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Secrets with Jesus

“You’ll get the most out of it if you sit back and let Me talk. It will clear your channel for new things later on. Sit in the room with Me and let Me tell you a few secrets. It’s like,  just you and I are in the room. I keep it very personal.”




Seeds of David

(Jesus Speaking: )The Spirit helpers will now present themselves to you. See that you heed their advice and follow their instructions closely; for I myself have instructed them. Heed their advice, for they are heeding to Mine.

Angelic beings




Come with Vatina and explore Jesus and His realm. A fascinating journey into the Word of God. Some may even recognize Vatina as an old acquaintance.




Jesus speaking

Wait, where are you going?

Yes you’ve overslept, the hour is late, and it’s very dark out there now. You’ll need that lamp there hanging by the door; don’t forget to check the oil; all lamps need oil in order to give off good strong light. Check the wick too, is it steeped deeply in the oil? Now, before you leave open the curtain, just a crack, and take a peek outside.

What are you seeing? Is it difficult to comprehend?

Okay then turn up that wick, that’s right, a bit higher now, and let Me push back the darkness…just a little. Open your bible because there’s maybe a few sign posts you missed. Perhaps that’s why you are feeling a little puzzled.

Now, I know it’s dark in this room too, but you have that lamp in your hand, and all you have to do is keep the oil level up as high as possible, so that your little wick stays well soaked in oil.

When all the lights go out and you can’t see, there are two things you can do, Put your hands out in front of you and start groping, hoping that you don’t stumble or run into something hard, or God forbid fall into a pit. Or you can stop and listen to My voice in your heart. I know what your mind is telling you…but lift up that lamp in your hand and see what My Word is telling you in John 14:26 and Isaiah 30:21 and Acts 2:17 and 18.

Yes, it’s the time of the “whispers” My still small voice is calling you out of the world because it is much later than you want to believe, that darkness out there is almost complete.

Okay lift up the lamp again; don’t let fear of the dark creep in, you’ve got that lamp in your hand remember, and it’s light is going to help you get through what’s outside that door.

The world, as you’ve know it, has entered its last hours. The enemy is doing all he can to “draw in the net”. I do all I can to warn My beloved brides of the enemy’s attempt to smother all avenues of escape.

To achieve his goal of total governance he not only needs to control all travel routes, and those that believe they can live outside his control, but lines and means of communication between his avowed enemies must be severed. In preparation for these events I have given My children high tech communication channels: prophecy, prayer, meditation, dreams, visions etc., now is the time to use them.

Do you want Me to return and save the world? Then pray for that whilst you prepare for what the world and you must pass through before My return.

Okay, it’s no longer safe hiding in this room, you’ve got your lamp, you have a good supply of oil, now proceed to the door.

Here put this key in your pocket, believe Me you are going to need it….The battle rages, and the fight is on, but the power of the Keys to the Kingdom will see us through the darkest night and into the brightest dawn.

Dreams Visions and prophecy


introducing “seeds of David”  a series of 20 golden seed packets from god’s messengers

(Jesus Speaking: )The Angelic Spirit Helpers will now present themselves to you. See that you heed their advice and follow their instructions closely; for I myself have instructed them. Heed their advice, for they are heeding Mine.
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Somewhere in heaven

A Spirit Trip

“You’ll get the most out of it if you sit back and let Me talk. Sit in the room with Me and let Me tell you a few secrets. It’s like just you and I are in the room. I keep it very personal.”

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 Those that follow Me

Part 2–The continued answer to the question posed to Jesus, “Was it hard to never have a wife while on Earth?

Jesus speaking:

“I was requiring many of My disciples to give up the same thing—getting married and having children, either for the rest of their life or temporarily, so that they could learn of Me in the short time we had together. It was better that they were free to go and preach the Gospel without the added worry about a family that would be dependent on them. It’s Godly to care for your own, yet if they made God’s family theirs, and the family of believers their own family and cared for them rather than having their own children at this time, this would be a whole lot better for getting the Gospel out and getting news of salvation spreading.”

Secrets With Jesus Visit 2


standing at heavens gate

Howard Pittman

What I’m going to tell you is the real truth, and I know it because it happened to me. I know the difference between a vision, a dream, or a hallucination, and a real experience. And what I had was a real experience, but I’m not going to try to convince you, that’s not my job. The Lord told me to tell it, and that’s all I intend to do. If there’s any convincing done here, the Holy Spirit will do it. I’m just going to tell it as it actually happened……

The miracle occurred August 3rd, 1979. That day I suffered what appeared to be a physical death, as a result of a massive internal hemorrhage, a rupture of a main body artery, without warning. My spirit was taken from my body and carried first into the second Heaven, and finally before God in the third Heaven, where I saw many different things and received a five-point message, which God sent me back from beyond the grave to tell the world, to give the world this message…….

An appointment I could not miss–my death

The first people I met, or the first beings, are real, individual spirit beings, that are extremely powerful, and before I tell you about them I am just going to give you a few Scriptural references to their existence.
Luke 8:29 says that demons are extremely powerful. Mark 5:8-9 says that their number is so great that it’s unable to be recorded. Matthew 10:1 says that they are unclean beings. Matthew 12:24-30 points out that they are totally and completely under the authority of Satan himself. And 2 Peter 2:4 points out that some of them are fallen angels……..

But I had met my appointed time to die, and no matter how hard they worked, they were not going to preserve that life, only God could extend that. And I knew that when I came to myself, that this was it! It wasn’t that I guessed, or it wasn’t, “Oh, I feel terrible, I’m going to die.” It was a revelation that this was my time to die!…….

Standing At Heavens Gate By Howard Pittman…download Testimony Here (Under Miscellaneous)