what will you do when the horsemen come?

For darkness will cover the Earth, and great darkness the people of the Earth, but My light shall arise upon you and My glory shall be seen upon you, My loves, My dears, you who have stuck closely to Me and through whom I will manifest My very Self in the midst of gross darkness upon the Earth.


are you called to battle?

It is you whom I’ve chosen, because you are the strongest among My children upon the Earth, and therefore it is you whom I am calling to this training and testing time to strengthen your faith, to renew it, to practice it, to bring it to where it needs to be for the times that are coming.


if the footmen weary you

So strengthen your faith! Find out where its borders are now, and expand them greatly. Follow Me in faith, say yes to Me in faith, hold not back through lack of faith, and I will see to it that we cross those spiritual lands and circumstances that will strengthen you, that will enhance your faith.


Examine the Details

Your faith in Me has to be rock solid. That’s why your faith is being tested right now‚ and that is why, for many of you, I’m bringing you to the limits of your faith so that you can see where you believe and where you don’t believe, so that you’ll see and understand your weakness and where you need to be strengthened.


i am counting on you

 It will be you who give them the faith to keep going, who teach them to renew their faith, who encourage them in it, and whose faith kindles theirs into a flame of fire that brings them back to life in the spirit. It is you who I am counting on, and who will not fail but who will walk with Me through Great Tribulation and through times that would try men’s souls.

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Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where rust and moth do not corrupt neither do thieves break through and steal




The standard of discipleship is defined in the Bible






discipleship goes beyond just believing

Discipleship goes beyond simply accepting the teachings and believing them; it is essentially a choice to become active in practicing and preaching the teachings. Disciples add action to their beliefs; they are “doers of the word, and not only hearers.” Peter Amsterdam

discipleship costs your personal desires

God wants everything—your heart, your life, your career, and your personal pursuit—to glorify Him, to lift up Jesus, to serve as a light on a hill shining to light the way for others, whatever your profession or career may be. Peter Amsterdam

discipleship defined

One of Jesus’ most life-changing calls was given in just two words: “Follow Me.” 

No Grandchildren

Someone has said, “God has no grandchildren!” There’s no such thing as second-generation Christians! Every new generation either has to drop out or cop out—one or the other; bring forth new buds, or die on the vine and become dead!

our down payment 

The Bible tells us that “every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands [or anything you’ve had to or will yet give up for the Lord, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” Jesus also said in prophecy: “Your sacrifices are in some ways like a down payment, the cost you put aside to ensure that My great blessings and rewards are yours. One day, once life’s journey is done, you will receive the full blessing that each of your sacrifices has earned you.”

So there is payback. There are returns for our sacrifices, which means that the definition of sacrifice, applicable to Christians, is not “loss” but rather, we’re “giving up something valuable (our lives), for something we consider to be of more value or importance.” That seems to be the more accurate depiction of discipleship defined.” Peter Amsterdam

helping others to find Jesus

“But in reality, anything that you hold close to your heart except for Me, will at some point disappoint you.”

“It’s often hard to really believe that happiness dwells in the spiritual places. It’s easier to believe that you can get it through carnal means, such as any number of natural, physical things that you have an inborn human desire for.—Maybe by working for money so you can get any physical things you want, like a car, a house, a good-looking husband or wife‚ etc. However‚ you would find in the end that these things did not satisfy you. Why? Because satisfying your flesh or your carnal nature is not the way to satisfy your starving spirit. So many people are like this.”

the Valley of Decision

Thousands upon thousands and millions upon millions are searching for happiness, but in all the wrong places.This is what your lives on Earth are all about: finding this door back to true happiness, which is only in the spirit. And for you, My true children, it’s all about showing others where to find that door, that entrance—Me.” Jesus speaking

“I searched for 40 years trying to find the true religion, trying to find people who lived like Jesus and His disciples and His early followers, but I couldn’t find them! I looked in the churches, where they were supposed to be, but I found no one like them there—no one who had forsaken all to follow Jesus!” Our declaration of independence

The oil lamp 

“We need to learn to save the first place in our hearts and lives and time for Jesus. We belong to Him first of all, and the first place must belong to Him—for rest and prayer and fellowship with Jesus, and for feeding from His Word. We cannot do the Masters work without the Masters power—and to get it, we must spend time with the Master. Then we must let Him do the work through us. 

We ought to take a lesson from the oil lamp: it must be the oil that burns and not the wick, for if the wick burns without oil, it will destroy itself. We must immerse ourselves in Jesus and let Him burn to light the way, because if we try to do that ourselves, we’ll soon burn out.

The flame of the oil lamp burns so beautifully and brightly and clearly when the oil burns, but it gets smoky and stinky when just the wick burns. The lamp’s wick must be deeply immersed in the oil. Most of the wick is in the oil, and only a tiny tip of it is exposed to the air and the flame. That way, its mostly oil that burns and very little of the wick—almost none period. The oil flows freely through a wick that is deeply soaked in the oil. Then it is the oil that burns and not the wick, and it gives bright, pure, clear light.” David Berg

This is the only way to get on fire for God

There are very few who choose to follow the Lord so passionately, to love Him so unreservedly, to want Him so desperately that they are willing to give all. But it’s then that, without regret or reservation, you will know that Jesus is enough. C.T. Studd

The world is going to see one more Jesus revolution before the end, that is a promise made by God Himself. Read Revelations chapter 11. This revolution will not come from the church on any one group of people,  it will come from those who love not their lives unto the death. It will come from those who through great persecution washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb, from those who separated themselves from the world in order to save those lost in the world. How can you save someone if you are drowning yourself?


Get on fire for god and the world will come out to see your burn! Many are called to serve when reaching the valley of decision but few choose to be chosen Matthew 21:45

Let the flame of the oil lamp burn freely…deeply soaked in the oil…Jesus!