The forbidden dance

Forbidden Dance I danced when I first heard Your name,

danced because my life would never be the same.

I danced in the sun, I danced in the street,

I danced in the halls when the dancers like to meet

I danced the dance of joy, I danced with passion too,

There wasn’t a move I wouldn’t dance for You.


Then came the day when the dancers had to pay

The price for dancing and giving You away

The foul ones schemed, and the world heard them say.

“Down with the dancers, they’ll be our next prey”


We met in secret dance halls,

Underground, behind thick walls

We listened to soft music play

And still we’d dance the night away.

Nothing could stop the movement in our feet,

As we danced to the rhythm that God’s loving heart beat.


We danced until the day we dancers had to pay

When they tried to take the dancers all away.

They found where we freely danced for Your delight

They found where we hid ourselves to dance all through the night


One by one shots rang out, through the room so dim

Yet my heart screamed out,

“I’ll never stop dancing for Him,

I’ll dance in the moonlight,

I’ll dance all the night

I’ll dance in the sunshine,

I’ll dance in His sight.


Down another dancer fell,

Just who it was, I could not tell

Those who came to take our dance away

Had said with blood we had to pay.

The music never stopped,

As one by one we dropped.

Blood was on the floor, It struck me to the core

But on I danced yet more.

Before each ardent dancer dropped

They said they’d never ever stop

Dancing in the room so dim

Their hearts yet singing out to Him,

We’ll dance in the moonlight,

we’ll dance all the night

We’ll dance in the sunshine,

we’ll dance in His sight.


Though my partner was the next to go

Yet I felt my passion only grow

“Lord, I’ll dance and dance for You

It’s all I really want to do

No matter what the cost I know all is not lost”


Even if it seems I’m last on the floor

 I’ll dance and dance much more

 Like I’ve never danced before.

Till I feel my spirit soar.

Dancers never die Up to the sky they fly.


When the dancers all meet,

And the dancing King we greet,

In the halls up above,

There’ll be no end then to their great dance of love.


They danced the night away

They lived to see the day

When all tears were wiped away

And they let the music play


Those who tried to take their dance away,

Were now the ones who had to pay,

While the dancers danced all day

In the light of His new day.


the forbidden dance

(Author Anonymous)

The Forbidden Dance


I was wasting away in prison

“Time, what’s the time? Oh God is that it? How long have I been waiting? Hmm… do I still stand a chance anyway?? What’s the matter…You still have a plan…..right?”

(Spirit helper speaking):

“Hey, those were my thoughts. That was my life for 10 years: trusting.

I guess you could call me a blessed one. The rest of my family were killed, but I was sent to prison for umm…being a Christian. I lived in modern days,  but yeah I lived my youth in a Chinese prison. Forgotten, forsaken you name it. I thought those thoughts I felt that feeling of complete and utter hopelessness. I almost gave up on life, but something kept me going, no, I wasn’t a great prison evangelist. In the eyes of any normal person those years of my life were seemingly wasted behind bars. Umm…Father, do You still know? Are Your promises true for me too?

But I held on to the fact that I was there because Jesus saw me worthy to suffer for His Name. At least in the beginning that worked…but as months turned into years I felt myself fringing on the edge of madness…I  would stare into the clock and just lose touch of everything, and I honestly felt that yes, I was fading. It was while I was in that trance like state that it happened, I received one verse that made everything suddenly clear and snap back into focus. Just one verse saved me from insanity. I didn’t see anything, I just heard this: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but If it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”

Here I was “losing” my life in prison, just wasting away and He was telling me that I was actually saving it?? That struck my soul like lightning and from that day on I held on to the promise that one day I would see much fruit borne in my life…I never saw it in the way that I imagined: great witnessing, hundreds of souls won so on so forth. Yes when I was released I had a great testimony. I had led many to the Lord and comforted many others. But when I arrived Here the Lord showed me just what type of fruit He was looking for.

