The Keys of the Kingdom spoken of in Matthew 16: 19 are a really powerful spiritual entity
The Keys of the Kingdom spoken of in Matthew 16: 19 are a really powerful spiritual entity

“From day one the system teaches you that there is no other way; this is life, we live, and we die! It teaches that there is no spirit world, and that books like the bible have no authority. It is quick to point out that many in the Christian world verify those principals by their lack of power and conviction to live it. (Mark 7:13). Is it your fault if you’ve become a void, unfeeling sleepwalker plugged into a matrix that has you convinced you’re happy?”

“I came to Earth not to destroy the words of the Old Testament, but to fulfill them and to take the faithful to the next level in our relationship.My prophets throughout the ages have continued to do the same. Likewise, claiming the keys is merely the next level of empowering My Endtime prophets with the connection to Me that they will need in order to survive and flourish in the days ahead.”

Mysterious Keys Pt. 1
Matthew 16:19 Stretch your faith and grab the Key
Matthew 16: 19 Grab the Keys of the Kingdom all you need is faith

“A key unlocks something more. It doesn’t mean that you leave the things from before behind and don’t use them. A key opens a new realm or a new room or treasure to you. You don’t lose what you had before, nor does it take the place of what you had before. My Word–the Bible.”

“And while the Bible is My foundation, built to keep you safe, I did not mean for you to leave it as a bare foundation. When you build a house, you begin with the foundation. But then the master carpenter must build the structure on that foundation. As long as you’re sticking to that foundation and not building on the sand around it, as long as you’re following My blueprint and always being faithful to check back and make sure you’re sticking to it, then this doesn’t detract from the foundation nor lessen its importance.”

“When you began to hear My still small voice (1 Kings 19:2) it didn’t lessen the Bible hidden in your heart, but fulfilled and enhanced it. So it is with the keys. These are not to lessen your faith in the Bible or in Me, for they are from Me.”





More on the keys   Matthew 16:19

The Bible is the foundation of the Keys.


“I have not replaced the promises I’ve given in the Bible; I’ve enhanced them with the promise of the Keys”.

There are many barriers between Heaven and Earth, between the realm of the spirit and the realm of the flesh, but the Keys, which are a spiritual power, immediately part the veil and provide access to the full power of Heaven. The spiritual world is vast, and I have allowed the Enemy control of certain sectors of it for now. The Keys were created to part the veil‚ to give you instant access to My power.

The power of the Keys–and the other weapons of the spirit–empowers your prayers more than ever before. When you call on the power of the Keys in prayer, you heighten and increase your prayer power. The Keys create a slit or an opening in the veil between your world and Mine, and in an instant, in a split second, you can access full, tremendous power from Heaven. This is what you will need in the days to come

The power of the Keys has always been available, but it was hidden behind a veil, a veil of understanding, that I have torn down only now in these Last Days, so that you might have the spiritual weapon you need to see you through the dark days ahead–the darkest days ever known to man, for which you will need the brightest and most pure and powerful light of Heaven–the light of the Keys, to illuminate your path!

Each of My children has the power to connect to this Key that unlocks the treasures of Heaven, the jewels from Beyond, My Words and the wonderful mysteries of the Spirit. All they have to do is ask.

To learn more on the keys watch our video “The Keys of the Kingdom”


you think your box is big?

“It all comes down to faith. If your faith is a little shaky, spend some time strengthening it in the Word. But don’t just throw up your hands or start to doubt or analyze when you come across something that doesn’t fit into your little box of logic. No matter how open-minded you think you are or how big you think your box is, it’s really a teeny little speck in the realm of the universe when compared to all that there is to comprehend and learn–and that you will be enjoyably learning for all eternity! Don’t get stuck now–you’ve only just begun! .” Jesus

