magnus warriors

(Jesus:) I introduce to you the Magnus Warriors. I have called together this brave band–summoned from every sphere of the universe–to be at your beck and call, to specifically assist you in your prayers during these days of war. The Magnus Warriors will be your prayer partners on this side of the veil. As one can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight, when you team up with the Magnus Warriors, you make a powerful team.

As Satan sees that his days are numbered, it is important that you join forces with the Magnus Warriors, for as the battles rage, the Evil One’s attempts to prevent your prayers will continue to intensify. Remember, the only thing that can limit My power is your failure to pray. This is why I send you reinforcements in the spirit world, My loves. Hell’s Angels don’t only want to delay answers to your prayers, but they want to stop you from praying those prayers to begin with.


the NEMESIS of hell’s angels

Call on the Magnus Warriors when you set out to pray, and they will help to reinforce your prayers. They are strong and fearless, bold and brave. They will help to fight off the demons of Hell that try to prevent your prayers. They are highly trained warriors. Call on them to fight for you in spirit, for they have knowledge and skill and will run interference for you by warding off static that Satan stirs up to divert your prayers. They will help guard and protect your thoughts as you pray, so that you can focus and direct your petitions right on target. They will help you to maintain the vision and determination to fight in prayer.

You can connect with them by calling on them when you begin to pray. They will help you to formulate your prayers and will bring to mind all of the things that you need to include. When you sense that the Enemy is fighting your prayers‚ when you can’t focus and you lack concentration or desperation, when you feel weary in prayer, call on the Magnus Warriors. Ask them to fight for you in spirit and help you to rise above all of the things that are trying to prevent you from praying strong‚ heartfelt, on-target, full-of-faith prayers.





hell’s angels

Daniel 10:13 But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.

(Jesus: ) Hell’s Angels , or Hell’s Angels of Evil, are major demons. These dark angels have a personal vendetta against Me and Mine. They are extremely vindictive in their fight against Me, are highly trained by Satan, and are willing to fight to the bitter end. And they will, as will you, My children. But they will be defeated and you will be victorious. These are renegades who are deeply motivated through pride to fight Me and My will. They are veterans of Hell, seasoned warriors of evil, because they are the oldest members of Satan’s leagues of demons”.

“Satan and Hell’s Angels attack your prayer life, your personal connection with Me. This is a top priority for them. They try to make your prayers ineffective, either through attempting to keep your prayers from reaching My throne of grace by persuading you not to pray, or causing you physical or mental distraction when you pray, or through lethargy or familiarity with prayer, or through blocking your channel and connection with Me, etc. They try to block your prayers, or stop you from praying in any way that they can. Satan is extremely jealous of your faith in Me, which you manifest each time you pray and each time you wield one of your spiritual weapons. He is particularly vindictive toward your manifesting any faith at all in the spiritual weapons that I have given you, and in your personal fight to stay close to Me.”

“Hell’s Angels, which include Satan himself, have a deep hatred for Me–and therefore for you‚ My brides. They fight your personal connection and communications with Me, which depend upon your prayers. They also fight your intercessory prayers for others”.

magnus warriors

“Remember, Satan and his evil ones will do everything that they can to prevent your prayers or keep them from being answered. Hell’s Angels conjure up sidetracks by distracting you so that you can’t pray specific or wholehearted prayers. Or they will try to prevent your prayers getting through to the person you’re praying for by sidetracking him or her. You are at war, and in wartime there is so much opposition to your prayers in the spirit world. This is why I send you prayer teammates in the spirit world, who can help you to make a strong prayer connection in spirit”.

And our prayer mates are a brave band–summoned from every sphere of the universe–who are at our beck and call. They are called The Magnus Warriors (see part 2)



weaponizing prayer

You become masters in prayer by putting forth the effort to put on God’s mind.

