The Keys to find the Keys

One day while heading to our office, (which is about a five minute walk from our house) I dropped the gate keys, but didn’t realize it till I got to the office. So I prayed “Lord please help me to find those keys, I need to get this work done today”. Slowly I back tracked my every step, but to no avail. I reach the house…still no keys. I thought,  “Oh hey…I could go to a friend to get the extra, but I should pray first”. So I prayed, and the Lord spoke to me and told me to try one more time. So out again, but this time I was more desperate, so I prayed,” Lord, you said we had all power in heaven through The Keys, I believe that, so I call on The….” Just as I said the word “Keys ” my head turned down, and right in front of me, between my feet, was the keys, thank you Jesus!

(This exact same thing happened on our farm after we had lost the motorbike keys in very thick low bush. We knew it was absolutely impossible to find them, so we prayed for the Keys to reveal them and then walked a few paces to no spot in particular lifted up a branch of a bush and there were the motorbike keys lying under the bush.)

Testimonies of Faith

From James

Keys of Possibilities

All things are possible through the power of the keys. Expect miracles today, call on the keys for help, and they will unlock doors you know not of.

Keys of Importunity

Importunate prayer calling on the keys is the most powerful force in the universe. Never give up, keep your prayer fires burning and you will see miracles.

the golden key ring of faith

It was a week or two before the semi lock-down started in the country where I am a missionary. Lock-down had already begun in most countries… People were getting pretty scared at the time, but where I lived they still hadn’t declared lock-down yet so we were still out and about. I woke up one morning feeling quiet sick; I had a sore throat and a bit of a cough and runny nose. Of course because of what was happening all around the world with Covid19 coupled with the symptoms I was having it was on everyone’s mind that I might have caught it. So I was house bound just to be safe… after a week of drinking the local herb medicines and resting in bed as much as possible, I didn’t seem to be improving, but rather getting worse and came down with a fever and achy body with a severe headache as well. I had little appetite and I would throw up at times. It was almost to the second week like this with it only getting worse… then one day as I was laying in bed chatting with my parents they told me a testimony about how a fellow missionary who was recovering from surgery had been listening to the key promise audios every time she was in pain and how they had helped her so much to get through that time. So as I lay there in a lot of pain myself, I realized I hadn’t been as desperate for my healing as I should have been; though I had been praying and calling on the keys of course… so I turned on the audios and began to listen to the promises on healing. As I listened, I decided to take it a step further and focus on the power; focusing on the keys and imagining the golden key power flowing through my body, to every aching part, healing me and ridding me of the sickness. I did this for awhile until I was too tired to continue… The very next day I was able to get out of bed, eat properly and the fever and headache were gone. It was such a sudden and big change that there was no doubt what the keys had done!

Testimonies of faith

From Ariel


Not only Peter Matthew 16:19 was given the Keys to the Kingdom, they were for all God's children


Keys of Faith

For those who are new in faith, the keys can work wonders to increase their motivation to take new steps for Me.




Keys of Healing

Like the woman of old, who touched the hem of My garment and was made whole, so as you grab hold of the key of healing, My power will flow through you and you will be restored to full health.





I open a mighty effectual door

I am a missionary and the country I am in was closing because of Covid 19 and I had no idea what the government would do to foreign visitors here. If they would send them all back home like other countries were doing…That meant that I would have to go back to my home country. I hadn’t yet ask Jesus what His plan was, but going home meant having to go into quarantine for up to 14 days and I didn’t really have anywhere to go after that besides my relatives, which wasn’t the best solution. So looking at the options I began praying desperately for a key miracle to stay where I was. I told my dad what was happening and he said that they would be praying along with me. The other missionaries I lived with were positive I would have to go home and that there was no way I would be allowed to stay here so they started contacting other missionaries in my home country asking if I could stay with them for awhile. So far it looked like I would be going home… But the Lord spoke beautifully to me in prophecy and reassured me that He would do a great miracle and keep me here; that I had nothing to worry about if I just had faith and trusted Him. With that there was nothing left to do but keep praying. When the time came for me to go to the immigration office to see what was to be done about my situation… the immigration office was pretty much closed down only allowing entrance from the back. We went in and talked to an officer and he told us that the government had issued an emergency visa for all foreigners still in the country and that there was no processing that needed to be done and it was issued automatically. It was completely free and anyone holding certain types of visas (which I happened to have) was allowed to stay until the Covid-19 shutdown was over or until further notice. No hassle no nothing… just like that I was able to stay. Everyone was quiet shocked as it is very unlike the government to do that. Even the very fact that there was no charge was surprising as the the government here tries at every opportunity to get something from you especially when it comes to visas.

 It was such an audacious miracle and answer to key prayers. It strengthened my faith and just showed me what He will do for you when you follow Him.  Thank You Jesus!

Testimony of Faith

By Ariel



Keys of Overcoming

When you encounter an obstacle in performing My will, claim the keys of overcoming and you will have victory!




Keys of Overcoming

Why tire yourself by blowing the sails of your ship with your own breath? Call on Ellya and claim the keys, and she’ll help you learn to sail uncharted seas and conquer new territory.






ARCOTHON… do you believe in guardian angels?

While witnessing to one of our friends, I felt led to share with him how the Lord uses Angels and even Spirits to help aid us in our war against the enemy. So I began to explain how the spirit world works and how the Lord organizes His good spirits and Angels. He (our friend) was very interested to know more, so I began to share with him a few of the names of some of the many Spirit Helpers. He was particularly interested in Arcothon. I explained to him what he does and wrote down the name so he could call on him when needed…. Well a few weeks later I received a call from our friend. He said that he had a friend who was an officer in the army and this officer had problems with horrible nightmares. He had recieved prayer from his pastor but still the nightmares continued. So our friend told him to call on Arcothon. So his army friend did and the nightmares stopped.

The spiritual war is real, and we wield great power when we call on the Spirit Helpers by name.

Testimonies of Faith

From James

Key of Protection

Call on the power of the keys and you will be safe, surrounded by the forces of Heaven.

Key of Security

The keys are your strong defense, a constant help in every time of trouble

two eggs

At last the time had come for my sons’ Birthday book launch. Part of the program was a funny skit, based on Charlie Chaplin. So my son dressed up like him, and the script talked about a man struggling to find something he could do right—cook, busk, anything to help him be able to get some food, as the man was poor. While “Charlie” was doing the cooking part of the skit, he was to use two eggs. We would hard boil them, so the “cracking” part wouldn’t be messy.
A few days before the show I knew we’d need two eggs to boil for the comedy show—if we were to follow the script. I didn’t know what to do, however, as I only had one egg left. It was there in the fridge for a few days. Thankfully, it didn’t get eaten, but I didn’t have an easy way to get more eggs in time. I didn’t want to go out and buy this and that. I thought it would be a bit of a waste of time and such, to take a trip out just to buy eggs for the show. I left it to the Lord. He’d either supply another egg, or I could just give up the idea of getting everything perfect.
I decided, on the day, to go ahead and cook the one egg; we’d make do with that, or change the script to just use one egg, or something. When I opened the carton to cook the one egg, I was stunned for a moment; I was so touched. There were TWO eggs there! The Lord is so sweet to me. If it had been really two left in the carton all these days, they would have been side by side, the last eggs in the egg carton. But they weren’t, one was a space or gap away, and slightly bigger too. It was good to have two, as then the boys (and their dad) could each get half an egg as part of the dinner. They were very hungry by the time we got home from the show!

Testimonies of Faith

From Chalsey

Golden Key of Prayer

There is a key for every problem, a key that will unlock for you every solution that you will ever need in life.