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a time to reflect

“God is love; I am the God of love, not of hate and destruction. This destruction comes from the very heart of man, a selfish nation that in many respects has forgotten God.

This is not My doing as some would think, it is due to the sins of the heart. The fires that are destroying your country and the things that you hold above Me; your properties, your flora and your fauna are simply a physical manifestation of an inward spiritual burning.  Search your hearts, listen to those whom I have sent to warn you, beware for they are as My prophets, they are not sent as a punishment but out of love, for I would that not one should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

These sins that started in the heart are now manifesting in the physical for the entire world to see; a people who have forgotten God. I love the sinner, I died for the sinner, but I loathe the sin and sin cannot go unrewarded. Yes I have allowed this travesty, but not out of a willing heart, you have brought this fire from hell upon yourselves.

It is a small thing for Me to change the winds or bring the rains you so desperately need, but first Australia put out the fires of sin in your hearts; as Nineveh of old repented and was spared; you too will feel the cool winds and rains of forgiveness. “

australia burning…

great deception

Hebrews 11: 3 says, “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.


Looking at the world according to faith

“Satan’s goal is to win as many others over to his side as he can. His purpose is to spread his own insanity and delusion to others; to prove that you can live without God, that you can in fact be God.”  

Satan’s great plan to deceive man into believing that the cares or rudiments of this life are paramount to man’s existence has as one of its basic blocks the word impossible. This plan is a carefully laid foundation for his counterfeit kingdom; the plan of his great deception.

Consequently his first attack was a direct attack on the Word of God, Matthew 4: 1-11. According to John chapter 1 verse 1-14 the Bible clearly states that Jesus is THE WORD OF GOD. So Satan is at war with Jesus and by default, anyone who fights on the side of Jesus becomes Satan’s enemy. “My army is built upon My WORD. It is supplied, sustained, and maintained by My Word. Therefore, the defeat of My army can only be brought about by making My WORD of none effect.”



Satan’s plan is a carefully laid foundation for his counterfeit kingdom; the plan of his great deception.

Therefore to defeat Jesus’ recruitment push, Satan made it his goal to win as many others over to his side as he could. “His purpose was to spread his own insanity and delusion to others; to prove that you could live without God, that you could in fact be God.”

A relentless war against His written WORD was enacted; this warfare is still being waged, not only against the Word Himself, but His written Word, His Living Word (see Heavenly Communications), and against those who carry the Word out into the world in obedience to Mark 16:15. If he can get man to not believe in the Bible then his plan can move along unhindered. If he can cause familiarity of God’s Word to creep into our hearts. Then Bible passages like Hebrews 11: 3 hold very little significance in our understanding.   The word “impossible” became a key word in Satan’s arsenal. “One of the ­basic blocks of his plan lies in this hideous word “impossible. “This is the treacherous creed of the ignorant. “Impossible” is the doctrine of those who look only at the things that are seen, not the things which are unseen. Those who are void of understanding the way Jesus understands fall prey to this ugly monster. The precepts of his plan thrive in the world today. They touch every corner of the world. His philosophy is booming throughout society at large.”

By understanding this principle it becomes apparent why the Word of God has been the target of discrimination from the time it was first set into print. Many soldiers in the army of God have been laid waste or have given up their lives willingly in their attempt to translate, distribute, preach and or print this “heretical tome”. The Word of God is an affront to Satan’s counterfeit kingdom.

Viewing the world according to faith is accomplished only one way. Through reading the Words of faith. Without the “eyes of faith”, the world according to faith will not be possible. The rose colored glasses of faith will put a different hue on the world’s impossible theory. 

One of the mysteries of God’s will and plan is that He has bestowed upon each of us the immortal majesty of personal choice to do either good or evil! This is one thing people don’t seem to understand about God: He likes to give us our choice, even as we do our own children, as long as it is not something bad for us, or bad for others.