Keys of the Kingdom

the keys to the kingdom are powerful

“So just because the keys of the Kingdom are only mentioned in one verse of the Bible and don’t seem to hold that much more significance than any of the other verses and promises of power and protection, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be as important as the Lord is telling us they are today”.  ( The Mystery of the Keys …from the Mysterious Keys Part 1 )


turn up the heat

“When the Enemy steps up his attacks, the Lord steps up the power that is available to fight against him. And that is the significance of the power of the keys of the Kingdom that He is now instructing you to make use of.” ( Mysterious Keys Part 1 )


Heavens rescource


direct access to heaven’s resources

“The bottom line was that, again, now that the Son of God was about to be manifested and revealed to the world in a greater way, through greater miracles and manifestations of power, the disciples were also going to need more power, even more direct access to the spiritual resources of Heaven, so the Lord had to give them the keys of the Kingdom for that purpose.”



a promise of power

There’s a lot of power behind that door that I want you to discover. I’ve augmented the keys of the Kingdom, and now I’m making the full power of Heaven available to you, but you’ve got to pick up these keys and put them to use. You’ve got to learn to use them. You’ve got to call on the keys of the Kingdom and command their power. Prophecy….Jesus speaking)


claim the promise it opens the door

You can claim, ‘My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory’ and I will supply for you. But if at the same time you call on the keys and say, ‘My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory through the keys of the Kingdom,’ it opens an entirely new door of power and priority for that request. ( The Mystery of the Keys …from the Mysterious Keys Part 1 )



Mysterious Keys Matthew 16:19  key to end time power

(Jesus speaking:) The power of the keys is a spiritual phenomenon, a mystery, a reality. The keys are a part of Me; their power and My power are the same, just like the Word is a part of Me and prayer is a part of My Spirit. All the spiritual weapons are in some way a part of Me, an extension of My Spirit, something I give you to help you fight the spiritual warfare and stay connected to Me. (Mysterious Keys Pt. 1)

every prayer is heard

I’ve told you that every prayer is heard and answered. This is true. Even though you don’t always see the results of every answer right away, they are answered in My way and in My time. When you pray in My Name and claim My promises, you have My power at your disposal to work for you, to do miracles, open doors, whatever you’re praying for. Even though you might not always see the immediate fruit of claiming My Word, it stands firm and is true. (Prophecy Jesus speaking)


sometimes bad things happen why?

“Ask Me to explain the reasons why I allow something “bad” to happen in your life. If you pray specifically for a good night’s sleep and claim the keys–and then you don’t sleep well–that doesn’t automatically mean the keys aren’t working for you. Ask Me about it, ask Me why I allowed that situation to happen, and I’ll explain it to you. Maybe I want to speak to your heart in the quiet of the night, or guide your thoughts, or convict your heart about something. Sometimes I want you to pray about something. I’ll show you the reason for everything I allow if you ask Me.” (Mysterious Keys Part 1)

learning to fight from the teacher

“I choose not to guard you from every single thing in life, because if I did, then you wouldn’t learn and grow in the spirit, and you wouldn’t learn how to fight in the spirit and use your spiritual weapons. I have to allow some “bad” things to happen so that your faith will grow and your use of your spiritual weapons will be sharpened more quickly.” (Prophecy)



life teaches valuable lessons

“It might seem odd to you that I don’t choose to protect you from every possible hurt or negative experience‚ especially when My promises indicate that I will, but remember that it’s often the deep, dark experiences of life that teach you the most valuable lessons. If I were to protect and keep you from every negative thing, then you would be in Heaven and not on Earth.” ( Mysterious Keys Matthew 16:19 )

Earthly keys are a shadow of the Keys of the Kingdom that can be used to open the veil between our worlds

without their power more bad things happen

“The power of the keys is a spiritual weapon that I have made available to My children who live in the physical world. Without their power a lot more “bad” things would happen, but because you pray and specifically claim their power you have much greater protection and help from the spirit.” (Mysterious Keys Part 1)

All quotes in Mysterious Keys are taken from the article mysterious keys Part 1, see link below for more on this fascinating subject