USED mudmen


“Life for Me, as a disciple, requires discipline. All your principles, all you believe in and all that you are training for revolves around a code of behavior. It means obeying rules and receiving punishments when you disobey. But it’s not just following the rules; it is so much more than that. It needs to be your way of life, your code of ethics, being motivated and having a desire to be willing, to want to move forward, to grow and to be open for Me or others to point out areas of needed improvement and correction when there are mistakes and wrong doing. Motivation needs to be there. Mostly a very deep closeness to Me needs to be there so I can have deep, open and honest communication with you. Your heart and spirit need to be open to Me so we can have a free-flowing, two-way relationship. You know you need Me, and you need Me to instruct you and lead you and guide you pretty much every step of the way. Many times it’s more than just some instructions; it’s opening your eyes to things you just haven’t been seeing and understanding. Usually hard stuff, probably because you were a bit off track and didn’t want to see them. Sometimes it comes in a flash of revelation, but other times, mostly, it is more of a slow dawning over time. Depends how surrendered you are. And then the next part after realizing or receiving what I’m trying to show you is enacting it. It’s the willingness to keep climbing the mountain. So My love, are you disciplined? Are you readily listening and motivated and encouraged to make perhaps painful steps? Yes, change is difficult, and it’s uncomfortable to be doing things differently than what you are used to. You could feel slighted; you could feel your heart hurting. It may not even seem fair. So what do you do then? When I bring along crises, they are for a purpose. There is a foothold there that I’m trying to get you to see, a discipline I want you to embrace so that you can take a step up higher. Look for the foothold, My love. Things don’t just happen for nothing. You can be learning and growing as much as you are willing to see and asking Me what that big rock in your way is. How are you supposed to tackle it to keep moving up the path? When your eyes are not open, when your spirit is closed and not sensitive to My touches, you get stuck on the rock and can’t move on. You are wallowing, My love, in that place. Wallowing means you don’t want to see. Wallowing means stubbornly hanging on to wrong attitudes and incorrect ways of seeing things. It means you don’t really even want to do what I’m asking you to do to get around that rock or move it out of the way. You feel you deserve to wallow a bit there in that place because what I am asking of you is just a bit too hard to do. It’s not something you’d personally choose and it might take some effort or it might be humbling and a blow to your pride. People might notice and what will they think? Or it may just be very difficult and painful on your heart and I might be asking you to lay something very dear to you on the altar of sacrifice.

Acceptance takes so much yieldedness, so much laying down of yourself and what you want. It’s so hard and so sad. But it reaches a point where you have to decide, otherwise you get stuck in that place and you don’t move forward. It becomes self-pity. But self-pity is luxuriating in self. You are basking and reveling and rolling in a selfish mud puddle of ‘you’. It makes you feel lazy and relaxed and you don’t really feel much like making the effort to get up and out of that comfy warm, soothing mud. It rather irritates you, actually, that you have been exposed and are being asked to clean up your act. You have been rather enjoying yourself and feel you deserve to be in that mud. After all, you think you have done enough, given enough. You feel justified in being there. You have sacrificed so much. And you don’t really want to get out anyways. So My love, what will it be? You have to choose. Can you see that your growth has been held back with feeling sorry for yourself? You just don’t move forward. You feel you deserve better. Better than what I’ve put before you? Self-righteousness is so restricting, so blind. It’s such a dead end. Why have you had so many battles? Why do you seem to struggle so and be continually entangled in your battles? It’s blindness to accepting what I wish for you to do. You so stubbornly only see it your way and fly off the handle in your mind and take that path that your emotions take you down, based on your feelings, which many times are wrong, probably because you have been slighted. You feel hurt. Yes, hurts will come. But they could be sorted out if you were more open and yielded. Maybe you are wrong. Maybe you are right, but you just need to forgive and accept the apology –quickly and not hold onto the hurt…ammunition, right?

Will Tribulation begin this year 2022?

USED ammo

Don’t use it on your friends

use it on the enemy!

“You are basking and reveling and rolling in a selfish mud puddle of ‘you’. It makes you feel lazy and relaxed and you don’t really feel much like making the effort to get up and out of that comfy warm soothing mud.”


March 2022


Spiritual Warfare



April 2022


Explosions 1



Mystical Bible Emblem

Spirit Helper Speaking:



“The breach in the wall has come due to your indifference to the Words of the King. You haven’t made them your lifeline. When have you last sought Him to speak to you personally and really cherished it like you would something you absolutely must have? He doesn’t want to be a side line “can have if you like it” type of God, whom you add to your life as some kind of ingredient or flavor, but he wants to be the heartbeat of your life, the reason you live and what makes you breathe and get up in the morning.

