GBY brother. I want to tell you that, maybe two months ago, maybe more, I was listening intently to a MB podcast and I had a very real, vivid vision . It felt more like an apparition actually. I saw this guy; clearly a Hebrew from ancient times. He had a very broad face but was handsome with an appealing smile. He had a typical headdress like a herder, maybe. I kept seeing him looking at me, and I wanted to know his name. I heard an unfamiliar name or something, and I thought, no. And then I heard his name, Gideon. I could hardly believe my eyes, and he looked very happy, smiling at me. I couldn’t stop thinking about him all day. I kept thinking, “Wasn’t I listening to something about Jeremiah ?” I get confused sometimes. 😄 But, yes it was him, Gideon. I feel humbled that he’d inspire me in this way. I am definitely undeserving. Thank you so much for the encouragement. God bless .

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One of the

Warrior Band

“In the time of the End, many of My children shall be sent to your side, and as the battle rages, more and more will join the ranks of My Warrior Band. Gideon is one of My fearless leaders sent to lead My earth-bound warriors to victory over the  enemy, who as grasshoppers have covered the land. Fear not, My beloved brides of the End, together we will rout their kind off the face of this once beautiful planet and send them to their reward. Then we will begin to rebuild and retrain those that remain.”

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Using the Blue Key



Ever Been Translated?

Here’s something that happened a short time ago. I was traveling on a bus in the west of Ireland with my Blue angel. Now the roads there are so rickety you wouldn’t believe! The bus was full and It was hot. So I prayed to the Lord to get us to Galway quickly and clear any traffic ahead of us. Well He did better than that. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and then looked out the window , we were in the outskirts of Galway!!! I did a double take., And looked at my watch. We’d traveled 40 miles in the blink of an eye! And I was fresh as a daisy. Thank you Lord for the gift of translation!
Thank you for submitting this testimony Se. This is the second translation testimony we’ve received. Anyone else out there…besides Philip…been translated? We’d love to hear from you.






Prophecy…Angel speaking

“I’m going to paint a picture for you so that you will understand what is to befall you and your kin.

Things are tightening up more and more, and it’s apparent that the “evil men and seducers” will gain the upper hand –for a while at least. Those who are not playing on the side of the opposition will “tend to poverty”. You can’t get a bank account unless you pledge your allegiance to the one world order, and this will have to be updated and approved on a regular basis, based on your “merits” and playing the game according to their rules, or out you go. “Fend for yourselves, but we aren’t going to ‘aid and abet’ those who are disloyal to the cause. Out! before we throw you out in a more permanent way,” they will say with their actions.

So be prepared for a lack of a stable income, at least what can be tracked online. And take care that you seek the scriptures and the words of prophecy on how to act when things really do shut down for the Lord’s people. You’ll want to know where the exit is, when you get fired, so to speak.

And don’t worry about loss of income. It’s not a problem, just the next grade of learning to harness greater faith. You’ve had faith for finances—that is for the supply of them when you needed it; but next it’s learning to have faith when finances might not even be a part of the equation, and still zig-zag and survive in these days to come.

So gird on the weapon of prophecy, for that most certainly will guide you in the way you are to go.”


“For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth.”


Keys Are Our Wilderness

“When you prove to Me that you’re a worthy investment and that you treasure and care for what I give, I will grant you your needs and wants through My powerful keys of supply and provision.”





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Yet will i trust in him 

The trying of your faith worketh patience. Fear hath torment, but look to Me, My darling. Your heart is beating fast, your head is throbbing and you feel anxious. Your future is unknown. How will this turn out? You are not sure, and there’s no way of knowing either. It can go either way. So then what do I expect of you? It’s the trying of your faith for healing. It takes a lot of counting on Me. It’s keeping focused on the victory and not succumbing to any other alternative. I see you waver, then sweet prayers reach My nostrils and you gain strength again and your trembling anxious heart is stilled. Peace floods your soul. You have confidence in the Keys. The spirit of them pumps you with their powerful forces. They really can transform you. This stubborn filthy sickness is an attack of the enemy. This is your chance, My love, to face your fears. Let’s look at them head on.