You have to close your carnal mind and open your spiritual one to make the most of your prayers

“Through prayer you are targeting the attacks of the Enemy, and that is why it’s so important to aim right. You have to close your carnal mind and open your spiritual one to make the most of your prayers. In the physical you don’t always see the target—the demon or sudden attack of the Enemy. But when you know of a problem and you lift that bow and point your arrow in the right direction‚ your spiritual vision is increased. You shut your one eye, like shutting out the things that would distract you from fully focusing on your prayers and hitting the target. And when you have it right‚ you release the arrow, and it hits its target.”Art of War part 4

Heavenly communication … arrow

“You on Earth are called prayer warriors when you wield the weapon of prayer. We in Heaven are called miracle warriors, miracle deliverers when we help answer your prayers. You pray the prayers, and thus you wield the weapon of prayer. We, the ones who help to bring your request to pass at the behest of our Lord and King, are your miracle workers. We work to bring to pass the will of God through your prayers, through your desperation, and through your importunity and faithfulness in prayer.” Action Through Prayer

In order to be most effective in prayer, you can’t be thinking about how tired you are or how uninspired you may feel. You have to set all feelings and possible difficulties aside and focus on the battle of prayer that you must fight and win. You must be willing to give it all you’ve got, whether you’re praying for five minutes, for half an hour‚ or even if it’s for a couple of seconds. You have to be completely “there” in the spirit, completely focused on your hand-to-hand combat with the Devil and his minions. Art of War 4


“When God makes the call and He plugs it into your mind, then you think about that person. But then you have to plug it in and send it on its way to that person. And of course, also, on the other end of the line‚ when the phone rings, they have to pick it up and they have to listen and receive the call.”

                                                              Heavenly Communication  is like a switch board in the old telephone system

Heavenly communication is like a phone call

You’re almost like the exchange. And God sends the main call from His Spirit to your mind. And then you have to make the connection to send it on to the party that needs to receive it. But if you just think about them and you just cut it off, it’s just like you’re turning the phone off on God!

It’s like when He’s trying to make a phone call and He gives you the number and you put it through. He tells the operator—you’re the operator. God is the one that’s calling, and He tries to put it through you because He wants to show you what love really is.

“At last!” she said. “At last!” he echoed solemnly, bowing his head. That was a: scene of great dramatic power, and no doubt of great joy, and is but a mere suggestion of what will actually take place in Heaven when the Christian who has been walking through this world of trial and sorrow, shall see Him face to face. Streams March 27


  Where do thoughts go?

By turning your thoughts into prayer‚ you turn them into creative power. By allowing them to sit idle, you turn them into an empty, hollow shell, with no purpose, no worth, no profit. If you turn your thoughts into prayers, they will accomplish that which is good. If you turn them toward vanity, they will come to no avail.

Thoughts turned into prayers will accomplish great feats, make the impossible possible, and change the course of history! On the other hand, thought power left running idle has little worth and will only float off to oblivion and fade away to rust and ruin. Thought power aimed in the wrong direction—that which runs wild on dangerous highways of negativity, doubt and besetting sin—will end in destruction.


Watch your thought power and take care, lest thoughts left unattended catch you unaware. For thoughts left idle can slip away into the gray mass of nowhere land, into the cracks and crevices of complacency, where they will rot and ruin and go to waste.

You ask how you can pray more‚ when you can pray more? Every time you think a thought, just turn it into a mighty prayer—all the time, anywhere, with anybody, even when you’re all alone. When you’re doing physical chores or routine duties, turn your thoughts into prayers throughout the day. Don’t let them pass you by, and you will accomplish so much more. Capture your thoughts‚ beam them up‚ right on target, and see miracles come to pass before your very eyes!

 Turn your thot power into prayer power

All day long, no matter what else you’re doing, you’re thinking thoughts, but it’s how you direct them and filter them that can make a difference. What you decide to do with those thoughts and where you direct them is what counts. I tell you this to make your job easier. For as you learn to direct your thoughts in prayer, filtering them through the sieve of God’s Word‚ balancing them and directing them to Him, sending them on to where they can genuinely accomplish something, you will be able to fulfill this mission of prayer.

There’s great power in a thought‚ and I give to you, My children who know Me, a great key—that of turning every thought into a prayer, that of bringing every thought into the captivity of My Spirit. In this lies power‚ and I give this power to you so that in these Last Days you can accomplish great feats by directing your thoughts in prayer.

