A dream…submitted

Last night I was woken up when a car alarm system went off, and I got this short message right away. “What is the easiest way to create a cashless society? To make cash worthless.” For me that was a revelation. Probably to you it was obvious; but for me, it was like it was always there, but I didn’t quite grasp it. I finally understood that when the worldwide crash hits, all the countries will become like Venezuela. No one will use money anymore because it is worthless. Everyone will have to use their cell phones for buying or selling because there won’t be any other way. There won’t be any need for a law saying you can’t use cash. And then I got a little picture of how in the Monopoly game everyone gets some money to start the game, and so probably everyone that has the vaccine will get a considerable amount of the new currency put in their bank account (probably based on a cryptocurrency because dollars and all the national currencies will be worthless.) They will think, “Oh, how nice the new world government is –how generous, now I can get my life back again”. 

Slow Draining was submitted by John (November 2021)

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“SO I JUMPED OUT THE OPEN SIDE OF THE ELEVATOR and I just began to float, I just floated! It seemed like that wand (Key) had power of some kind and I just floated right out of the building completely out of the building, and just settled down to the ground! And it seemed like the wand (Key) had power for whatever I needed, you know? It’s a funny thing!” (The Crash #0284)


Gaining Ground

Each time you sit down to have quality Word time, call on the keys of focus, meditation, study, and concentration, and your efforts will be blessed and the truth of My Word will settle deep in your heart, mind and spirit.

The clock strikes 20:22

“As you learn to overcome, the next test will be more obvious, and you will overcome more easilybecause the formula for overcoming will be the same each time. I’ve outlined the basics in the messages I gave for Feast 2001, and I will give more specific counsel which you will need in the days to come. (#3351) (original 2001)

Jesus Speaking: Yes, this particular line often escapes our attention; you must overcome by learning. How do we learn a new thing, lesson, or way of doing something? By doing, the “do it now” policy –study, repeat the lesson, repetition. Does a new verse implant itself in your mind the first or second time you read it? Hearing from Heaven, using the Keys, prayer, and using a new spiritual weapon —all have to be learnt. These things have to be repeated over and over again, and if you use as many methods as possible to implant these spiritual abilities into your being, then the faster you learn them. You will learn them, that is a fact. Just as you will remember a verse if you repeat it enough. In respect to the Keys, if you didn’t make the first step, then you can’t say they didn’t work, or if you didn’t use them for the required learning period, then you can’t say they don’t work. Unlike learning a verse, you don’t just learn a key, for the keys are interactive. They are alive; they interconnect, interlink. They work in unison with other keys. That is why there are so many keys at work. It is very much like the principal being pointed out in 1Corinthians 12, For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. If you are faithful with your lessons, the Holy Ghost, your teacher, is faithful to grade you and at the end of the year, graduate you to the next class.” (Update 2020)


Tick Tock Tick…November 2021

Read the watch. Don’t just look at it. Read it and you will see that time is up. The bell is soon to ring, and school will be out for this millennium. Exam time is about to start. Before school is done, everyone must sit for exams. That is the way it is done. No cheating in this exam; every man, woman and child will be tested on what they have been taught. Whether they were listening or not was up to them. Those that thought life was fun and entertainment and living for themselves will do poorly. The vast majority of students paid attention to the teacher at times and at other times goofed off and missed important steps. These will find the examination difficult, but not impossible; some of what they paid attention to will come back to them as they pass through the test.  And then there are My star students, those who applied themselves to their studies, every day soaking themselves in their books, going over old lessons and doing their best to understand new concepts, ideas and thoughts passed down by their Teacher.

“It will not be a review of the basics, but you will chart new territory in the revelations that I give and that are destined to be published! You will cover new ground in the spirit, for I will reveal to you secrets that have been given to none other.”



The power of the keys will cause you to have a richer and fuller relationship with Me through the Word that I speak to you.

These ones will do well –some exceptionally well– in the exam. But all must pass through the final exam. All the students that passed through the School of Life in past generations will be watching the exam of all exams. All the students that reach exam day were especially chosen for this exam; very few will be without excuse when the day arrives. I have sent teacher after teacher to the School of Life, even I Myself came at one time to give class, and the students that passed through the classes in times past were faithful to write in books what they learnt from their respective teachers. It is all there, in libraries and in books scattered around the world, on the internet, everywhere, for any student, serious or otherwise, to open, read, learn and apply.