In those seemingly endless years; how was I actually saving my life all that time? During those years I learned to trust, I learned to love Jesus more than my freedom, I learned to pray and keep praying without ever seeing any results, I learned to praise through my tears, I learned how to be closer to Jesus than ever before, I learned that He knows better. In the confinement of prison I learned that, yes, Jesus is enough. And when I got Here He showed me just how much I gained in prison! I had been saving my life all that time when I was seemingly losing it.

You might be in some prison too. You might feel like anymore is too much. He’s got you there for a reason, and He is teaching you, right now, how to love Him more than your life itself. More than that thing called relief and painless existence. Darling it won’t last too long, it won’t continue longer than what is absolutely necessary. Sweetheart it’s beautiful, when you get Here you’ll see how much you really gained from losing. Losing what you wanted and gaining what you have truly been after all along. He promises you and He always keeps His promise believe that sweet one.

It is not a matter of being free from what you see as prison… it’s a matter of being free while still in prison.

Praising behind those bars knowing that they are there because He loves you, singing on the stake because you know Heaven’s coming.  Blessed are those that carry the burden of waiting…wait, wait, wait, to learn to trust, to learn to wait and to lift up your voice and know that He knows better. I love you


Father, do You still know? Are Your promises true for me too?




Blessed are those that carry the burden of waiting…wait, wait, wait, to learn to trust, to learn to wait and to lift up your voice and know that He knows better.





But I held on to the fact that I was there because Jesus saw me worthy to suffer for His Name.




Testimony of faith…wasting away


I was translated

“And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing.

But Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.” (Acts 8:39, 40)

In the story of Phillip’s translation, we aren’t told what transpired during the time that Phillip left the Ethiopian eunuch and his arrival in Azotus; how long it took or what he passed through between leaving the eunuch and his next destination. The experience I am about to share with you was just as supernatural as brother Phillip’s and like the account in the book of Acts it will leave you just as mystified as to what I passed through, how it was accomplished or what took place in that time warp or lapse that I entered when I was translated from one town to another in rural Germany in 1998. 

Our team of four adults and seven children had come out of Russia two months previous to my amazing experience. We had left Russia after spending over two years in a northern Siberian town preaching and teaching the gospel to the people in the district where we lived. At the time of this adventure we were staying in rural Germany with an ex-marine whom we had never met before, but who testified that the Holy Ghost had inspired him to take us in for what turned out to be 3 months…there were 11 of us!

We were on our way to Liberia in West Africa and had been led of the spirit to pass through Germany where we were directed by prophecy to raise funds for the second leg of our journey. Having never been in Germany we were at a loss as to how we should go about raising the large amount of money needed to get 4 adults and 7 children to Africa. To add to our dilemma, we had left Russia for all practical purposes, insolvent.

Being missionaries who had lived by faith for many years, we had learned to not analyze the voice of God and in so doing had never lacked a meal or a place to stay. Yet here we were a little over two months in Germany not having raised so much as a bus fare to the airport 300km away. Our faith in His supply was being tested, our faith in our ability to hear from Him in prayer was being tested and our 3 month visa was coming up way too fast. As the leader of our team I can honestly say that I was anxious and even a bit fearful.

I was translated

We were staying in a small town on the outskirts of Frankfurt making plans, by faith, to set up a missionary base in Liberia West Africa. We were moving ahead as if already possessing the promise the Lord had made to us in Western Siberia six months previous to this time. I had produced a letterhead for the project we wanted to start in Liberia and had arranged for a print shop to print 500 copies on A4 paper and had just received a phone call telling me that the job was done and I could come and pick up the package. The print shop wasn’t in our town but was in another rural village type town approximately 20 minutes by bus north of where we lived. The bus soon left our town and was making its way through the very beautiful countryside to the town where the printer was. During the journey the bus passed through a very small town between our village and the printer’s village. Upon arrival I quickly finished my business and walked out of the print shop and turned left down a long slightly inclined street looking for a bus home. It was quite early in the morning, and the idea came to me to walk home.

