how did jesus know what to say?

“You may assume that being able to hear from My Father was a completely natural thing for Me, that it was just second nature to Me, a part of My makeup, because I was the Son of God come to Earth. But that wasn’t the case. It was very much something I had to get desperate about and work at. The Enemy fought it tooth and nail; it was an intense fight in the spirit and didn’t come easy.”

“Of course, it eventually came easier to hear from Heaven once I learned what steps to take in order to break through in spirit and receive. But even when I became proficient in it‚ there were times when the answer or direction didn’t come in an instant, when it was still a battle to receive‚ and it wasn’t just “all clear” the moment I asked.”

“The first example that comes to mind was when the Pharisees brought the adulterous woman to Me, asking, “Master, what should be done with this woman?” I knew they were testing Me and that they were out to get Me with that question, and I didn’t know how to answer it. I couldn’t rely on My Own wisdom or experience, nor did I receive the answer from My Father right away, even though I asked. That was the hardest part and was a big test for Me. Would I panic? Would I go ahead in My Own reasoning? Or would I simply not answer and walk away? What was I to do? I did not know. I will wait. I will be still in faith and wait for My Father, and I will trust.” ( who is without sin part 3)



“Those moments seemed like hours to Me‚ and to those around Me as well.-To My disciples who wondered inwardly if I had the answer to such a controversial question; it seemed like a lose-lose situation, and their faith in Me was tested. To the scribes and Pharisees, who were impatient and pressed Me, as they were eager to trap Me in front of the people. To the crowd around Me who were keen to mete out judgment. And to the woman whose faith was also deeply tested, as she awaited her sentence.”

“Then the answer came! My Father spoke, and then it was clear, and what a relief that was! It was the perfect answer and was the right thing to do. He instructed Me to say, ” who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” And because no one there was without sin, no stones were thrown that day, and I forgave the woman’s sins.” (See John 8:3-11.)




Isaiah 30:21 spirit being whispering


How to Receive Prophecy Isaiah 30:21

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith.

In the Old Testament, only certain kings and prophets and leaders received the Holy Spirit and the whole burden of leadership fell on them. But when the New Testament age dawned, on the Day of Pentecost, God completely threw out the old system of making believers so totally dependent on human leadership for their guidance, and He made every single individual Christian responsible, directly, to His Own Holy Spirit.


Everyone can have just as much of the Holy Spirit as they want or can take, and should be led individually of the Lord.

The Lord did this to prepare the Church (His followers) for an age when it was going to have to survive a lot of persecution and its members would need to be individually led by Him.

Many people think of “prophecy” as predicting the future, but this is not always the case. The word “prophecy” is taken from a Greek word propheteia that means “the speaking forth of the mind and counsel of God.”

Prophets do a lot of foretelling under the inspiration of God’s Spirit. But a further meaning of prophecy is to speak under divine inspiration, to forthtell the Words of God – to simply give God’s Word, whatever it may be, whenever it may be, at any time, at any place, to any people, whenever it is God’s will. 

Why the Living Word is needed                                                                                                                                             

We have a permanent, written record of God’s unchangeable Words in the Bible, but God is still speaking today, through prophecies, visions, and signs. These current messages from the Lord are His “Living Word.”
You may ask, “Why isn’t reading the Bible enough? Why can’t we just get our answers from the recorded, printed Word?”

How to Receive Prophecy Isaiah 30:21  

matthew 7:7

Ask and ye shall receive. Would you like a personal hotline to heaven? Well it’s not as difficult as you may think; in fact you may already be hearing God’s voice in your heart but just don’t recognize it as His voice.

Praying girl

believe and you will receive

“Sometimes the Lord’s voice of prophecy might include a verse or a quote that you know. If you ask Him a specific question and He answers you in this way, this is prophecy. Sometimes He might give you a short explanation or a bit of counsel to go along with it. What you get in reply to your specific questions is prophecy.”


ask me everything

“People are listening to Heaven more and more, because they’ve learned that prophecies provide wonderfully liberating answers to their questions and needs. It’s just become a way of life for most people.”

Praying girl

matthew 7:7

“So in order to be sure of what you need to do, when you receive a check, when you have a feeling, a hunch, a premonition, a suspicion that something is not quite right or that you should be going a different direction, or you get a “witness” to go in a certain direction, you should just shoot up a question to Me, ask Me to speak to you in prophecy and expect an ­answer, and that answer that you will receive is prophecy.”



ask and ye shall receive

The definition of prophecy is when you specifically ask Jesus to speak to you in prophecy and you receive an answer

Praying girl

talk to jesus its simple

“Talking to Me is like talking to anyone else–you just talk. When you have a conversation with someone, you don’t always make it so flowery; sometimes you just get to the point. Sometimes you build up to it, but sometimes you don’t. So it is in asking Me about everything.”

We have to keep moving

You’ve gotta move forward with the Spirit of God. You’ve gotta move forward listening to His voice and following His plan, because He’s the One Who knows where He’s going. He’s the One Who knows what needs to be done. So as you follow along faithfully‚ as you listen, as you cry out to Him, as you do what He says to do, you will be accomplishing His will and you will be swept along in His wake and you’ll move faster and faster toward the goal that He has for you—the goal of His will‚ of reaching the world, of preparing all things so that He can return one day to rescue you all and rapture you into His arms!