  Thot power

Devotions at anchor 

  On prayer   War Room

When you go to pray for something, if it helps motivate you‚ take a minute to consider what the opposite of the answer would be.Do you want this person to remain sick? Do you want this trip to go badly? Do you want to be low on money? Do you want this spiritual problem to persist? If you consider what could be the result of Jesus not intervening, it may help you to realize how very much you do need Him to get involved, and you will pray accordingly.

2 – War Room Tips

So what if the Devil looks like the victor today? Many a victory is handed to the men who appeared as the losers and the damned, yet they fought on and fought on and fought on, until the enemy had no choice but to give in to their persistence. The Devil will be the damned tomorrow if you persist today 


Please remember that it’s not a work of the flesh. If you give your all in prayer, knowing you need Jesus’ help and asking for it in faith, then that is enough. You don’t need to feel that there is some new level of spiritual desperation you must attain to each and every time you pray. If you deliver your soul in prayer, then you’ve done what you could, and that is enough. The rest is up to Him.

4 – War Room Tips

Everyone knows what it’s like to really want something and then to be quite persuasive in asking for it. The potential for that kind of supplication lies inside everyone, and that is effort that God expect from you when you are coming before His throne in prayer.


It’s more about your heart than about your words.If your heart is right and the desire is there‚ then the words will express accurately and powerfully enough the feelings of your heart. It’s when you don’t care enough that you rattle off a quick prayer that may say all the right words, but really has no power behind it.

6 – War Room Tips

It’s not a complicated process to be desperate in prayer—it’s simple, but it takes work.What it mainly comes down to is you deciding in your heart that you really, really, really want the answer, that you for sure need Jesus to do a miracle‚ and then asking Him accordingly.

“War in the spirit carries no shame like the wars of the flesh. There is no shame in relishing the slaughter of Satan’s troops. There is no innocent blood to be found, so spill his with pride. Count it honor to give no quarter, and to be thought of as merciless in his camp..”

 Expect miracles with every word you pray

Expect miracles with every word you pray. Demand power with every word that enters your prayer.

“Pray meaningful, expectant, powerful prayers for everything. Slam your fist into that “on” switch and let it feel all the power you can muster. It was designed to take some real force‚ so use all the force and intent I have given you to throw that switch powerfully and watch Me take over.”

Desperation in prayer is the second most important factor in what makes a prayer powerful. The number one factor is faith—the belief that I can and will do it.

But this message is about desperation in prayer and why it matters so much that you really and truly want to see the answer to your request, and how you can demonstrate and achieve the proper level of desperation. The reason I require you to ask in prayer and strive in prayer is because you need to take an active part in the prayer process, for I have forbidden Myself to do it all for you.The way the rules of this Earth are set up, almost everything that you can do for yourself, you must do for yourself, and I’m not going to step in for you and do miraculously what you could do physically. Yes, you need to depend on My power, but that is after you have met and satisfied the conditions and circumstances that you are physically able to take care of. You have to come to the limit of what you can do, and you have to put the rest in My hands, before I can take over. Jesus

 We play key roles in the future of the world

Jesus is asking you to live more in the realm of the spirit‚ to be more alert‚ more careful and prayerful, more aware of all that is happening around you.

“Not merely in the physical world but in the spiritual world, where the greatest warfare of this day and age is taking place. Yes, you see famines and pestilences all around you. There are people enduring physical hardships and hunger because of the corruption of those who rule the world. But these struggles and battles are as nothing compared to the wars of the spirit that are being waged at this very moment for the hearts and souls of men, and the course of their future. It is these battles in which you play a key role, and in which the gift of rising above will count the most. And while the victories you win on this field will in turn provide you with the faith and direction to overcome and rise above the battles and difficulties of the physical realm, and usher you into the era of greater works and action, it is above all the battle of the spirit that must be fought and won first—as I had to first confront the Devil in the wilderness where I was tempted for forty days and forty nights before I could move on to the greater work of My public ministry.” Jesus speaking on desperation in prayer

prayer is active service

“Laboring in prayer, as the Lord has often referred to it, is actual spiritual labor.It requires a lot of self-discipline and concentration to focus your prayers, and to keep up that focus for any length of time. It requires desperation, and in order to be desperate, you have to be stirred up. So while the answer to the question of how to be more effective in prayer is very simple, the implementation is not easy. It requires a lot of work.” ( Art of War 4)

