“War in the spirit carries no shame like the wars of the flesh. There is no shame in relishing the slaughter of Satan’s troops. There is no innocent blood to be found, so spill his with pride. Count it honor to give no quarter, and to be thought of as merciless in his camp..”

 Expect miracles with every word you pray

Expect miracles with every word you pray. Demand power with every word that enters your prayer.

“Pray meaningful, expectant, powerful prayers for everything. Slam your fist into that “on” switch and let it feel all the power you can muster. It was designed to take some real force‚ so use all the force and intent I have given you to throw that switch powerfully and watch Me take over.”

Desperation in prayer is the second most important factor in what makes a prayer powerful. The number one factor is faith—the belief that I can and will do it.

But this message is about desperation in prayer and why it matters so much that you really and truly want to see the answer to your request, and how you can demonstrate and achieve the proper level of desperation. The reason I require you to ask in prayer and strive in prayer is because you need to take an active part in the prayer process, for I have forbidden Myself to do it all for you.The way the rules of this Earth are set up, almost everything that you can do for yourself, you must do for yourself, and I’m not going to step in for you and do miraculously what you could do physically. Yes, you need to depend on My power, but that is after you have met and satisfied the conditions and circumstances that you are physically able to take care of. You have to come to the limit of what you can do, and you have to put the rest in My hands, before I can take over. Jesus

 We play key roles in the future of the world

Jesus is asking you to live more in the realm of the spirit‚ to be more alert‚ more careful and prayerful, more aware of all that is happening around you.

“Not merely in the physical world but in the spiritual world, where the greatest warfare of this day and age is taking place. Yes, you see famines and pestilences all around you. There are people enduring physical hardships and hunger because of the corruption of those who rule the world. But these struggles and battles are as nothing compared to the wars of the spirit that are being waged at this very moment for the hearts and souls of men, and the course of their future. It is these battles in which you play a key role, and in which the gift of rising above will count the most. And while the victories you win on this field will in turn provide you with the faith and direction to overcome and rise above the battles and difficulties of the physical realm, and usher you into the era of greater works and action, it is above all the battle of the spirit that must be fought and won first—as I had to first confront the Devil in the wilderness where I was tempted for forty days and forty nights before I could move on to the greater work of My public ministry.” Jesus speaking on desperation in prayer

prayer is active service

“Laboring in prayer, as the Lord has often referred to it, is actual spiritual labor.It requires a lot of self-discipline and concentration to focus your prayers, and to keep up that focus for any length of time. It requires desperation, and in order to be desperate, you have to be stirred up. So while the answer to the question of how to be more effective in prayer is very simple, the implementation is not easy. It requires a lot of work.” ( Art of War 4)

Light up your spiritual flamethrower


“In any run-in with Satan or his imps, his first tactic is to attempt to prevent you from praying, because once you pray‚ you turn the power on, you light up your flamethrower of the spirit, you initiate all the other spiritual weapons to work on your behalf.”

art of war

Satan tries to tell you that “it’s too much effort to reach for that switch to activate your defenses. It doesn’t really have an effect and you’re just wasting your time praying, so why do it?” Why do it? Because the single act of flipping that switch powers up the spiritual forces and begins the process of defeat for the Enemy.”

“Prayer is the fundamental fabric of the spirit world, and it is the framework of all the storehouses of the spirit. Prayer is the lifeline of the spirit world and the foundation for all action in My Kingdom. Prayer is as inseparable from your life as the air you breathe. Without prayer there would be no release of power, no spiritual energy, no action, no accomplishments, no miracles. Prayer is the critical ingredient to your spiritual life. Prayer is the action which creates action. Everything is dependent on prayer.

“Prayer is the building block of any defense or offense against the Enemy. If you don’t pray, you have no power‚ no answers‚ no miracles‚ no supernatural intervention. Prayer is the “on” switch for every spiritual action and intervention in your life.

The reason you’re not seeing more answers to prayer is because you’re not praying! Jesus doesn’t consider your little “ho hum, gotta rattle off a few repetitious lines here” attempts at prayer, to be prayer at all. What I’m talking about when I call prayer a weapon is meaningful prayers‚ where every word that leaves your lips is a curse upon Satan’s power, an affirmation of God’s power, and a powerful spell spoken with emotion which will bring the full force of His power down on Satan’s head again, and again, and again”! ( Art of War 4)


“You need to understand that prayer is the step you must take to get everything you desire and need from the spirit realm. If you don’t pray, god’s hands are tied. This is the rule that has been set in place. Unless you flip that switch, things aren’t going to happen”.



“When the Devil smashes your life and leaves you in broken pieces, God can come in, take those pieces, and create the most beautiful stained glass window the world has ever seen. God loves to turn our every impossibility into the most wonderful opportunity you have ever had.”

  Praise is a weapon

“Thankfulness is praise. Counting your blessings, what some call “playing the glad game‚” is a real weapon which can defeat bad spirits of negativity, murmuring, self-pity, selfishness‚ discouragement and depression, and even jealousy.”

“Use praise as a weapon straight from your heart more often. Strive to make your heart one that is praising about everything, thankful for everything. If you see you’re not thankful for something, strive to get into a thankful vein about that thing. That is how you move to higher ground over that particular attack on your spiritual life. You take out the weapon of praise and you blast away. Remember, I am the greatest thing in your heart, so just praise Me for Me if that’s all you can think of! Praise Me that you have Me‚ and that I have you, and that I will never let you go. Praise about anything!” (Praise as a weapon Pt.1)


“When you’re hit with an attack that makes you feel bad about something, despondent, discouraged, hopeless, or condemned‚ using the weapon of praise would mean to employ thankfulness or to count your blessings, to use this aspect of praise in which you think of all the ways that the situation could have been worse, and praise god that it wasn’t. Or you recount how good he has been to you, how much you do have, and how richly blessed you are.”