The choice is yours

Contrary to popular opinion, God does not choose for us!-We have to choose for ourselves. This is why He put us here and what we’re here to learn: how to make the right decisions through our personal contact with Him, our knowledge of His Word and will, and our love for Him and others.


discover the truth by choice

Man was put here to make a choice between good and evil, to do right or wrong, to serve God or himself and the Devil. God wants us to discover the benefits of serving Him, and reap the joy, happiness and pleasures of keeping His loving rules for our own good, worshiping and thanking Him for it all in return, as grateful children of our Heavenly Father.


make the bed

Thus we can choose to have faith in Him, trust Him and His Word, and obey it for our own good; or, we can believe the lies of the Devil and rebel against God, disobey Him, refuse to believe His Word, and go our own way. God then frequently lets us suffer the consequences of violating His moral, physical and spiritual laws, rebellion against which, and disobedience to which, bring ill health, misery, pain, suffering, man’s inhumanity to man, cruelty, atrocities, wars, economic ills, unhappiness, mental anguish and even insanity!



Majesty of Choice

Which are you choosing? God bless and help you to make the right choices according to His love, so you can enjoy the good health, happiness and well-being of mind and spirit that comes from following Him and His loving guidelines for us all.

All quotes by David Berg on Majesty of Choice


crying girl 

Question: If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world? If God is love and He loves us, why does the news seem to get worse by the day? Why have thousands of innocent people suffered the loss of loved ones or their own lives in horrible and dehumanizing conflicts?

Answer: God is not to blame for all the suffering in the world. He’s not some kind of monster that enjoys making people suffer. It’s not God who causes the pain, death and heartache. The truth is, much of what we suffer is caused by man’s own folly and self-destructive attitudes and trends.
Take wars, for example, which have caused untold suffering throughout history. Martin Luther called war “the greatest scourge that can afflict humanity; it destroys religion, it destroys states and it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it!” But is God to blame for man’s wars? The Bible says, “What causes wars and fighting among you? Don’t they come from your own lusts?” (James 4:1.) God is not to blame for the suffering caused by war, but rather man’s own selfishness, greed, pride and competitive spirit-the destruction of others for selfish gain. (Why Does God Allow Sin? Pt 1)

Question: Okay, I can see where man might be responsible for bringing the plague of war on himself, but what about the poverty that pervades the world? What about the millions who are dying of starvation and disease in some of the impoverished nations of the world? Surely they didn’t bring it upon themselves!

Answer: Believe it or not, man is largely responsible for this as well. For example, thousands of years ago, what are now the deserts of Northern Africa were fertile, wooded areas. But over the centuries people cut down all the trees and overgrazed the land. 
In countries like Brazil and Indonesia, indiscriminate logging for fast money is slowly bringing about an ecological disaster and population displacement. Can God be blamed for this? Problems like these are caused by man’s own selfishness and lack of foresight or preparation for future generations.

 Why Does God Allow Sin? 

Question: But the shortage of food is not just caused by desert expansion, war or forest depletion-there are often natural forces beyond man’s control which contribute to the poverty and starvation in much of the world. Isn’t God to blame for those?

Answer: It’s true that some factors are beyond man’s control, but ironically, while millions are undernourished, in other parts of the world there are huge surpluses of food, running into millions of tons a year! God’s earth provides more than enough. No one needs to go hungry. But unfortunately, while many rich Western countries spend hundreds of millions of dollars on storing or destroying these surpluses, even paying farmers not to grow certain crops, and while exercise and weight-loss programs are billion-dollar industries, the poor of the world starve!
Another example of misery and suffering caused by man is the pitiful poverty and squalor of the poor in the huge cities of some developing countries, exemplified by the shanty towns of cities such as Bombay, Rio de Janeiro or Manila, where millions struggle to survive in deplorably inhumane conditions.
God never intended for people to live that way! Most of the people crowded into such slums would have been better off if they had stayed out in the country, where there’s fresh air, more food, fewer people, and where they can raise crops and animals, and enjoy the benefits of the good healthful country living that God originally designed for man.
In some countries, the poor crowd into the cities to escape civil war, guerrilla activity or criminal groups and bandits in the countryside, so their suffering is sometimes brought on by others’ greed and oppression and man’s inhumanity to man in war.
Others, unfortunately, are responsible for their own predicament. They see the cars, televisions and material luxuries that the middle-class or rich own in the cities, and they think that those things will make them happy. They think that in the city they will be able to work less, make more money and possibly even live in luxury.
So they are drawn to the cities, and soon find their families falling apart, their children getting involved with drugs and crime. They can’t find work and they soon suffer from malnutrition and disease.

“Cities,” as the historian Arnold Toynbee said, “are the festering sores on the body politic.” But they’re not God’s fault-they’re a man-made curse!

Why Does God Allow Sin? (Full Version)

 Text from Living Waters 001