Behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader and commander to the people.

Yes, My David has been given as a leader and a witness to the people of this world. But it’s like the parables that I told while I was on earth. I sent my servants to the wicked men who were supposed to be keeping the vineyard and they mistreated them and cast them out. So has this world done with My dear servant David. Many have maligned him and rejected the Words that I gave through him. It’s all because they didn’t want to heed the call. They didn’t want to give all. So when they turned their backs on the Word, they were sent strong delusion, and they no longer see things right.

But that doesn’t matter. Up here in the real world, David is a leader and a commander of My troops in My powerful army of the End. All that Word that he poured out is like their blood, it’s their power, and it’s their weapon. Those Words are real things; they wield power, both in your world and the world of the spirit. Even for you there on earth, the Words of David are a part of your spirit. They are your strong foundation; they are the lifeblood of your spirit. Even the Words of Maria and the prophecies that followed are still part of the “Words of David”. They were a continuation of the flow. And now you continue to receive fresh and new “Words of David”. So this “Word,” this flow, is indeed the power, and light and life force of My Endtime army, both the army of the spirit world, and you, my army that fights down there in the realm of the flesh. You have a special calling and you have not despised it. You are called to be David’s fighters there on earth –in the realm of the mud and the dirt and the flesh.

Isaiah 55:4


“You don’t get big responses or a big following, but still you are faithful. You are those who fight on in faith, calling to a nation that you know not.”



You Begin The Charge

Do you want Jesus to return? Then your part is as it has always been.





The river of your soul

Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.

“I see a vision of a book. I presume it’s a Bible because it is black and it’s representative of the Word of God. It’s sitting on this long slim table and is snuggled between two other objects: I can’t see or remember what they are. Out of the book are growing three beautiful, broad leaves about as wide as  banana leaves but not as long. The leaves are a beautiful light -green color.”

“These leaves are for the healing of the nations. They come forth out of the River of Life; My Word is the river of life and it flows throughout creation. (Revelation 22) My Word is light, and it lighteth every man that comes into this world; all of creation is touched with this light. (John 1:9) My Word cleans, refreshes and brings life to all that imbibe its life-giving flow. It flows from the very throne of God and is the source of all knowledge. It heals and  regenerates. It creates and recreates. It is given freely to all men, and without it, life would cease to exist . Just as My rain falls from the heavens to refresh and replenish My physical creation, so does My Word fall on all men and creatures; it touches everything, including the earth itself. It falls on the souls of men and angels, both good and degenerate.

My Word comes fresh and clean from the heart of God. It is poured out in abundance; its flow never ceases and never fails. Like My rain, it is poured forth in order that the old and dead might bud again. It has given its fruit, lost its leaves and passed through a time of winter, yet spring has arrived again. My Word comes forth to bring to life the seed that has lain dormant in the cold earth. My Word is both the soil and the seed; it is the sower and the rain; it is the sunshine and the wind: it is everything.

My Word is also the only substance that will bring back to life this dead, dying and poisoned world. Satan and his followers have used My Word to twist and distort. Yes, My Word can be used by those of darkened minds and hearts. Those whose motives are not Godly but selfish; many who call themselves pastors, priests and men of God have used My Word for self and for gain, killing the seed and making it of none effect. These are the unclean, the corrupt and the false teachers and shepherds; these are the wolves, those that call themselves My children, but are not, but are instead of the synagogue of Satan. They are corrupt in all their ways, just as their father is corrupt in all his ways. These sons of Belial have used My Word to corrupt the earth and its rivers and seas and atmosphere. They have turned its purpose and created swamps and deserts and polluted whole seas and oceans. They have taken a living, breathing, vibrant creation and turned it into a world of plastic, steel, concrete, noise and pollution; a dead thing. The men of commerce have raped the earth, and the false shepherds and politicians have corrupted  the hearts and minds of man. And all they know is war; it is in their minds and in their hearts.

