Jesus speaking

Heed not the lies of the foul one who would seek to ensnare you in his foul scheme. “Today feast, tomorrow work” for so swift will be the downfall that comes, that you won’t be able to pick yourself out of the rubble too easily.

Today is the day of salvation—to the “saving of your house”. Prepare now, and then when the trouble hits, you will be on the safe side: heroes rather than victims.

I warn you: do not depart from the faith you have been taught. Only in clinging to the faith that I have entrusted to you will you be a beacon. The faith of your fathers is what you must hold fast to.


I breathe into your heart

(Jesus speaking:) Baby, I need you. I dream of you. I ache for you, much in the same way you do—for indeed all your feelings are encased in My heart, for you are in Me. Let’s just make it through this next part of the journey, and then we can take our fill of love.

It’s good that you need to keep coming back to Me to hear Me speaking. This gives you oxygen, like those climbing high mountains need. It’s not always the cool words or phrasing –the word pictures or even the Heavenly insight that keeps you going on and on, but more than anything, it’s what I breathe into your heart while you are taking time to listen. It’s the invisible things of the Spirit of God that buoy you up.

“For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:38, 39


Revelation 15-22

“A door will be unlocked for every need by the keys of the Kingdomsupply, healing, deliverance, wisdom, unity, insight.”





Jesus Speaking:

Gird up thy loins. Strengthen thy shield arm and grip tight the sword of My Word! Resist the devil and stand strong on the promises of God. Don’t waver, don’t doubt, and don’t let the battle feel routine in your heart! Sometimes it takes continued fighting,  a constant battle day after day with little progress, in order to win –especially when trying to break a bad habit. You know what you’re supposed to do, and you do it, but the results don’t come the first weeks, months, or even years, so you begin to think you haven’t done enough towards the war effort. You feel discouraged and like I have failed, and down you go. No, My love, look up. Look to My promises; look to the end of the tunnel. You’re living in the “now,” and the “now” tells you that you have failed, but hold on, for I have prepared for you a better tomorrow!

In that day, you will rejoice, and the things of yesterday will seem as only dreams, past experiences that have only made you a better and more hardened soldier. The feelings of now are so strong, so overwhelming –I know. I know how it is. They can seem like a blanket that totally covers your reality, your faith, your vision, your mind. Like a flood, they can seem to wash away your faith in all I have said ! But it is not so, My love. Focus on Me, focus on the power, reach up and grab My hand. Let Me pull you above the dark clouds that surround your situation!

There is a better tomorrow: a blue sky above, fresh waters ahead, and a song to be sung –a melody to the madness and hopelessness of the seemingly endless fight! Look to the heavens, look through My eyes and see the Heavenly Vision! Call on the Keys of determination, Heavenly Vision, Faith, Power, Fighting Spirit, Endurance, Strength, Love, and Trust! The battle is long, but I will not fail. The trials and the tests continue, yet you have not failed. Fight on and continue on no matter how monotonous it feels! Tomorrow you will sing!

It’s like a siege on an enemy city. You’ve got his city surrounded, and you’re waiting for his troops to starve. I’ve told you how to go about this battle, and you’re obeying. You’re fighting to the best of your ability: you’re calling on the Keys and hearing from Me. You’re not perfect, but you’re trying. So you’ve been waiting day by day, stopping any supplies from getting in, fighting off his raids, and keeping your troops on all the exits. But it’s taking time. You can’t see what’s going on inside, and you don’t know how long he’s going to last. You’re just obeying My orders to keep them in. Don’t give up on the long battle. There are great treasures of victory and spiritual progress to be had. If only you will fight on, you will have them! Fight, My love. You’re making progress. You’re learning and growing! Praise Me for the falls, praise Me for the battle, praise Me for the victories, I love your praises! Fight, My love, I love you!

(End of prophecy)


“There is a better tomorrow: a blue sky above, fresh waters ahead, and a song to be sung — a melody to the madness and hopelessness of the seemingly endless fight!”