You knew the test would eventually come. If you have a weak area, I will surely come in to fortify that area so that you can prove My power and My might. Then you can say you found peace as I conquered demons of ill health attacking you. As you put your hand in Mine , as you rested in My arms, trusting no matter what the outcome, you could look Me full in the face and with a light on your face and a total trusting look in your eyes –a knowing that I am your love and you would do anything for Me, even die, if I so willed it. When you conquer this fear, it is a wonderful surrendering, a wonderful freedom. What can touch you now? Nothing, My darling.

So My sweet, please, I am your love. Trust Me implicitly. Smile through your experience. I am strengthening the inward parts.  Out of the fullness of your heart the mouth speaketh. If you are full of faith then that’s what you will speak because it’s what you believe, it’s what you’ve fed off…The Word. You are full of the Word. Even if you are shaking in your boots a bit and you speak faith but don’t really feel quite so confident, it is still faith because you know it is so.

And even if you don’t feel it, you trust Me enough to say so. After all, faith is believing without seeing. Healing is no different than trusting Me for supply or protection or direction or for your children or any other thing in your life for Me.   I am strengthening your inward parts, My dear, because if you have no fear, then You and I can face anything the enemy throws at you. Your whole being will be a full of faith Key-bearing vessel that trusts Me in any circumstance. The Devil may try to nibble to get his poison in but you will recognize what he is about. If he can hold even just a little bit of fear over you he has an inroad into your inward parts.  He thinks if he can get at you in one weak area of your life then maybe, hopefully, it will flood over into other areas. So this unseen evil bacteria in your inward parts is a physical manifestation of the spiritual battle.


The candle of the Lord searches the inward parts of the belly. My Spirit shall try the minds & hearts of men. Therefore stand fast & doubt not. Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness, & all these things shall be added unto you.


Revelation 21

“Healing cannot be measured by how you feel, how life seems to be treating you, or how buffeted you may be. Healing is found and activated through the keys, through believing that their power will sustain you through the stormy weather.”


I wish for there to be no pockets of resistance holding out, that the enemy has control over. I would that thy heart might be single before Me, that thy eye might be single. Yea, I desire truth in the inward parts. And the truth is faith, believing in My promises to you in all aspects of your life. These key promises you read speak about happiness, but just replace that word with ‘healing’ and the key promise still rings true. You can use any word of need, and it would be My promise to you still. The power is in the Keys!! And it’s not about how you feel; it’s not about the fact that there is still  typhoid there but seeing past that, beyond that, ignoring that and only ‘seeing’ the keys and what they will do for you. It’s as simple as taking your glass of leaf concoction. You drink it down but see no difference for the taking of it. It is by faith through obedience that it is healing –the same for claiming the keys and key promises. You may not see any change immediately; it is faith and obedience again. I will heal you, My darling, but first I will strengthen this inward part –faith for healing and for you to see that My promises are equally reliable and dependable and true for any aspect of your life. The Keys are your weapon to wield. They have immense power, and they will not fail you. When you believe this, then you hold great power over the enemy. This is what he is sore afraid of. So continue your regime of taking your leaf medicine along with your claiming healing key promises, and let’s rout this pocket of resistance in your inward parts. Let faith prevail, My Bride. 

(End of prophecy)

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Proverbs 22:10 Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease.

(Jesus speaking: ) Cast out the scorner and contention shall cease. What is contention? A contentious woman is someone no one wants to be married to. (Proverbs 19:13; 21:19; 27:15) To earnestly contend for the faith is what My believers are admonished to do. (Jude 1:3) In short, it means fight or be in opposition.

When someone is in opposition—in the opposite position as you, facing you down, trying to get you to change something so that you will conform more to their way of being (whether it’s for good or wrong)—then contention is present.

To get people to change in something—their mind or habits or work, etc.—when that person isn’t of the opinion to do so, will take some fight. Trying to change, not just a person but a group of people, takes real effort.

To contend is to speak up for what you think things should be like, and to speak despairingly to those who are of a different opinion so that they’ll give up their way and change to doing or seeing things your way. When you are contending, you aren’t as concerned about the feelings of others involved as much as you are about making progress in some direction. You’ve got a goal and are hoping that others will support you in it.