There will be other methods used to continue to bring this principle home.

Let His Word be what wakes you up every morning and the last thing you think about as you drift off to sleep. By reviewing and committing small portions of it to memory, you take in bite-sized pieces of scripture—both new and older; that is truly “feeding on the Word of God”.

Every week there can be something new that you are focusing on and learning about, and part of that learning can be to both hear from the Lord in prophecy on that topic, as well as committing to memory something already written down about it.

Can you do this please? It will make a world of difference both to you and to those who are trying to assist you and help you make it through life from the unseen part of the battle. It is like equipping them with weapons to protect you, for every bit of God’s Word that you have running through your head is something they can use to direct you in safe paths of life. The more you know of God’s Word, the better off you’ll be.

(Jesus speaking: ) Don’t give the enemy any place by leaving too many rooms open—that is to say hours or moments open where My Words aren’t controlling the mood and directing the mental activity. Keep your guard up and you’ll be more at peace in the thoughts department.

The first course of study can be on each of the new weapons that you know of.  Memorize key passages on each one, including a verse, a new weapon explanation and so forth. They needn’t be long, but concise. It will bring you victory to have these weapons at your disposal.”

“If you begin to tire, claim the keys of tenacity, claim the keys of focus to hold back whatever physical distraction is interfering. Claim the keys of greater faith and rebuke analyzing and other interference in your mind.”




You Are Worthy to Suffer for My Name’s Sake

“A mother’s heart just wants to make everything right. It wants to soothe and make her child better and take away the pain. It cannot bear to see her child hurt so. She would rather take on your pains rather than to see you suffer. But at the same time her heart is filled with pride and admiration at the battles her child is facing and fighting so determinedly. She knows it is needed and must be, for the making of her child into the man or daughter of God, that He so desires. The path He has you on and the depth He is taking you shows her that your choices have been for Him. Even though there is anger and resistance and unyieldedness at times, she knows this must be; that it is all part of the process of refining her child. She waits on the shoreline, waiting and watching and praying for her child’s ship out at sea in the heavy storm, calling on the keys and legions of spirit help to rush to her child’s side and for our Lord to become more real and close. She is apprehensive but as she stands waiting out the storm she reminisces on her own stormy days and is reassured by her Husband that He brought her through many wild and terrifying, turbulent times. He did it for her and He will surely be there for her children. So she trusts and puts her hand in her Lover’s again and steps back to let Him do what only He can do. She cannot rescue them but she can employ all the weapon power she can to rush in and fortify her children from the raging battle. That is the very most she can do. And even though her heart is hurting and pains her, seeing how they are tossed to and fro, she smiles, because she knows her Husband is at work in their hearts and this pleases her very much to know that He counts them worthy to pass through such turbulent waters as He too passed. They are worthy and Jesus chose them to be His representatives and for that she is more happy than the pain they must suffer. They are choosing aright and great will be their reward and greatly will they be used.


Joy of joys to a mother’s heart! Well done my beautiful, courageous sons and daughters. I am so proud of you. Continue to hold high the torch and to pass on the baton to your brothers and sisters. We are counting on you.

Take up the serum, David’s fighting serum, to defy the evil one that attacks you and then turn around to those fighting beside you to help them too. You too are leaders and commanders to your people and is the purpose of your trial by fire. So be encouraged and fight on for the purpose for which you have been called, our brave fellow warriors. It is a pleasure and honor to be fighting by your side. The keys are our armor, make them yours too. And they will bring you into the brightest day! Hallelujah!”


“The battle rages and the fight is on, but the power of the keys will see us through the darkest night and into the brightest day!”



The Fight Is On

“The keys of the Kingdom will empower you to live the Law of Love.”

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April 2022


The Humble Get Stamina



March 2022


Prophecy Vitamins Prayer Pt. 1



The Old Wineskin

Reminiscences of an Old Guard during a Visit to the Wine Cellar

“Sipping from The Old Wineskin , there’s nothing like it…ahhhh. Nothing changes; there’s the old familiar taste that I grew up on. I like the look of it, and I love the taste of it… that old vintage…I remember the first day I tasted it. I was young and it made me feel so revolutionary and somehow different from all those silly systemites around me. They couldn’t see what I saw after I’d taken a good swig.

Now what is this I see on the shelf, a shiny new bottle with the year 2022 on the label? I wonder who put this here? It wasn’t the old winemaker David; he’s long gone, yet right here on the label it says produced at David’s Winery…hmmm.”

