great deception

Hebrews 11: 3 says, “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.


Looking at the world according to faith

“Satan’s goal is to win as many others over to his side as he can. His purpose is to spread his own insanity and delusion to others; to prove that you can live without God, that you can in fact be God.”  

Satan’s great plan to deceive man into believing that the cares or rudiments of this life are paramount to man’s existence has as one of its basic blocks the word impossible. This plan is a carefully laid foundation for his counterfeit kingdom; the plan of his great deception.

Consequently his first attack was a direct attack on the Word of God, Matthew 4: 1-11. According to John chapter 1 verse 1-14 the Bible clearly states that Jesus is THE WORD OF GOD. So Satan is at war with Jesus and by default, anyone who fights on the side of Jesus becomes Satan’s enemy. “My army is built upon My WORD. It is supplied, sustained, and maintained by My Word. Therefore, the defeat of My army can only be brought about by making My WORD of none effect.”



Satan’s plan is a carefully laid foundation for his counterfeit kingdom; the plan of his great deception.

Therefore to defeat Jesus’ recruitment push, Satan made it his goal to win as many others over to his side as he could. “His purpose was to spread his own insanity and delusion to others; to prove that you could live without God, that you could in fact be God.”

A relentless war against His written WORD was enacted; this warfare is still being waged, not only against the Word Himself, but His written Word, His Living Word (see Heavenly Communications), and against those who carry the Word out into the world in obedience to Mark 16:15. If he can get man to not believe in the Bible then his plan can move along unhindered. If he can cause familiarity of God’s Word to creep into our hearts. Then Bible passages like Hebrews 11: 3 hold very little significance in our understanding.   The word “impossible” became a key word in Satan’s arsenal. “One of the ­basic blocks of his plan lies in this hideous word “impossible. “This is the treacherous creed of the ignorant. “Impossible” is the doctrine of those who look only at the things that are seen, not the things which are unseen. Those who are void of understanding the way Jesus understands fall prey to this ugly monster. The precepts of his plan thrive in the world today. They touch every corner of the world. His philosophy is booming throughout society at large.”

By understanding this principle it becomes apparent why the Word of God has been the target of discrimination from the time it was first set into print. Many soldiers in the army of God have been laid waste or have given up their lives willingly in their attempt to translate, distribute, preach and or print this “heretical tome”. The Word of God is an affront to Satan’s counterfeit kingdom.

Viewing the world according to faith is accomplished only one way. Through reading the Words of faith. Without the “eyes of faith”, the world according to faith will not be possible. The rose colored glasses of faith will put a different hue on the world’s impossible theory. 


inverted perception

“As you accept more and more negative thoughts, it begins to darken your spirit.”

“This process inverts your perceptions, and over time it causes you to begin seeing negative things as good and good things as negative. What is happening is that you are slowly slipping into the Enemy’s upside-down‚ inside-out perceptions.”

Danger of negative thinking

“If negativity isn’t actively minimized in your life, you stand to lose your life. You will become of no effect, useless. You may have your physical shell, but your emotional, mental, and spiritual side will be overcome. It’s up to each of you as to whether you will be overcome by negativity, because it all starts in the mind, in your thoughts.”

“Whether your negativity is something that isn’t a major weakness or it’s something you’ve been battling all your life, the seat of victory is the same–your thoughts. And the seat of victory when it comes to your thoughts is in your decision to yield to God’s will..”

it sucks the life from you

“The longer you indulge in negative thoughts, the more negative you will become. It’s not a steady spiritual problem that remains the same; it’s a growing spiritual problem that will gradually get worse. And not only will the negativity get worse‚ but your negative reactions and mindsets will become more deeply ingrained. The longer a person allows himself or herself to be negative, the harder it will be to finally pull out and get the victory.” ( Danger of Negative Thinking )

“Negativity sucks the life out of you. It drains you of all hope and joy and will to live. It holds you back from growing, progressing, and stepping out to do what I ask of you. Negativity engulfs you and sours your whole life–and with time, if not fought, it just gets worse.”



art of war …the dangerous game of faith

But faith is a dangerous game, for if you don’t have faith in a certain area or a certain circumstance, don’t pretend that you have it. What I want you to do in each situation is to make your stand on faith, not on false faith. Remember, faith knows. Faith knows what the truth is, and it is the foundation of where you should stand. And then, having done all, stand. It’s as simple as that. (Art of War 2)

Warrior honing his sword

standing firm

If you follow God’s direction and make that stand, then nothing can move you, for you know it is the truth which will last forever, and when the fire is gone and the turmoil has ended, you will still be standing there right on that foundation of faith. In other words, that foundation has the capability of outlasting every other circumstance or attack. Anything that could possibly confront you is weaker than that foundation of faith. (Art of War 2)


coinage of heaven

So My goal is to get you to stand on your faith for many reasons, one of which is to develop it so that you are a mighty man or woman on Earth with strong faith that is able to protect you from any attack. And also so that when you enter eternal life you will have the coinage and value system to make you the happiest you could possibly be. There is something precious about having the privilege of living the Earth life, and faith is part of it.

Are you weak in faith?

If your faith is growing weaker‚ then you know you are not fighting effectively enough‚ and you need to examine your foundation, examine your weapons, examine your faith, look at My Word, look at how you’re fighting and find out where your weak spot is that is getting attacked and becoming weaker.(Art of War 2)



your stand of faith

When it comes to this time to endure, where I allow the Enemy to attack you for prolonged periods, I expect you not to weaken in faith. It’s like floating your faith on the waters. There’s nothing you can do about the battles except make your stand of faith, come Hell or high water. Your faith is so sure that you simply float out onto the sea, and if the storm comes, it comes; if the waves come‚ they come; if the wind comes, it comes. But your faith is still afloat, because you are on My current and you know I am in control. True gold faith, like the cork in the storm, doesn’t sink. It just keeps popping up, and nothing can sink it!