Rural Germany is quite beautiful, and the sun was out with a few scattered clouds.  I had nothing doing that day, so I decided I liked the idea and immediately began looking on the map I had with me for the best street heading south in the direction back home. I had with me one of those numbered map books (page U3 continues on page K12 arrangement). As I really had no idea how to get home by foot I began assiduously following the map as I began walking directly south out of town. Very soon the page I was on directed me to another page where I was able to pick up the street I’d left on the previous page. Again I started following it. About one and a half hours and 3 or 4 pages later I was still heading in a southerly direction and came upon a corn field. The corn was full and ripe and a picture came into my mind of Jesus and his disciples picking corn by the roadside on the Sabbath. I thought “Well,  Jesus did it so why not?” I strolled into the field and picked about 10 or so cobs of corn, shoved them into my pack pack with my print job, thinking to myself how cool it was to do something like what Jesus did. I made my way back onto the country road I was following and kept walking.

After another 40 or 50 minutes, I came to another small town and running through the middle of it was a huge 4-lane motorway. The street I was on turned right along the motorway, but very soon I found a foot tunnel that led under the motorway, and took it. Everything seemed to be going quite well, and I was very happy with myself; presently I came to a bicycle path that ran beside a small stream.

Now the kids and I had had many walks in the area where we were staying, and we often passed by a bicycle path that ran beside a small stream on those walks. The thought came to me to follow this path because this may very well be the path I’d seen on those walks and according to the map I was getting pretty close to home base. So I turned right on the path and off I walked; this is where things started getting a bit queer; after about 10 minutes the very scenic bicycle path suddenly entered what seemed like a suburb type setting. I was a little puzzled by this, so I pulled out my map book and sat down at a nearby, covered bus stop. For the next ten minutes, I tried without success to find where on the page I was. After a while, the frustration grew and a few superlatives escaped from my mouth as I was rapidly becoming upset with the “stupid map” and the “obviously ignorant map makers, or printer who clearly misprinted the page I was on”. As I said, about 10 minutes had passed, and I was looking dumbly at the map saying to myself, “I’m lost…how did that happen?” Looking up, I saw some young locals on the other side of the street waiting for a bus. I crossed the street and excused myself and rather asked them rather sheepishly if they could help me find my location on the page I had open in front of me. They were very happy to help the poor, lost, befuddled tourist; but the first thing they said took my breath away. “You are on the wrong page,” “Not possible.”  I said,  “I’ve followed this book page by page for the past 3 hours or so.”  Admittedly, I couldn’t find the street name on the map; which by the way was in clear sight of me just 20 meters down the street. So then I asked them to find the right page, which they did, saying, “You are on this page here”, pointing to the spot. I thanked them, “Now let me see where I went wrong’, I mumbled to myself as I quickly crossed the street in order to avoid any further embarrassment. I sat down and it took another few minutes to get my bearings again. Ahaa…ohk…now all I have to do is…..What?! Wait a minute! This street here leads to the next street south of my point which is running parallel to the street I’m presently on….but that street has the same name as the one that the print shop was on. It took me no more than 2 minutes to walk to the street I had my finger on only to find that it was indeed the exact same street I’d left over three hours previously! I had walked over 3 hours directly south, and made only one turn after the motorway, which was  to the right, and had only walked 15 minutes in that new direction to find myself entering on the left side of town 2 minutes’ north of my original starting point.

Let me tell you, I made a direct route for home this time – in the bus. After arriving home, I looked in my bag, and there were the cobs of corn sitting as testimony that I had not dreamed up the whole mysterious adventure. I had certainly walked out of town and into a cornfield in the middle of nowhere. It was now late afternoon. I was tired, but I just had to hear from the Lord about this enigma. The Lord simply said: “I wanted to show you that nothing is impossible for Me; if I can translate you from one spot to another, then I can supply all the money you need to get to Africa. Please stop all your worry and lack of faith. This happened to show you that I can do anything, but you must put all your trust in Me.”