Revelation 21

“All the power of Heaven and dominion over Hell is given to the children of David through the keys of the Kingdom, their reward.







my beloved walk in faith

(Jesus speaking: ) The beloved of the Lord. How dear these ones are to Me. How close I hold them to My heart. I never want them to be far, for then the pain starts in My heart. I want them to always know how important they are, how vital they are to Me and My plans and the overall running of My Kingdom.

Honey, you’ve just got to make it around the next bend. So much will be clarified then. I want you to hold on in faith. That is the goal of the clouded way, to hone your muscles of faith, otherwise you’d just go on with sight, meanwhile your faith muscles would be lacking the skill-training needed.

Be glad for the clouded pathways, the places where you can’t see your way clearly, for you are being readied to make it through the part that comes next. Step by step, I do it all just right.

“When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against him.”

That is a promise from My Word that no matter who or what is set on attacking and hindering you, I will set upon them with a force when My Spirit is called on.

Who is troubling you? Who dares to put their hairy finger on you, My beloved? Tell Me about it, and I will see to it that they are stopped and their plans are hindered. So there is nothing to fear, really, just something to ask—to put your needs into prayerful words that go right to My throne of grace.

Come to Me, darling, and let Me hold you dearly and close to Me. I love vindicating My dear ones and giving them what they rightfully deserve—a place close to My side.

Come, let us commune. There is more that you don’t know than things you have accurately figured out.

You wonder about where to live and just what the future holds? I say step out on the water and see what I’ll do for you.  I will care for My own, for that is what I have promised to do. The flood sweeps, but you are maintained.


Isaiah 59:19 So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

“Who is troubling you? Who dares to put their hairy finger on you, My beloved? Tell Me about it, and I will see to it that they are stopped and their plans are hindered.”


The lamp






Jesus speaking about affliction

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I will deliver the afflicted out of them all. I afflict the flesh for a purpose. However, My purpose is often missed by the aggrieved because they allow the pain and distress to blind them to what is happening within. If their eyes could be opened and they could see beyond the trials of the flesh, they would realize that a wondrous thing is coming to light. They would see growth of spirit and soul. Once the fires of affliction have cooled and passed away, there is left the ash, and from the ash often a lily grows. The flesh cries out in seeming torment as the soul rejoices in newness of spirit. A wise soul would not so readily wish to be lifted from the fire of affliction, because it knows of the benefits suffering brings. If you will allow Me, I would use the trials and tribulations of this life to bring great strength to your spirits. It is true that I do not enjoy seeing My beloved suffering, but in My wisdom I know that these many afflictions bring depth of spirit to a soul who is tried in this way. I have given the keys to help you endure these times of lessons, they are there to help you stand, and they are there to help open your eyes to the deeper things of the spirit. They will help you see and understand the reason you are on earth and why many afflictions are placed upon you. Do you seek to be released before My work is done? Do you plead with the Master craftsman to cease from His task, to step back from the wheel, to put down the mallet and leave that mar in your clay? Lift up your key ring dearest love and choose the key of My wisdom and allow Me to finish My work.

Let us work together on this project called you; resist not the breaking and bruising, turn your will over to Me and stay on the workbench called life. If you wish for My will to be done then resist not, yield to My fingers that push and ply and place pressure on the sore parts; to reach the soul I often have to use the flesh.  Seek not to be loosed beloved bride; I am only preparing you for our wedding day.”


“Don’t allow the flesh to dictate what your soul and spirit longs for. Many are the afflictions of My beloved, but if you will allow, in My good time, when I know My creation is ready, I will deliver you out of each and every one.”


the happy end

“Claim the miracles of healing and restoration of body that you need through the power of the keys, and that power will be unleashed, bringing the miracles you need.”





We three are one

Jesus speaking:

Ah, the mystery of the Heavenly Trinity; something so past finding out, yet at the same time the simplest of all there is to know in the realm beyond. Just like a-b-c and 1-2-3 are some of the first things you learn in school, so are the basics of the Trinity taught upon your entry into My realm, when you arrive here.

A-Almighty God, the I Am; B-the only Begotten Son, the Beloved of God; C-the Comforter and Counselor.

It’s a three-in-one deal. It’s not all that complex really. But do you know why it is difficult for humans to grasp it?