Old guard takes a sip…

”It’s fruity, has some tang to it, kind of bites the tongue, too fresh I’d say, bottled too early, must be some new hand working at the winery. Don’t think I like it, where’s that old vintage? Oh yes, here’s some. Now this is what I call wine. Wow! Look at the date on this bottle, 1976…ahhhh, that was a great year, a vintage year. Humph, don’t know where that new winemaker got his certificate; imagine calling himself a wine maker… winemaker indeed.”

Sips the deep red 1976 and burps…

“Well, whilst I’m here I may as well take a look at what else they have in the cellar…Let me see, oh yes, this looks like an interesting year…2005. I wonder…hmmm. I see that the seal has been removed and the cork’s only halfway inserted and…that’s interesting…let me see what the label says.”

“Art of War Part 5”…“It all comes down to how you receive My NewWine-via the GNs, and via your live contact with Me moment by moment. Whether you are thirstily drinking it in and accommodating it within your spirit, or whether you are rejecting it-even in part-and aren’t able to readily receive it. It depends on whether you are moving ahead into the new ways that I am giving you, or whether you are clinging to the old ways-even old ways that once came from Me.”

(Jesus: ) No, it’s not that you should always prefer the new wine over the old. There is lots of wonderful vintage wine which is just as powerful and true today as ever. But you should not be stuck only on the old wine, without drinking in the new wine. If all you want to read and absorb is the old wine, then you’re going to get left behind in the past. You need both new wine and old.”

Sometimes My New Wine is sweet to your taste and easy to receive‚ but that’s not always the case. It’s because the Enemy fights you, and he’s continuously trying to get you to be an old bottle, to harden your wineskin, to make you feel like rejecting the New Wine of My Spirit when it’s uncomfortable to receive. So he uses sensitivity in this way-either by making you feel sensitive to the Word and thus not willing to apply it to your life, or making you sensitive to what others say so that you don’t accept their counsel or correction or instruction, and even making you too sensitive to receive My fresh Words in prophecy.”

“If you want to be new bottles, you will be, as you keep yielding, as you receive the fresh flow of New Wine with open and receptive hearts, and as you yield to the New Wine Maker.”

Be an avid lover and believer of My New Wine. My Words will keep you new, if you live them and obey them. Keep up with the New Wine. Keep up with the revelations of My Spirit. Make it a priority to study them and live them.”

Old guard stops reading label…

”Wow, that was a mouthful…but it did get me thinking about that winery down along old World Service Road. What ever happened to that place…is it under new ownership? I heard that it just closed its doors one day and moved away. They say there’s a timeworn sign on the old place that reads “Reboot.” I wonder if that has got anything to do with making new wine. Okay let me see… what else is on this shelf? Oh here’s one, good year too…1995. Amazing, the label has the ingredients written on it”

…old guard reads…

Getting accustomed to the new wine        8grams

Ungrateful attitudes towards prophecy    10grams

Jewelry House prophecy    11grams

Old and new wine; grass and grain prophecy     12grams

Open your hearts with faith and receive the new wine    13grams

I might just take this one home with me and sit down over dinner with wifey and pop the cork. Wait on; what’s this say under the list of ingredients?”

“For me this `new wine’ straight from Heaven is the most feeding, encouraging, convicting, inspiring, challenging, beautiful and Heaven-sent yet! It’s wonderful to have Dad still speaking to us through these prophecies.”


“Ha, would you look at that! The venerable old wine maker himself is still at it…and it looks like he did move shop…all the way to the Heavenly City. God bless his soul…and it says he’s still whipping up some spirit-filled brews…amazing!”

Old guard checks his watch.

“Oh dear, look at the time…is it that late? Gosh, time slips by when you’re reminiscing. Let me grab one more bottle before I leave. I say, this wine cellar is a fascinating place. I’ll make a quick choice. Maybe there’s a good vintage closer to the door, some new stuff that’s just been bottled…haha. Listen to me, talking about new wine now. Maybe it was that cocktail I threw back when I first arrived…better check the label before running home. Oh goodness, what on earth is this? …another  of those 2022 bottles. Perhaps I could get use to the flavor. What does it say here?…fascinating indeed…How to make your own wine…by the Master Wine Maker Himself. It says bottled on March 04, 2022—The Keys Are Your Wilderness…What a curious title.”