My Word is seeking clean hearts, clean minds, those that are pure in heart, those that have clean conduits to pour forth clean living Waters upon the hearts of men. First there must come a cleansing, a purging of the filth that has accumulated and clogged the arteries of this world. I need conduits, open, receptive, clean pipes in which to pour the cleansing Water of My Word into the veins and arteries and capillaries of this dying world. If you are willing, if you are ready, I will raise you up as My channels, My mouthpieces, those that I will pour My Solvent through, My cleansing agent. I want those that will not stop the flow, but will instead take away the stop cock, throw away the cork and be My open-ended pipes. 

I have called you; each one of you has been given a destiny, a purpose. I have poured the Waters of David and Maria into your vessels. I have asked you to receive My old wine; I have asked you to drink deeply of My new wine. I have given you My angels and those of your brethren to help nurture you and to bring you up in My ways. I have filled you daily with fresh seed; I have watered it and nourished it; that in My time you may bring forth more fruit. You are My chosen vessels. I have chosen you to stand as My front line, My warriors, those that I will use to begin the rebirth of this almost dead planet and its people. You are those that will play a major role in eventually driving Satan and his filth from off the face of this earth, those that will lead the world into the new millennium. All you have to do is say yes, yield to what I’m doing, and I will do everything else. I will purge this world of its weeds; I will burn the hay and stubble and weeds and tares. I will prepare the new field and those that will labor in the upcoming new millennium. I will distribute the new millennial seeds, and you and I will go out to sow it; but this time on good ground: receptive hearts and minds. This world will start again, a fresh start. We will choose a good plot to begin again, and from there it will grow and grow and grow until such a time that the final harvest arrives. We will once again purge and gather the tares, weeds, thistles and thorns to be burned; but this time for good and for ever. (Revelation 20: 7-10) Then My beloved laborers, sowers, waterers and reapers, we will rest from our labors and look out upon our creation and discuss future plans and ideas and about new worlds to conquer and to plant and to sow and nurture.

john 7:38

“My Word is seeking clean hearts, clean minds, those that are pure in heart, those that have clean conduits to pour forth clean, living Waters upon the hearts of men. First there must come a cleansing, a purging of the filth that has accumulated and clogged the arteries of this world.”



“The Reboot”

We are entering epic times. The devil is close, very close to losing his place on earth. The Son of Righteousness is to rise with healing in His wings. Are you ready? Put off the old and embrace the new. Reboot your life drink in the New Wine today.






 Men and women of faith

Parts 16 & 17

“I speak to you, son of man. Do you truly believe that if you remain in your safe place of comfort, that no evil shall fall over you? Oh, thou foolish son of man. Beholdest thou not the house that is about to fall over your head? Your countenance is waxed cold, but thou shalt see on the day of your visitation, when the towers fall, and men be without restraint. Behold, who will understand knowledge in those days? Evil will be their bible. Lying and falsehood will be their law. For you did not hear the words of My Prophet David. Even as I did speak through My prophets. Hear Me, O son of man. Give ear to the counsel of the Lord God of heaven, your true Maker. “

For the time will come when your conscience will cease to be, and knowledge will fly away as the birds that migrate when the fall cometh. 

And then you will search for sound wisdom, but you will not find it….to read the continuation of this interesting prophecy in PDF format DOWNLOAD

To My elites

“Sons of God, go to the streets. Proclaim the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. For He is coming in the clouds with His holy angels and will take with Him all people that will hear the voice of God and do His will.”



The Lamp

It’s later than you think, you have overslept.





Submitted by Esteban

vision of the plant of god’s word

Dream vision: submitted by Esteban

Jesus spoke to me this morning. As He was speaking, I could see what He was talking about. I call it a dream vision, because I was not completely asleep.

He told me: “I want to share with you a parable of the Root of the Word of God and the difference between the verses in the Bible and the New Wine and the promises of the Keys.

It is good that you memorize the promises of the keys and the New Wine. The old promises that are written in the Bible are the foundation that all My promises begin with. So My word in your heart is like a plant. The more you eat from My mouth and drink from the River of Life, the more that plant will grow into a great tree. It will never be thrown down and will be a protective home for many peoples and creatures.

The solid ground in which the plant of My word will be planted is your heart. If the ground receives the water of the Holy Spirit and My seeds of life, it will become a beautiful garden with all kinds of trees and bushes for the delight, feeding and well-being of many…to continue reading, go to full PDF version DOWNLOAD

the plant of god’s word


“If the plant didn’t have the foundation of the Bible, it wouldn’t have that strong root to keep it growing straight.”



