in safe place and very happily absorb what you most need and crave.” (Jesus Speaking)

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Soldier or Student

“If you are taking in next to nothing of this world  and only feeding on new sap from Heaven, you won’t have to cram and try too hard, laboring to read and reread so much. If you are only feeding from My hand, I can make sure you are getting nourished.”



“Rise Of The Antichrist”

“Europe is now firmly in the hand of the NWO and its king. The ‘trump’ card has been played; America has now isolated itself. And as Babylon was used to bring about My will toward My children, and then retribution; so will it be with America.”





“ours is a high calling”

NEW FROM YOU!! A series of bite sized prophecies that touch on a multitude of interesting subjects. These downloadable PDF prophecy files were sent in to MB from our different readers.





Ellya speaking:

“Can you not feel the storms billowing all around you? The winds are strong and wild. Can you not feel My presence? I dance among the trees calling, ever calling for you to come. Awake, dry bones; awake and hear. Hear my call, for the Lord hath need of you. Those of you who have already awoken, join my forces in raising up the others. This can only be done through the keys. Only the keys can unlock their hearts and bring them back to life again. Jesus holds the key to every heart, but it is you who hold the key to His heart and the power through prayer to move His hand to action.

So pray, call out to the Lord; plead before the Throne of Grace as even I do and petition the Lord on behalf of these fallen ones, these fallen arrows. This is your calling, beloved. You are the chosen generation, the last generation. The year 2021 has blown in, and the winds are strong.

Now is the time to let the winds rip these old garments off off you. Don’t clutch them more tightly to you. Let them go, let them fly. Lift your arms and feel the wind blow between your fingers. Do you feel that power, that raw energy hitting you? It is the power of the keys. Now is the time to use their power in greater measure and let them become a very part of your being. Only through using them and depending on them and letting their power possess you will you make it through the End time.”

the call of ellya

“Now is the time to let the winds rip these old garments off off you. Don’t clutch them more tightly to you. Let them go.”



Keys To The Kingdom

“Me, the Keyes of the Kingdom and My Word are one, we three are your vital companions in these last days of man’s rule upon earth. Combined We will help you through the darkest days ever to fall upon this earth.





        To My Elites (new)

        parts 1-6


introducing “Seeds of David”  a series of 20 golden seed packets from God’s messengers

(Jesus Speaking: )The Angelic Spirit Helpers will now present themselves to you. See that you heed their advice and follow their instructions closely; for I myself have instructed them. Heed their advice, for they are heeding Mine.
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and the gift of prophecy

“Listen to it. For I speak to you through My Word, and I speak to you through the gift of prophecy, and I speak to you in   the whispers   in your heart and in your mind when you commune with Me, and when you stop here and there and look up–in those times when your receptivity is highest and those that help you can   whisper   in your ears and place things in your heart and mind and can give you direction. So exercise these gifts.”

“Know and understand that My Word is first and foremost, for I exalt it even above My Name. But for further strength and help and guidance, listen to My voice and listen to   the whispers,   and you shall have strength that you know not of. It shall make your task easier, for you will be allowing us to direct you more from this side, and we will work together even better.”

“As you exercise this gift of prophecy, you will have a clearer understanding and greater faith. As you see those things work that I say unto you, and the fruit that it brings forth, and the joy and encouragement and instruction that it gives unto you and others, you will see how much easier the job can be if you let us participate.”

listening to the whispers


“Listen to My voice and listen to the whispers, and you shall have strength that you know not of.”




“As you exercise this gift of prophecy, you will have a clearer understanding and greater faith.”



Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45