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More from the “Seeds of David”: Ancydea

I know you are hurting, Darling. We all are. But it’s a pain that will pass. We’ll light up again and fly high with new joys before time is up. Be glad you have time left on your hands. And if you feel you are broken in too many ways to get those wings to fly again, then just run; run with all your might, and He’ll renew your strength. Before too long, the wind might just catch your wings and straighten them out again, and even if you can’t flap them hard and fast yet, the wind under your wings will hold you up and get you buoyed up and gliding.

Wounds are hard to recover from, but take heart and know that not one bit of the suffering and pain of the current situation is going to be wasted. It’s going to be milked for the most it can, and bring back good into your life.

No, darling, you didn’t fail—you are still in the game and still doing your best, even if “best” doesn’t look as shiny as you’d like it to be. You did your best under enormous challenges and tight circumstances. But just because you didn’t reach your ideal goals doesn’t mean you didn’t do what you were mean to do.

You see so many failures, so many broken tools that you tried to use. So many plants that just didn’t grow like you were hoping they would. It’s going to be a tough fight now. Nothing about it is easy. Prayer is going to see you through. Prayer and a bit of perspiration. … Be brave. You really can’t tick every box and feel like a winner in all things.

But did you hear from Jesus about something today? And did you put into practice at least one or two things that He asked of you in the past little while, to the best of your ability? Good Darling. Your heart is right, even if your hands and feet can’t work and run as fast as you’d wish, and not as many “priorities” are tended to each day. Be brave. It’s all going to come together like a grand, numerous piece, multi dimensional puzzle. 

And we’re not over yet. There’s more to come, you’ll see. And remember too, that when you are serving the Lord, there is plenty that won’t seem right to your eyes –right now– that is. But you are not the judge. You can leave the final score up to the One who made the game.

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Prophecy bites

Beautiful is the gift of loving…

More from the “Seeds of David”: Aphrodite

Beautiful is the gift of loving. It’s something that can only be given. It’s a gift. And once it is given, it is meant to be poured out again. People get the mistaken idea that love is something to hold. But you can hold love as easily as you can hold air. If you try to hold in a breath of air for too long, it gets uncomfortable, doesn’t it? So it is when love is kept in and kept to one’s self. Love can only be received and must be given away.

Why? Because it’s from God, and that is His nature—always moving, interacting, and out pouring, and never withholding.

So if you need more love in your vessel to do a better job for your King, remember that it comes from above. That’s the storehouse for it.

It’s not like people have a generator that can make electricity. People think that since love can be felt and shared with one another, that being together will help generate love, without any Upward involvement. But people are not generators of love unless they have an Upside source pouring it into them.

So this being the case, you don’t actually have to have a soul around to feel God’s love filling you and making you feel love for others too.  It can happen without your consent—the outpour of love into your being.

So if you need to have an “oil up” of love for someone, or they for you, to make things go better, tap into the source. Ask for it from the true generator of love. And I or someone like me might be sent to your heart or the heart of another, as a sort of “dispenser” or vial of love.

Just think, the things that are so “spiritual” to you there, that can’t be seen and touched but are from God, are in actuality real and tangible things on this side of the veil or at least here you will have the spiritual senses to see and feel them as real things.

Love can be used as an “uncracking” element too. And that’s what your dear heart fears. Like a seed soaked can burst its skin and the water seeps in; or like a nut is cracked and can then be appreciated, so can the liquid of love open up people’s hearts and minds. Then more growth can occur. And this can sometimes be rather painful, for one might wish to keep closed and safe; safe from new feelings or new interactions. Safe from prying eyes getting a glimpse into something less-than-perfect within the shell of one’s heart.

But into the water you go, dropped in to soak, and then pop, you open up and begin to grow in new ways.

Get ready for spring. It will bring new blossoms in your soul in ways you haven’t yet predicted.

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Prophecy bite

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Oh, how beautifully it unfolds, this flower of their life. One petal at a time, it opens up to reveal the lovely creation it is. You watered them with your tears, prayers, words, loving and nurturing. Now is the time it opens and others see what has been growing all this time.

The coloring of the flower came from your heart. The shape of the petals, from the experiences they had. The length of the stem, from the choices they made to do this or that. And what is in the center of this unfolding flower? You don’t really know yet. It’s still unfolding.