Keys To The Kingdom

“Me, My Word and the Keys are one, together, we are your vital companions in this last days, don’t say a prayer with out the Keys.”





Revelation 2:23

“I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.”

The reins of a horse are used to guide him in the right directionthey are guides. So I have placed guides beside you that whisper words of instruction to lead you. You have your own thoughts and experiences that have taught you what happens when you do this or that; these are like reins as well. You also have your conscience of heart and mind, pricking you if you do something wrong, according to what you know is right and wrong. Also, you have people around you also who might give good suggestions or tips or correction. Then there are circumstances and conditions that direct you, or train you consequences, people’s reactions, loss, rewards, difficulties, benefits, and so forth

Revelation 2:23



This whole world is one big school. Sometimes as you rest in bed and contemplate what has happened, these thoughts and feelings inside are like reins that help pull you this way and that way steering you in the right direction.



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Psalm 91:8

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

Jesus says:

You are going to see a whole lot of bad things, near and far, both while you are on Earth, and later on too, when God’s righteous judgements are poured out on the wicked. Even the final burning and cleansing of the planet is going to be intense. But the goodness of the Lord, the glory of God, the joy that awaits those who are loyal to their Lord and Savior, to Me, Jesus, will be so lovely that it will wipe away all tears. Just looking at the presence of God’s love and the displays of it all around will soothe the jarring effect that seeing the punishments will have.

You’ll be oh so glad then that you are nestled under My sheltering protective shield; that you chose the way of God, and did whatever He asked you to do.

To those who chose God’s way, then the “reward” is going to be something altogether different. You’ll be laughing instead of crying. You’ll be dancing and singing, rather than weeping and wailing. You’ll be eating and dining, rather than hungering and thirsting, like those who hungered after the wrong things will be.

Don’t you want the sunshine and smiles type of rewards? When judgements begin to fall, and the powers of Satan are crushed and brought to a fall, you’ll really want to be on the “good side” of God, not on the side of His wrath poured out.

Those whose names are written in the Book of Life, God’s record of all who have lived and get to keep living eternally, will be sealed with a marking that shows they are on the side of right,  and the righteous God. They want nothing to do with the kingdom of darkness and all its evil doings. Being sealed with God’s protection doesn’t mean that the Devil won’t try to harm you, or even that God will keep your life as a pure fantasy of nothing but joy rides, but what it means is that you are set apart and separated and won’t be given the really tough times that go to those on the opposing side. Like being in a battle, you might be having a tough time, but at least you aren’t on the wrong end of what is being blasted out on the wicked.

And the time of healing will be so long and so beautiful, all tears will be washed away, and joy will be yours. Rewards will be handed out to each and every single being that God ever made. Just what type of reward people get is in many cases up to their choices and whose side they are on.

But you don’t have to wait until the final days to get the joys I wish to give you—including special protection in times of trouble. Nor do the evil ones have to wait for all of the payment for their crimes against the Kingdom of God and His children. In their lifetime while on Earth there will be bad things that come to them, both as a punishment, as well as a deterrent to try to get them to change.

“But if they will not obey I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation” as I said.

So, there is a whole lot more destruction on the horizon, but you who know and love Me will get special protection and loving care by My arms and hands that will be there for you. The harder things get—as you read in the Bible—the closer you are getting to the joy that awaits you, and the abolishing of the evil forces that are trying to win, but never will.

Then I’ll hold you in My arms, feed you at My table, give you to drink from the water of Life, and bring you to meet the Father and the Spirit and Me as well, in My glorified form. Wouldn’t you like to see that and to be near us?

You will be, if you’ve walked the road to Heaven. I will heal all your hurts and you will know joy unspeakable.

Just a little time longer and the times will be changed. The Kingdom of God will reign over all.

I love you and will provide for you, even when trouble surrounds. For lo, I am with you always.

Psalm 91:8

“To those who chose God’s way, then the “reward” is going to be something altogether different. You’ll be laughing instead of crying. “



“Stay By Me”

A song from the heart of the Bridegroom.





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