Because of the way things are –oh so separate– there on planet X. –The “X” of God, unless you choose to join Him and be one with Him again.

So why am I talking about this, at this time? Because the day is nearing, the glorious day, when you too, all My beloved, will once again be one. And what a glorious time, what a feast of love it will be. Just as I am only a part of the Trinity of Heaven, so are you only a part of the great and big family of the God to whom you belong. Being a “part” means that you won’t ever need to be “apart” as in separate, ever again.

You’ve done the earth life thing. You’ve learned so very much –and been through a whole lot while at it. But when it’s time to recall those who really would rather not be all on their own on into the distant future, but would rather join Me and My Bride, My Tribe, and all be one as a team, then together we will ever be. And just what that is like, you’ll have to experience  for yourself.

But the first lesson will be on the a-b-c and 1-2-3 of the Trinity. When you get a closer picture of how it all works, then you’ll find your own place more easily, where you fit in, and mostly how very needed you are in the arrangement.

Once you see and feel and know how very intrinsically you are a part of the whole, you will finally feel, at last, that you are home. Becoming one with God—with all that is a part of God, the joining, the fusion at last—will be the most explosive orgasm you’ve ever had. When you finally do become one with the whole being of what “God” is, your God, the one who made you, and you are joined to the team, knowing how very essential you are; it’s something too far-out to describe right now.

Ah, I long for that day—the ‘become one in every way’ day.

So what if they cast you off from their company there on earth; you have the biggest and best wedding and full family waiting for you because you were an outcast and cast yourself on God alone.

Oh, My precious and most loyal ones who would rather Me, Your risen Lord, King and Mediator, than any recognition on Earth or the praise of man. I will see to it that all the love that you need will be given freely to you. I won’t withhold one iota of pleasure and goodness for those who have given all that up in order to be counted as Mine.

I will throw the biggest and most elaborate celebrations in honor of those who gave up all that they did in order to give Me their best, their most.

Dear ones, come close to Me. How I cherish even the most menial gifts you can give. For indeed, all you can give is very very small compared to all that I have. But compared to what you have, it is much, or most, or at times –all you can do. And so I cherish it, and will reward you in wonderful ways, at the time you will benefit from it the most.




to bring joy

Jesus speaking:

The fires of testing are hard, even for the toughest of men on this planet.  Why do I even allow it? You know I could have just let you all live a life of ease  –that no matter what you or others did, nothing would hurt you or trouble you for long. I could have made it that sin didn’t matter, that rebellion didn’t bring consequences, and that this planet was a place with one bit of fun after the next.

But what would you learn then? And by learn, I mean what would you come to know about God,  what He is like, and how to be more like your Heavenly Father? The purpose of being more like us is so we can at last finally be together forever. And that, My dear ones, is going to be heaps more fun than a life of ease where nothing tries you, tests you, or hurts you in any way. Pain of some sort is the learning stick that teaches you what is good and what is evil.

Having the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the blood system of humans means that you witness and experience just that: the fruit or consequences of knowing and doing good or evil. That’s the kind of “knowing” that this fruit brings to the human existence—experiencing the type of conditions, the consequences, the results that come when either good or bad thoughts are part of life.

But I want you to remember what the end goal of  this mess-filled world is. There is suffering and troubles–but the end goal, for those who choose a better way, is eternal bliss and extreme joy that goes on for eternity. I want you to be so filled with joy in the afterlife, that even the worst circumstances that might have been part of your short, earthly existence seem little more than a pimple that is soon cleared up. Things just won’t matter then like they do to you now.  While you are  living this life,  they are meant to matter to you. You are meant to endure the fires of testing, though with Me at hand, it doesn’t need to be felt the way that many unsaved or rebellious ones have to endure.

Remember, I was with the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace. Yes, the fire was hot, but they were not consumed. And then as a result, a witness and a testimony was shown and declared, not just to the nation and king at the time, but all down throughout history, wherever the book and word of mouth declared this most amazing event.

You may go through the fires, but you won’t be burned, that is to say– killed off, finished off before your time. You will live through the heartache or the needs, the pains, the afflictions, and yet go on to win new victories when the tests of the moment become a thing of the past.