With many people, prayer is a one-way conversation, and they do all the talking. They pray, ―Hear, Lord, Thy servant speaketh,‖ instead of like Samuel, the child prophet, who at five years of age said, ―Speak, Lord, Thy servant heareth.

A Dedicated Spiritual Link

A pillar in the principle of hearing from god and following him day by day is that you must frequently come back to ask and make sure that what you are doing is exactly what I want you to do. This is a principle of the Spirit.


This is what prayer is all about. It is not merely some kind of religious ritual, but a living relationship.

Prayer is not just getting down on your knees and speaking your piece, but letting God speak His, too. This is why each of us is supposed to know the Lord personally and be filled with the Holy Spirit and therefore be led by the Spirit individually, so that we can personally seek the Lord and find the answers for ourselves that we need for our own individual cases.
Each of us needs to learn to follow God and to hear from Him fresh every day. God’s phone number is Jeremiah 33:3, you should memorize that number. You can’t just get inspired once and let that do for the rest of your life. We all need to hear from God.
It doesn’t have to be out loud; it doesn’t have to be with an audible voice. It can just be in that ―still small voice‖ that you feel inside of you—sometimes not even words, just an impression that you have. God doesn’t have to communicate in words; He can just give you a feeling or a picture or an idea.
His Spirit is like a broadcasting station, broadcasting all the time; you just have to learn how to tune in. If you’ve got an open channel and tune in, the Lord will fill you—your mind, your heart, your ears, your eyes. Jesus can speak anytime, anywhere, if you believe. And that thing you see or hear with the eyes or ears of your spirit will come from the Lord—and it will be such a comfort to you. Heavenly Communication.



Every great man of God, from Moses to Jesus, had to retreat alone to his mountain for a while in order to have time to meditate, pray, and commune with God.

Prayer is like breathing—just breathing the Holy Spirit all the time, being in constant communication with the Lord.

Jeremiah 33:3 God’s phone number

Your Heavenly phone 

Jeremiah 33:3 God's phone number                                                                             BUT IT DOES HAVE A PHONE !

Jeremiah 33:3 God’s phone Number. How sad that people think that God doesn’t care

Jeremiah 33:3 God’s phone number is always on and He says, ―Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. This is one of the most wonderful verses in the Bible to hang on to, especially when making decisions. We don’t have to know all the answers, we don’t have to lean on our own ideas or wisdom; we just have to lean on the Lord and His leadings. Whatever you have to do, pray about it. The Lord is always right there with you. He says, I’ll never leave thee nor forsake thee. He’s always there. So it’s never God who’s not there; it’s us who are sometimes not always there, when we run off someplace else and leave Him behind when we forget to pray.
He’s promised that if you acknowledge Him, He will direct your paths. He says, You shall hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it.  So ask the Lord about everything before you do it. Make sure it’s what He wants you to do.

Paste this on your fridge  Jeremiah 33:3 God’s phone number


How to receive prophecy pt 1 pt 2

Hearing from Heaven (Full Book 14.5mb)

mo letter/Heavenly communication


All relevant quotes and text from (Heavenly Communication)


And when thou art come in, thou shalt shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons, and shalt pour out into all those vessels, and thou shalt set aside that which is full — 2 kings 4:4.


Diamonds of dust
God’s Words are like diamonds from the sky
Faith is away from human props

They were to be alone with God, for they were not dealing with the laws of nature, nor human government, nor the church, nor the priesthood, nor even with the great prophet of god, but they must needs be isolated from all creatures, from all leaning circumstances, from all props of human reason, and swung off, as it were into the vast blue inter-stellar space, hanging on god alone, in touch with the fountain of miracles. — Streams in the desert.


Faith is listening to the still small voice

How do you have faith? By hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17) And how do you hear the Word of God? By listening to the “still small voice of God” (1 Kings 19:12). That voice that speaks to your heart when you are reading the Word or when you are praying.  It is said that our conscience is the voice of God. If so, then when we choose to ignore what our conscience is telling us then are we not hardening our hearts against the voice of God? 

Hearing from Heaven (Booklet 14.5 mb)

Prayers are sweet incense

obedience first

Practice listening to the still small voice of God then practice obedience to that voice. In so doing you are in effect building your relationship with the Lord. The blessing comes when you obey, not before. When you follow the voice of God then you will have faith that what you are doing is of God. 


Faith verses human reason

Your mind is one of the main barriers to faith. I do not say you shouldn’t use your mind. I simply say that you should not let your mind and your natural reasoning misuse you and hinder your faith.
You walk by faith‚ not by sight, logic, analysis, or outward appearance. Faith trusts in Me and does not lean to its own understanding. Faith knows that My ways are not always your ways, nor are My thoughts always your thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9). Faith trusts in the power of God rather than the wisdom of men. (Jesus speaking in prophecy)

Your prayers are like this on/off switch just leave them on
Slam that faith ON
you must build your Faith

Faith is not a complex matter. Faith is knowing, no matter what your sight or your mind says. It is given to every man to have a measure of faith (Romans 12:3)–faith to receive Jesus and to enter His Kingdom. Beyond that you must build your faith and grow your faith, and there are many ways of doing so.


no match

Human reasoning is no match for God’s wisdom so when it comes to faith verses human reason it always pays to walk by faith.