 (Spirit helper speaking 🙂 You can’t always predict where they will take the flame of light that you have entrusted into their hands; the flame being the truth that you have given to them. Sometimes it seems they veer off the pathway so far, and you can hardly see the flame they carry; so much so that you wonder if they still have a light at all guiding them. But you’ve done your part, and now you can trust the One who is overseeing the full game and knows where all the players are; to keep watch and to bring them around to the best place they are to be in.



prophecy bites

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. You have to be still to listen. What is “being still”? Not trying to do so much of this and that; having your plate, your mind filled with your works, but filled with, well, “filled” with a bit more of a void, a hunger, a little empty spot.

That’s how you can “love your neighbor” and not speak roughly, or in stressed out ways.

You have to leave a bit more room for more—something more than yourself and your works; whatever it is that is filling your plate. You each have so many things to tend to, and the more you head into your day the more things flood your mind. This means there is little room left on your plate, on your schedule, in your time, mind or heart for someone else’s feelings, thoughts, ideas and needs.

But just do as that saying goes:  ‘leaving the dinner table not completely full for better digestion’. So do this with your mind and heart and time; leave a bit of room to think about someone else and what they might be feeling and needing. Always keep a spare bit of time to share with those “unexpected needs”. Keep something in reserve. It’s like being a little bit hungry all the time for something that someone else might need you to do, or need to say to you.

Are you so full with your own big plans and agendas that you can scarcely even say hello in the morning? You may, in an empty sort of way, but more often you start talking about your needs and troubles, or big to do’s. Is that all that fills your heart and time? Why not leave a little pocket of empty place that the Lord can fill with someone else’s heart and needs.

Go about your day thinking, “I wonder who or what will fill that bit of, ‘I’ve got spare to share with you’, part of me.” Look for it, and then when someone has something on their heart and they need you to have a few minutes to talk with them, or someone says, “Can you help for a moment please” or an unexpected note comes in that does need answering and you need to put your own work aside in order to pray about it and answer wisely—then you know that is what was meant to fill that bit of pocket room, or margin, you reserved for others.

Your day may be full and you might have done everything you could, and God bless you for that, but if it has only been filled with YOUR to do list. If your words were only about what filled your own heart and life, then to Jesus it’s really not a totally “full” day. It is only when you give and share of yourself with another, helping fill some of their needs, is it then a completed day, well lived.



prophecy bites

(Angelic helper: ) This life is too short to live everything that could and maybe should be lived out.

Do you really wish to reach the end of it having tasted only this and that, little bites, but never having reached a single goal that you were meant to reach with your one short life?

Let things go so you can grab on to the few things that you can see through to completion without a lot of competition for your attention and time.

You feel so very stifled, but that’s good as you need there to be tough boundaries or you’d go every which way to make good happen, but seldom complete a single thing for your Lord and King. It’s been hard enough as it is so far. There are just so many needs to fill.

Your love cup will be topped up one of these days, and all the things you’ve had to put a pause or stop on will be opened up. You’ve got eternity to explore all kinds of possibilities. Just not now or you’ll be sorely disappointed with the loss of not having reached the top priority. It’s a “high calling” that means anything lower in importance can’t be part of the plan. You just focus on the few goals you’ve been given and give them your all.

Fulfillment will come, all in good time, my dear one. We’ll see to it, as we know what you feel. We know the loss or pain that it is, and how you miss those things that you’ve had to forsake. We who are helping you reach your goals get to help make things up to you. Okay? It’ll be better then anyway –much better and so much more fulfilling than just having all your cookies here, right now in the paltry way.



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prophecy bites

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Let me open up the treasure box that is in your chest—your heart. It’s time to check how the jewels are doing. Polished and shiny enough? These jewels only come through times of forsaking and giving your heart and soul to your Redeemer. Tears turn to jewels and solidify over time, even growing bigger when you give the reasons for those tears over to Jesus to hold those tender parts of your soul.

How exactly do you “give” something to Jesus? You let Him be the one to be concerned about what happens next –and what happened before. If someone gives their valuables to another person for safekeeping, then they are entrusting the responsibility to them. They don’t go around thinking constantly about them. That would defeat the purpose of letting another have the care of them. You don’t both need to carry around the concern.

So give your thoughts to Jesus; stop thinking about something He’s asked you to move on from; stop  thinking about the memories or pining over the loss. Let Him take care of what happens next. Just put those special things in a vault of trust, in the treasure chest of your heart and give Jesus the key to look after it.

Then you can freely go on to think about your next mission or just about your love for Him if that’s what it’s time for. When He looks after your treasures, they get bigger and have more lustre and shine.