Well, did He keep His promise? Of course! Approximately two months after the miracle, the Lord, through prophecy, laid out a very simple plan that raised 10,000 Euros within a three day period. And only two or three weeks after the money was in our hands, half of our team was on its way to Africa by ship. As for the other half….well, that is another story that perhaps we may get to tell at another time.

Testimony of Faith I was translated

by Stephen

The Keys of the Kingdom

Were specifically created to be used in these end time days





Reboot Your Faith

Drink new wine today









The last 400 …a story of faith

For the contestant, running a race of faith, can be, at times, likened to running a 400-meter surge on the last lap of a marathon. There is one feature in that last 400 meters that must be unquestionable; paying no heed to the enemy who is right there at your side threatening your conquest.  

I had the privilege to spectate such a race this past week; it was a memorable race, with an extraordinary finish!

This is how it unfolded and how it was won.

The contestant—my daughter’s boyfriend, the support crew—mainly children who possessed that matter-of-fact variety of faith, the race setting; one that many of us face many times in our lives, financial trouble.

In reflection, the runner made a few key moves that I believe won him the race.  His race-end perspective may be different, but as a spectator this is what I saw. On the back stretch, with his eye on the post, his primary move was to share his fears and ask for prayer. “Asking for united prayer and being willing to share your lessons and your heart is so helpful and such a good thing. It’s good for your humility, and united prayer is a powerful force for good and change. The power that we have when we pray unitedly is tremendous—much greater than one of us just praying on our own, no matter how desperately.”

That last 400; when you are struck with the realization that what you are facing is truly beyond your own strength. The props have gone, the training, race preparation and experience are all forgotten, only you, the enemy and…the finish line! It was at this point that our brave winner let go! Have you ever watched “Chariots of Fire”? At that point in the race when you are spent and God takes over, you throw it all into the arms of your Savior. Oh the elation, the reckless, wholesome praiseful abandon, the magic formula of faith, the substance of things hoped,  the evidence of things not seen—crossing that line with raised arms in praise to a God that promised He would not fail in one of His precious promises—was realized in the last 400.

“These battles of faith should show you that you need to move higher in the spirit so that the things of the world don’t have such influence on you. It is entirely possible because Jesus has given you spiritual weapons that are stronger and have much more power than that enemy breathing down your neck. This is how Jesus teaches you how to use them.”

Our story unfolds as our young man, experienced in business and making money, finds himself in a situation where his experience, training and preparation miserably fail him. It was one of those measured frustrating defeats that come upon one slowly and almost hopelessly. The extenuating circumstances could be blamed on others, the situation, or whatever, but in this case, our man of faith realized he was in line for a lesson. Wisdom begins to reveal a maker behind the cookie on his plate. The past and the future all rush into one single point of focus, “I gotta get out of this hole, but how? I have nothing left; what I thought was possible is no longer what it once seemed.”

 At what point in the marathon he came to me, I don’t know, but it truly looked like the last 400 meters to me. He had stepped out by faith and booked his and my daughters airline tickets without any physical means of supporting the idea. “God showed me to do it” is what he told me. Well, for me, that was like a green light. We gathered those “crazy faith” kids of ours, explained the basic battlefield layout. The war room was set up and the fight began. There was money owed, but it was not happening. The prayers continued unabated hourly for one week—zero results.  The last 400 meters was coming into view, it was time to “let go”.  “Oh God I can’t do this!” “No, you can’t, because this race was designed in such a way that only I can”, God replied.  Our man of faith crosses the magical last 400 meter barrier,  and with two days to go, God takes over!  Some money arrives at the door, part payment from someone who owed. The next morning another domino falls -a friend agrees to take on the burden of retrieving another debt after our man leaves the country, and hands over the money still owed! Victory!

