magnus warriors

(Jesus:) I introduce to you the Magnus Warriors. I have called together this brave band–summoned from every sphere of the universe–to be at your beck and call, to specifically assist you in your prayers during these days of war. The Magnus Warriors will be your prayer partners on this side of the veil. As one can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight, when you team up with the Magnus Warriors, you make a powerful team.

As Satan sees that his days are numbered, it is important that you join forces with the Magnus Warriors, for as the battles rage, the Evil One’s attempts to prevent your prayers will continue to intensify. Remember, the only thing that can limit My power is your failure to pray. This is why I send you reinforcements in the spirit world, My loves. Hell’s Angels don’t only want to delay answers to your prayers, but they want to stop you from praying those prayers to begin with.


the NEMESIS of hell’s angels

Call on the Magnus Warriors when you set out to pray, and they will help to reinforce your prayers. They are strong and fearless, bold and brave. They will help to fight off the demons of Hell that try to prevent your prayers. They are highly trained warriors. Call on them to fight for you in spirit, for they have knowledge and skill and will run interference for you by warding off static that Satan stirs up to divert your prayers. They will help guard and protect your thoughts as you pray, so that you can focus and direct your petitions right on target. They will help you to maintain the vision and determination to fight in prayer.

You can connect with them by calling on them when you begin to pray. They will help you to formulate your prayers and will bring to mind all of the things that you need to include. When you sense that the Enemy is fighting your prayers‚ when you can’t focus and you lack concentration or desperation, when you feel weary in prayer, call on the Magnus Warriors. Ask them to fight for you in spirit and help you to rise above all of the things that are trying to prevent you from praying strong‚ heartfelt, on-target, full-of-faith prayers.





hell’s angels

Daniel 10:13 But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.

(Jesus: ) Hell’s Angels , or Hell’s Angels of Evil, are major demons. These dark angels have a personal vendetta against Me and Mine. They are extremely vindictive in their fight against Me, are highly trained by Satan, and are willing to fight to the bitter end. And they will, as will you, My children. But they will be defeated and you will be victorious. These are renegades who are deeply motivated through pride to fight Me and My will. They are veterans of Hell, seasoned warriors of evil, because they are the oldest members of Satan’s leagues of demons”.

“Satan and Hell’s Angels attack your prayer life, your personal connection with Me. This is a top priority for them. They try to make your prayers ineffective, either through attempting to keep your prayers from reaching My throne of grace by persuading you not to pray, or causing you physical or mental distraction when you pray, or through lethargy or familiarity with prayer, or through blocking your channel and connection with Me, etc. They try to block your prayers, or stop you from praying in any way that they can. Satan is extremely jealous of your faith in Me, which you manifest each time you pray and each time you wield one of your spiritual weapons. He is particularly vindictive toward your manifesting any faith at all in the spiritual weapons that I have given you, and in your personal fight to stay close to Me.”

“Hell’s Angels, which include Satan himself, have a deep hatred for Me–and therefore for you‚ My brides. They fight your personal connection and communications with Me, which depend upon your prayers. They also fight your intercessory prayers for others”.

magnus warriors

“Remember, Satan and his evil ones will do everything that they can to prevent your prayers or keep them from being answered. Hell’s Angels conjure up sidetracks by distracting you so that you can’t pray specific or wholehearted prayers. Or they will try to prevent your prayers getting through to the person you’re praying for by sidetracking him or her. You are at war, and in wartime there is so much opposition to your prayers in the spirit world. This is why I send you prayer teammates in the spirit world, who can help you to make a strong prayer connection in spirit”.

And our prayer mates are a brave band–summoned from every sphere of the universe–who are at our beck and call. They are called The Magnus Warriors (see part 2)