“My loved one, you who keep My Word close to your heart will be kept in the hour of tribulation. All those faithful Children of David, who have held closely to the revelations I’ve sent down the pipe to David, Maria, Peter and now you in the form of new…new wine will see a parting of the veil and will pass through the fire but not be burnt. Hold that fast which thou hast that no man take thy crown. You are My dearest ones right in the center of My will…you have the Key of prophecy…you are listening to the My still small voice, you have your Key to the wilderness of My spirit in your hand and all you have to do is obey and do exactly what I tell you to do in those hours that you spend with Me in our bed of love. Do not fear what is coming upon the children of men, for you live in another dimension. Call on the keys of 5th dimension when things look bleak to the carnal mind, and I will be there instantly to direct your next and every step. Obedience to My will is what has kept you safe all these years, and your obedience to My will through the voice of My Word will continue to do so even unto the time of the End. I will not fail to show you what your next step is…willing to go willing to stay…remember? I love you and am waiting expectantly for our next rendezvous xxxxxxx” 

“Wow that was spicy! What is this at the very bottom of the label? It’s the logo; now that’s a funny place to put it…’Reboot your life; drink new wine today’. Oh yes, how could I have forgotten, the Keys of prophecy.  I have one in my office desk drawer. Fancy forgetting it was there. Silly me, seems I’m losing my memory. I think I’ll take a look at it after dinner.”

Looking at the label again.

“This label is fascinating…Hey lookie here…a message from David himself…I wonder what he has to say… recent too, February 2022.

“Hello son, the words of life are still flowing. The new wine is pouring down, and it takes a big cup of faith to hold it all. We are pouring down some pretty interesting revelations of late. The Alice series has some deep truths and hidden mysteries that have taken a lot of faith to see. The enemy is fighting this one just as much as he fights all the new wine that is passing through your channel. Don’t allow him an inch. It is in his interest to delay or even stop this wine going out.”

Old guard stops reading then stares into the bottle of new, new wine, reminiscing about the past few years, then comes back from some past memory…

“Oh my, the time, yikes!!! The wife will have my neck…I know, I’ll slip this bottle of new wine into the shopping basket and surprise her…old guard snickers. Funny but I was just reminded of that bottle of liqueur I drank many years ago called Revolutionary Sex…hmmm…I wonder what’s inside this stuff…maybe it will do the trick!”


“So don’t get so stuck with either a name, a method or a message that you can’t change from day to day with whatever God has for you that’s new, new wine, new message, new method, new way! Because if you do, you’re sunk or you’re broken because you’ve become an old bottle!” (DO #251)

“In humility and desperation, call on the keys of change, regeneration and deliverance to make you a new man-one who loves Me and My Word above all, and who is an embodiment of the new weapons and moves of My Spirit.”


April 2022


What If Part 1-4



April 2022


Ezekiel 38



“Fill your lamp and carry a vessel of oil. Don’t be like the foolish virgins who didn’t have oil when the Bridegroom came and were left behind in the dark. Sweetheart, the darkness is closing in really quickly now, and you’re really gonna want to have that lamp full and ready. Don’t be slack just because things in this part of the world are moving slowly and look peaceful; it’s not that way in the rest of the world. The beast is preparing to take his place and the Endtime is really starting. Now is not the time to fiddle your time away on time wasters. Now is not the time (not that there’s ever a time) to let your mind wander and go to the things of the flesh and world. Now is the time to fill up with the Word, to stock up your lamps and vessels and be as ready as you can for the Bridegroom. Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him. You will not see your way through the days ahead if you don’t have a good supply of oil and key power to light your way”…submitted by a young person



Keys of rising above

“As you use and cherish the keys of longing and desire, you will always long for more of Me and My Spirit.”


“Matthew 25:1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.  And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.”



April 2022


Tribulation Station



April 2022


Wrap Up The Christmas Monster


Cos honestly I’m so alone

Jesus speaking: I never ever left you. I see you even in your darkness and I’m here by your side.

Call on the keys. Come to My bedchamber and let Me make sweet love to your spirit. I’m in love with you, you know? And I do have your life in My hand and am in control of everything that happens. It wasn’t a mistake for you to come to earth; I am not just using you for My own ends. I am not a liar. Satan is the liar. He is the one that tortures you in your own mind and feeds you lies that lead you down the paths of destruction. I am not against you; I am not reveling in your pain and smirking at your tears and lonely heart. No, My darling, that is Satan. He wants to turn you against Me, so the way he is in his heart he tells you I am. He pulls from the hatred he has for you and Me and tries to make it out that I feel that way toward you. But he is nothing but a liar. He can do nothing to you without My permission and yes, I have allowed him to whisper these things to you to see if you would recognize him for who he was and to show you just how much he hates our love. Although it disgusts Me, and I hate to let that creature anywhere near you, My wife, it is necessary as a test. So I plead with you, that you will see the truth and rebuke him and come lie in My arms. There you will find the love that you need, there you will find the peace of mind and there you will find the power to rise above.



the key to rise above



“When you are lonely or heartbroken, call out to Me and I will fill you with My key power of love that will put joy and comfort in your heart in place of sadness and despair.”



March 2022


Deep Waters



March 2022


Alone But Never Alone