The trouble comes when others don’t support your ideas, and rather than agreeing and walking the same way as you, they flare up to contend for their side, the way they think things should be. So you then have two or more people each trying to walk in opposite directions and contending, or standing up to the other, for what they think is right.

This is the path you must walk on, for much will be in opposition to you as you take this narrow and uphill pathway climb. Anyone you meet will be facing you down. You will have to make the extremely dangerous and heart-rending decision to keep on going even though it costs you getting jostled along the way or nearly tossed over the edge of the cliff at times while you pass those who are going in opposition to you. But if you can get past those narrow conflicts of interest and manage to find your feet again, you’ll see more from the new vantage point you will come to.

You wither when you see an opponent coming down the pathway that you are trying to go up, because you know it will cost you a great deal. Now, rather than hiking up bravely and joyfully, you might be limping instead, because they stepped on your toes while facing you down, nearly treading over you. You get a stick then and use it like crutch for a while, attempting some sort of forward progress. But every now and then you look back down the pathway to see who troubled you and see them slowly making their way down. You have ill feelings  towards them now. If only they could have been walking the same way you are, you might have had interesting discussions, urged each other on and made further progress in less time. You feel like tossing a few stones to roll down and hit them. It seems like you are above them just because the pathway has wended upward. But you really don’t want to have another encounter with them. Besides, if you stop to stone throw, it will cost you in time, in joy, and just might make you lose your balance, while you are barely able to keep it as it is. So with one hand on the side of the mountain to your left, and your other hand holding your stick crutch, you go on, one labored step at a time.  You cry. Your heart breaks, and you are really confused.

Luke 8:53, 54 And they laughed him to scorn, knowing that she was dead.  And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid, arise.”


Prophets of the End

When the Enemy fights against you with all of his power, I will fight for you with all of My power. The keys will be your strength, your salvation and your relief, your strong tower of protection from the raging battles.


So darling, what or who is in opposition to you? A man’s foes shall be they of his own household. I told you this in My Word and will I not bring it to pass? For these are as gates that you must walk through; each warning will find its fulfillment, for I will see to it that My Word is accomplished.

But what are you to do about it? It’s Me or the other. You can’t have both. You can’t please both God and man. And this is what you must learn. Learn it well before the tests get even tougher.

What do I want you to do? Who do I want you to please? Just live My Word. You are to be as a thumb that sticks out and does not become as a finger. People might try to pull you and stretch you to try to make you more finger shaped, but it won’t work. It will just cause you pain and prove to them and to you that you are and will be what you are meant to be.

But be glad for the pulling and the stretching, for it makes you ever so solidly sure that you can’t become something you are not meant to be.

When you turn away from Me, even ever so slightly in order to please the people, that is when I really hurt. Ouch, I cry in pain.

So basically, as time goes on, more and more that you are called to do will continue to be in opposition to others. More of what you do or are asked to do will seem just plain wrong to those who are using their own tally stick to measure your deeds. Nearly everything right for you will have someone on earth fighting it tooth and nail. So if you listen to man—to all people who oppose you—you will be hindered from doing absolutely anything I have called on you to do, because this guy over here will stop you in that thing, and the next person will hinder your efforts in the next thing. –All through words and ideas and opinions.

And you can be that way too if you play that game of making people conform to your way of being. So lighten up and let each go on their way while you focus on doing what you are meant to be doing, rather than making life a game of changing others to suit your fancies. Instead, just face Me and say yes and do what you are meant to. Let others make their own life choices when there is nothing more you can say or do to convince them otherwise. Don’t get dragged down in the choices and interests of others. Walk harder, do more for My kingdom, and never let yourself be tricked off the path of what My will is for you.

The “scorner” is Satan and his minions who are constantly belittling your efforts and the way you do things. If it’s not supporting what you are meant to be doing, then it’s wrong and you don’t have to listen to it.


Jesus shrugs

A book about the coming war and the Millennial Kingdom of God.

Jesus shrugs

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