I said that one day there would be a dearth for the Word of God; that is because for many students the exam will be a closed-book exam. The wise students, have of course, committed as much of what they have been studying to memory. These ones will be those who do excellently when exam rolls around. As for the others, well, most people should know well enough by now that if you don’t study and faithfully do your homework, then the exam is tough. There are many failing students around the world that can attest to this principal.

So My students, do you have some of that midnight oil handy? Are you one of My wise virgins? If so, then I suggest you get that midnight oil out and do some before exam cramming. A little less sleep won’t hurt you, and believe Me, you will be very, very thankful that you did as I am suggesting. Because when the door closes and you are locked in the exam room alone or with your fellow students, every minute spent studying My books now will be time well spent then. For although the exam is a closed-book exam, I, your Teacher, and many of the teachers from past millennia, will be standing beside you in spirit, and we have permission from the Head of the School to whisper answers and shortcuts and ways around some of the more difficult questions. So don’t fear, fret or worry; the answers will come flooding back to you just when you need them most.


It Was there all the time

It was what the Bible was saying all along.

An observation was made recently in regards to the Mark of the Beast. If you pay attention to the wording in the Kings James Version of Revelation 13:16, you will see that it doesn’t actually say that we would buy and sell using the Mark of the Beast. It says that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark…the word save in this line, if translated as “unless”  gives some interesting insight into what the vaccine may be all about.

No man might buy or sell, unless he that had the mark… In other words, you don’t actually use the mark/vaccine to buy or sell, but rather you won’t be able to buy or sell unless you have taken the mark/vaccine.

Revelation 13:16, 17 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save/unless he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

This thought throws a revealing light on the very real possibility that the King James Version, at least, has been pointing out how the Mark of the Beast will manifest itself.

“As the Time of the End approaches, then I will open up the stores of information and will reveal more to you, as you seek Me, as you ask, as you see the Endtime events unfolding around you.”

(The Endtime Series, Part 1)


Revelation 13:3

With the keys you have the power to walk by faith, and not give in to the Enemy’s feelings of defeat and despair.


If the mark or chip isn’t actually used for buying and selling, then the only requirement for “user” compliance would be to receive a vaccine that carries the necessary “markers” identifying the person as a member of the national/international economic system.  The scan-able “markers” would not only be hand and forehead readable but also 5G compliant. With QR and bluetooth technology in cell phones today, it makes sense why these devices play such an integral part in the national/international, cashless banking system. 


Taking the mark is simple

But the thing that led to Eves disobedience and the worst sin of all was unbelief!–Unbelief in the Word of God and believing the lie of the Devil, that was her first sin that led to the action.

Taking the mark

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The snowball that will sweep the world

Jesus speaking: There it is My love, the first glimpse of the stadium. Have I not been faithful to warn you? Have I not been faithful to train you in preparation for this day? You were faithful to believe, and here you are on the avenue that leads up to the stadium. Just ahead through the trees, you catch sight of it. The last lap, the last battle between the forces of good and evil, is upon you.

The world, the church and even members of TFI –even those that fought beside you in past years, those that sat with you in class studying the same Endtime text that you studied, and those that preached the same message on the streets all over the world. –so many are caught on the wrong foot. The wild wind of God’s spirit  moved on, and they wist not that My spirit had left them.

I have not chosen the savvy of this world, the prudent nor the worldly-wise to run this race. No, My loves, I have chosen the weak and despised, the forgotten and those that know there is only one way through this dark tunnel to higher ground. The weapons are about to be enhanced one-hundred fold. Mark My Word.

I allowed you to read the Jordan letter to show you one thing: that the dominoes are falling. First to fall will be the countries most indebted to the AC’s. I told you many months ago what is coming to your country. I asked you to warn the people, which you have faithfully done. Many people in this country, in the days and years that remain, will remember, and at the end of days, will thank you for the heads-up. The Jordan letter was My red flag to you…this flag is a warning that the stadium is very close now. Your team, and there are others, are the front runners. You may not see those around you, but that is not important. Know they are there, and keep your eyes on the road ahead. Because you have been faithful to follow Me, I will be faithful to fulfill all My promises to you. With the keys, you will rise above, and with the voice of My spirit, I will guide and direct your every step.

“Those that take this thing for convenience’s sake are erring. They are compromising at a time in history when I am asking My children to swim strongly upstream.”



The keys will enable you to face reality. Call on the keys and I will clarify anything you ask Me, and you will rise above as never before in triumph by My Spirit.


