Jesus Speaking

“When the leper was aching so desperately for a touch, for affection, for acceptance, I touched him. It crossed the boundaries of “right” for a human, living on Earth, with the troubles that come to humans if doing the same thing.

The Son of God can do these things—for that man, for you, for anyone. People could not withstand the evil destruction of leprosy. But I, with God’s power while in a human form, could not only give the needed healing, but give the needed touch of love to the most disdained soul, stuck in affliction.

I don’t have boundaries for the sincere seekers. Only those who want to use Me as a way of getting what they want out of life—like praying for selfish wishes that have nothing to do with our ongoing relationship and the needs of My heart. I don’t satisfy those—but that too is love, because then they will seek out a better way to My heart…and find Me. Their being left without, will show them the way to a closer relationship with Me.

To say you’ll love and praise and worship Me in one way, and not another, doesn’t make you more “righteous” or more loved, really. It’s all about what each person personally needs to make their faith in My reality grow to such heights that nothing and no one can topple it, or top it.”

the leper



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(Jesus Speaking: )The Angelic Spirit Helpers will now present themselves to you. See that you heed their advice and follow their instructions closely; for I myself have instructed them. Heed their advice, for they are heeding Mine.
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oh… the carnal mind!

“There are so many who have been sent strong delusion. This is a dangerous time to reject my truth. The slippery slope is very steep. Those who actually reject my truth in their minds are immediately infiltrated by the enemy’s doubts and lies. The enemy makes his thoughts seem so reasonable because they appeal to the carnal mind. But what people forget is that the carnal mind is enmity against Me. So those who listen to it will drift away from Me and lose sight of the true reality. This is happening in the world at a rapid rate, but it is an attack that the enemy tries on you and your children as well. So you have a double battle. You must fight to wake up those out in the world and you must also fight to keep a hold of that heavenly vision. The enemy is so tricky, he attacks at the very foundation and source of strength -My Word. He knows if he can get you to neglect the Word, then his job will be easy. Your defenses will be down and you will be wide open to his attacks. You are doing well to expose this attack. When you bring it into the open, then everyone sees that it is an attack, not simply something that is happening to them alone. Your openness and unity will become a great strength and will foil many attacks before they can do too much damage.” (prophecy)

 The slippery slope


The enemy makes his thoughts seem so reasonable because they appeal to the carnal mind.



The enemy is so tricky, he attacks at the very foundation and source of strength–My Word



Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992”



i begin

Jesus wants you to know that He desires and will do the impossible for you if you cease from your fretful, futile, and frantic struggle to keep yourself, to deliver yourself, to work out your own problems. He says: “I am the Lord that keepeth thee”. Jesus wants you to put your life into His hands, to rest in Him, to learn to totally trust where you don’t understand, and to let Him lift you above every problem that comes your way; to get you so confident in His love for you that nothing will easily shake you.

[prophecy]  No man can save himself, or add Me and My power and virtue to himself by the force of his own will and works. That’s the madness of self-righteous man. It’s only in failing, in falling, in being weak and in need, and in desperation calling out to Me to do for you what you know you can’t do for yourself that the miracle of deliverance from your problems by My great power can be performed.

As for the works of the flesh‚ how difficult it is to rescue a drowning man when he’s still frantically trying to save himself. His mind is full of fear and he’s a danger to all who come near to help him. Often Jesus wants to help you more in a situation, but He must wait until you stop struggling so hard. When you’re in a great battle with your fears and problems, you must learn to trust Him to save you and cease from your frantic efforts in the flesh so that He can speak to you, still your heart, and bring you out of many waters.

the place where you end

From Rising Above…Online gn 02


Keys of Yielding

When you call on the keys of the Kingdom I will help you pass this test of forsaking all to follow Me, and will reward you in wonderful ways.




Keys of Yielding

Call on the keys when yielding to My will, and I will supernaturally strengthen your heart and settle your emotions.


 Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45…….  PROPHECY SESSION ON IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR…2022 (see misc. column)



And Look To Jesus

(Prophecy)  It lies in losing sight of the flesh, disregarding the flesh, like Peter upon the water. I didn’t ask him to manifest supernatural faith or ability in walking on the water. I simply asked him to ignore the water and to think on Me; to believe that he could come to Me, no matter what stood between us.
And for a brief instant, in a moment of belief and faith, he walked. But then when he turned his eyes back on his natural surroundings, when he began to consider what he was actually doing, when he saw the waves, he wavered‚ doubted‚ and the spell was broken–he was back to his carnal self.
With the vision of rising above, I am teaching you to walk on the water, like I taught Peter. But this time I’m helping you to keep trying over and over again until you get it right–because I know that one of these days soon you will have to start walking on water. And when that time comes, you’re going to have to be ready.
That’s what rising above is all about–about learning to follow Me blindly on faith alone‚ even when circumstances and everything around you seems to be going contrary to what I’m telling you.


“The very essence of rising above lies in letting go of the flesh so that God’s Spirit might dwell in you more richly”


Rising above is all about….

Following Jesus blindly.




 Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45…….  PROPHECY SESSION ON IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR…2022 (see misc. column)




and the impossible will come

 The one thing you have thought about as “impossible” is when you think about the future. 

If “impossible” is too exaggerated a label for you to work with in daily life right now, let’s use “extremely unlikely” or “unrealistic” or “difficult.” There are things in your life or work that fit that label, aren’t there, and that could use some rising above?

The key here is to understand the principle of letting go–not letting go of the victory or of the person or situation you’re trying to help, but letting go of the instinct, born of pride, that you have to be the one to do something to change things. The key to rising above and proving that nothing is impossible is in coming to a realization that‚ yes, in the natural it is impossible. It can’t be done. It can’t change. There are insurmount­able obstacles, realistic, reasonable reasons why nothing should improve or change, and why things will always be the way they are. Yet, in spite of all that, there is hope and faith for change, because through Jesus you can rise above.

You can’t really do the impossible, but you can move His hands and heart to do the impossible. You can not only rise above things in your personal life, but you can have influence on many, many people and help them to rise above the obstacles in their lives through your prayers. They have to be wanting to rise above and desirous of fulfilling God’s will, but if they are, then your prayers have incredible power to enable them to do just that.

start with the difficult

From Rising Above…Online Gn 02


Not only Peter Matthew 16:19 was given the Keys to the Kingdom, they were for all God's children


Keys of Faith

a key to rising above in your own life is learning to depend more on prayer




Keys of Faith

You must resist the “it’s impossible” tendencies in your life. Remember that it’s Jesus working through you, and the power to change is nothing of yourself.


 Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45…….  PROPHECY SESSION ON IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR…2022 (see misc. column)