But wait, there is still one day left, surely God is not finished. Where is the winner’s laurel? Where does the “Well done thy good and faithful servant” part come in? The former came as many miracles do, unexpected yet hoped for. In this case, it was found under the seat of his car in the form of a wad of cash that till that point had remained a secreted stash waiting for the right key to unlock it. Now the key was one of those special Heavenly ones called “the law of love”. And it was manifested by a good deed. Someone’s car had broken down outside his house and he went out to help them, and during the operation needed a spanner, which he remembered was under the back seat of his pick-up.  He reached inside the toolbox only to find a bank note in his hand!! He went in again, another and another and yet another bank note emerged.  Forty-one high denomination bills came forth from the window of Heaven. (Testimonies of faith)

“I promise to lead you through to a place of victory that cannot be taken away from you.”

Testimonies of Faith

The Keys to find the Keys

One day while heading to our office, (which is about a five minute walk from our house) I dropped the gate keys, but didn’t realize it till I got to the office. So I prayed “Lord please help me to find those keys, I need to get this work done today”. Slowly I back tracked my every step, but to no avail. I reach the house…still no keys. I thought,  “Oh hey…I could go to a friend to get the extra, but I should pray first”. So I prayed, and the Lord spoke to me and told me to try one more time. So out again, but this time I was more desperate, so I prayed,” Lord, you said we had all power in heaven through The Keys, I believe that, so I call on The….” Just as I said the word “Keys ” my head turned down, and right in front of me, between my feet, was the keys, thank you Jesus!

(This exact same thing happened on our farm after we had lost the motorbike keys in very thick low bush. We knew it was absolutely impossible to find them, so we prayed for the Keys to reveal them and then walked a few paces to no spot in particular lifted up a branch of a bush and there were the motorbike keys lying under the bush.)

Testimonies of Faith

From James

Keys of Possibilities

All things are possible through the power of the keys. Expect miracles today, call on the keys for help, and they will unlock doors you know not of.

Keys of Importunity

Importunate prayer calling on the keys is the most powerful force in the universe. Never give up, keep your prayer fires burning and you will see miracles.

the golden key ring of faith

It was a week or two before the semi lock-down started in the country where I am a missionary. Lock-down had already begun in most countries… People were getting pretty scared at the time, but where I lived they still hadn’t declared lock-down yet so we were still out and about. I woke up one morning feeling quiet sick; I had a sore throat and a bit of a cough and runny nose. Of course because of what was happening all around the world with Covid19 coupled with the symptoms I was having it was on everyone’s mind that I might have caught it. So I was house bound just to be safe… after a week of drinking the local herb medicines and resting in bed as much as possible, I didn’t seem to be improving, but rather getting worse and came down with a fever and achy body with a severe headache as well. I had little appetite and I would throw up at times. It was almost to the second week like this with it only getting worse… then one day as I was laying in bed chatting with my parents they told me a testimony about how a fellow missionary who was recovering from surgery had been listening to the key promise audios every time she was in pain and how they had helped her so much to get through that time. So as I lay there in a lot of pain myself, I realized I hadn’t been as desperate for my healing as I should have been; though I had been praying and calling on the keys of course… so I turned on the audios and began to listen to the promises on healing. As I listened, I decided to take it a step further and focus on the power; focusing on the keys and imagining the golden key power flowing through my body, to every aching part, healing me and ridding me of the sickness. I did this for awhile until I was too tired to continue… The very next day I was able to get out of bed, eat properly and the fever and headache were gone. It was such a sudden and big change that there was no doubt what the keys had done!

Testimonies of faith

From Ariel


Not only Peter Matthew 16:19 was given the Keys to the Kingdom, they were for all God's children


Keys of Faith

For those who are new in faith, the keys can work wonders to increase their motivation to take new steps for Me.




Keys of Healing

Like the woman of old, who touched the hem of My garment and was made whole, so as you grab hold of the key of healing, My power will flow through you and you will be restored to full health.