Events are going to speed up now that the flag has fallen. 2022 will be a torrid year. I am putting  the finishing touches on My program of getting you prepared to leave the system behind. Pray for your brethren who believe they can weather this storm through their own good works and standing. They have sadly misjudged the times they are living in. Pray for them, for that is all you can do now. You have faithfully warned them. All that I have made available to you, I have made available to them. It is up to each person to choose their path. Staying any longer in the spiritual lowlands is certain death. The tunnel of My will is closing quickly. As the enemy’s flood of evil fills the only escape route to the upper pastures, those caught in the lowlands will find themselves facing a struggle for life itself. But not so with you, My loves; all that I have is now yours. All My power, all My spirit warriors, the Keys and all that I have promised is at your beck and call, for you are My chosen generation.

Audio Class on “Jordan the Red Flag”



The Mark and worship

Enter center stage: The Vax.  It arrives on the world scene as the curative Holy Grail that ALL people must take in order to divert a worldwide catastrophe…but is it?


The mark and worship

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Question: What do we do if they force the vaccination on us?

Jesus: This is when My promises will come true. The door is closing, and you are being pushed off the cliff. But as you step into thin air, I will hold you up. Listen to My voice and hold tightly to My promises. As the system shuts the door and locks you out of what you need to stay alive, food, housing, and everything else, I will open a back door. You can’t see that back door right now. You can’t see any way out. You see the system.  They have asked nicely. Now, they are asking a bit more forcibly. Next, they will try to starve you out by cutting you off from what you need. Last, they will actively seek out those who are resisting their mark and their system.  But by then, I will have hidden you away. Know this, that when the system ways dry up, I will supply what you need. Continue to practice hearing from Me; that way, you will hear My directions and will know what steps to take.  Then you will see the path and recognize the back door when it cracks open enough for you to slip through.

“Get thee hence, and turn thee eastward, and hide thyself by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan. And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there. So he went and did according unto the word of the LORD: for he went and dwelt by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan. And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook.” 1Kings 17:3-6


Keys are our wilderness

The keys not only grant you faith, but will also empower you with a steady stream of confidence in My promisesthe power to put your faith into action.




waver not

It’s a matter of believing and doing, of acting on what you know by faith to be true, and a matter of putting your faith into action.

waver not

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The Remnant of the children of David

Jesus Speaking: You, My loves, are part of the greatest army that has ever walked the face of this earth. You, My loves, are about to enter the greatest battle that has ever been fought on the face of this earth. You, My loves, are My Warrior Band. You, My loves, are My cherished ones, My darling ones, My ardent ones. This year, My dearest ones, the war of the worlds is going to swing into the final lap. How long this lap will take to run, is not in My power to divulge to you at this stage, for now right now you are running the race with faith as your partner. Soon enough will the veil be ripped open, and you will see the crowds and the enemy, but that is not yet. Run, My loves, My dears, with patience and faith as your running mates. They will spur you on until such a time as the veils falls from its place, the two worlds collide, and all is revealed. Fight on, My Warrior Band, fight on. Today the sound of battle; tomorrow the victor’s song.

It is your faith that pleases Me. So yes, I deliberately put a veil over the future, and with purpose, I wrap My promises in the paper of obedience and tie them tight with the cords of the unseen. It has always been like this, starting with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My hall of faithful is full of men and women that believed My unseen promises and stepped out by faith and changed the world. Why would My children of this generation expect to be given free something as sought after and prayed for and earnestly desired and hard fought for as to be among those to stand with the remnant at the end of days.

“I see your hearts, My warriors. I see you are growing anxious, not due to fear, but to be on with the mission and to see My return. It is close now, very close. You feel it, and you want it to be so.”


an elegy

The keys of dedication have the power to keep you on the road of My highest will for your life.


I have kept the best presents for last, the biggest and grandest. They are wrapped in the most beautiful paper of My Kingdom and scattered all around you, My beloved of the end, My darlings of tribulation. Do not believe that I will delay My coming one second more than absolutely necessary once all the promises in My Word have been fulfilled. Do not box Me in. I am the wild wind of God, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning of creation and the end of Satan and all those that would usurp My authority. (continued)

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When the mainstream media channels announced the arrival of Corona,Christians in our country fell in line with the rest of the world; they donned the allessentialmask, even though its ability to protect was documented as dubious.

The world & the christian

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