Light up your spiritual flamethrower


“In any run-in with Satan or his imps, his first tactic is to attempt to prevent you from praying, because once you pray‚ you turn the power on, you light up your flamethrower of the spirit, you initiate all the other spiritual weapons to work on your behalf.”

art of war

Satan tries to tell you that “it’s too much effort to reach for that switch to activate your defenses. It doesn’t really have an effect and you’re just wasting your time praying, so why do it?” Why do it? Because the single act of flipping that switch powers up the spiritual forces and begins the process of defeat for the Enemy.”

“Prayer is the fundamental fabric of the spirit world, and it is the framework of all the storehouses of the spirit. Prayer is the lifeline of the spirit world and the foundation for all action in My Kingdom. Prayer is as inseparable from your life as the air you breathe. Without prayer there would be no release of power, no spiritual energy, no action, no accomplishments, no miracles. Prayer is the critical ingredient to your spiritual life. Prayer is the action which creates action. Everything is dependent on prayer.

“Prayer is the building block of any defense or offense against the Enemy. If you don’t pray, you have no power‚ no answers‚ no miracles‚ no supernatural intervention. Prayer is the “on” switch for every spiritual action and intervention in your life.

The reason you’re not seeing more answers to prayer is because you’re not praying! Jesus doesn’t consider your little “ho hum, gotta rattle off a few repetitious lines here” attempts at prayer, to be prayer at all. What I’m talking about when I call prayer a weapon is meaningful prayers‚ where every word that leaves your lips is a curse upon Satan’s power, an affirmation of God’s power, and a powerful spell spoken with emotion which will bring the full force of His power down on Satan’s head again, and again, and again”! ( Art of War 4)


“You need to understand that prayer is the step you must take to get everything you desire and need from the spirit realm. If you don’t pray, god’s hands are tied. This is the rule that has been set in place. Unless you flip that switch, things aren’t going to happen”.


Prayer is active service

Prayer is not inactivity; prayer is not just sitting back and doing nothing, neither is it a waste of effort. Prayer is the essence of your service for Me. I want to repeat that. Prayer is the essence of your service for the Lord. It is by prayer that you show your dedication to Him and your service and loyalty.

Prayer is the sacrifice by which you prove your rank and your honor as a warrior.It is one of the basic requirements for any Christian soldier. Prayer is the fundamental upon which the war for this world is fought, and it is the starting point for every miracle.”

Prayer is not a secondary weapon in your armory; it is a primary weapon.Prayer isn’t a sideline back–up plan should you get in a tight spot. Prayer is the plan. Prayer is the strategy. Prayer is the ball in soccer, rugby, billiards, or any ball sport. Without prayer the heavenly game of your spiritual life would cease to exist.” Art  of  War 4

Life as a soldier– 1 Thessalonians 5:17


Prayer is so important, but it is one of the least used and most attacked weapons

“As a soldier, there are many things that you may be asked to do that are part of the duties of being a soldier. You may be asked to do guard duty that keeps you up all night. Something like that isn’t “fun” or something you jump at the chance to do naturally. Such things are, however, a part of the life of a soldier and must be done in order to fulfill your duty and live the life you have chosen.

Prayer is one of those things. It requires a lot of work, but it returns great dividends. You must incorporate prayer into your life as part of your active service to God.”


“I want you to realize just how important prayer is. It is so fundamental that it is the first thing to be attacked by the Enemy. This is why he makes you weary of prayer. This is why he makes you think it has no results, and is just a chore and drudgery.” ART OF WAR 4


Angel instructing saint in art of war                    YOU WON’T NEED THE SCABBARD….WE ARE AT WAR!

“Satan has a whole division of his forces assigned to distract and keep you from prayer. They will use any tactic and they have every bit of Satan’s power available to them, because it is the single most damaging act to Satan’s kingdom. If Satan can get you to not turn your weapon on, to not use your equipment in the battlefield, he has triumphed over you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17