“Let’s talk about Jesus! Let’s get positive! Let’s talk about the Word! Let’s talk about the needs of others! Let’s talk about the good things! “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things!” Speak evil of no man—even yourself!”

Prayer is active service

Prayer is not inactivity; prayer is not just sitting back and doing nothing, neither is it a waste of effort. Prayer is the essence of your service for Me. I want to repeat that. Prayer is the essence of your service for the Lord. It is by prayer that you show your dedication to Him and your service and loyalty.

Prayer is the sacrifice by which you prove your rank and your honor as a warrior.It is one of the basic requirements for any Christian soldier. Prayer is the fundamental upon which the war for this world is fought, and it is the starting point for every miracle.”

Prayer is not a secondary weapon in your armory; it is a primary weapon.Prayer isn’t a sideline back–up plan should you get in a tight spot. Prayer is the plan. Prayer is the strategy. Prayer is the ball in soccer, rugby, billiards, or any ball sport. Without prayer the heavenly game of your spiritual life would cease to exist.” Art  of  War 4

Life as a soldier– 1 Thessalonians 5:17


Prayer is so important, but it is one of the least used and most attacked weapons

“As a soldier, there are many things that you may be asked to do that are part of the duties of being a soldier. You may be asked to do guard duty that keeps you up all night. Something like that isn’t “fun” or something you jump at the chance to do naturally. Such things are, however, a part of the life of a soldier and must be done in order to fulfill your duty and live the life you have chosen.

Prayer is one of those things. It requires a lot of work, but it returns great dividends. You must incorporate prayer into your life as part of your active service to God.”


“I want you to realize just how important prayer is. It is so fundamental that it is the first thing to be attacked by the Enemy. This is why he makes you weary of prayer. This is why he makes you think it has no results, and is just a chore and drudgery.” ART OF WAR 4


Angel instructing saint in art of war                    YOU WON’T NEED THE SCABBARD….WE ARE AT WAR!

“Satan has a whole division of his forces assigned to distract and keep you from prayer. They will use any tactic and they have every bit of Satan’s power available to them, because it is the single most damaging act to Satan’s kingdom. If Satan can get you to not turn your weapon on, to not use your equipment in the battlefield, he has triumphed over you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

The Golden Key Ring of Prayer

“I have placed in your hands the golden key ring of prayer.On the ring are many keys. There is a key for every problem, a key that will unlock for you every solution that you will ever need in life. These are the keys of power prayers. To be the keepers of these keys is not to be taken lightly. Truly it is a high honor, a priceless privilege, to be the holders of these prayer keys, great possessions of inestimable worth, which I put in your hands.

When Moses raised his arms in prayer to Me at the banks of the Red Sea, I stretched out My hand and parted the waters, and I held them at bay until the last of My children were safely on the other side. When the shepherd boy David loaded his sling, looked up to Me and whispered a prayer, I guided his stone and brought down the giant Goliath. When Elijah besought me for the rain I had promised, I sent the showers in great abundance. Likewise, at Zarephath, when he cried unto Me, asking for the soul of the widow’s son‚ I returned life to the boy’s motionless body.” Jesus


“let this spur you onward in prayer, for great is the cross-ripple effect of your prayers as they go out and cover the world, reaching across the boundaries of time to reach a heart‚ to save a soul, to encourage and lift up, to bring hope and life, peace and comfort, to protect and guard and to bring great victory to those for whom you directly pray and for multitudes of others”.

The Ripple Effect

“The day you see the cross-ripple effect of every prayer you ever prayed will be a great day! The awe of it is more than can be contained in all the earth.”

                                                                “No one prayer stands alone. Just as no man is an island and your life is bound to affect others, so no prayer stands alone. No prayer starts and ends with a single entity or a single purpose. One prayer accomplishes many purposes and is multiplied many times over. For example, say you pray for a headache and I heal that aching head. The immediate fruit of that prayer is that the headache is gone, yet that prayer bears much more fruit than one healed head. Through one prayer, your faith has been boosted, and when others hear of the healing, their faith is often boosted as well. The result of this boost of faith then continues bearing fruit as it goes along.

“Only the Heavens can contain the glory and magnitude of the effect of your prayers. The cross-ripple effect of your prayers reaches far beyond the shores of the sands of time.”

Your prayers have a ripple effect—on and on they go, bearing fruit in many ways.When you pray for someone and their life is touched by the result of your prayers‚ likewise the fruit of your prayers in that person’s life will also bear fruit and have an effect on others’ lives. Because one life reaps the benefit of your prayers‚ other lives are also touched through the positive results in that one person’s life.

So many things happen as a result of your prayers, so great is the ripple effect your prayers have on the world. Your prayers not only create ripples, but when they bounce off others, they are reflected in more ripples, which in turn bounce and reflect even more! So your prayers have a cross-ripple effect—the ripples of your prayers go out in all directions, backwards and forwards, up and down, top to bottom‚ from side to side, over and above and beyond, reaching out in many directions and ways you never dreamed possible, creating ever more ripples as they do so.” Jesus speaking on the ripple effect of prayer


And I give unto you the Keys of The Kingdom Matthew 16:19

tap into heavens thought power

“Turn every thought into a prayer. If you want to know how to pray more and how to get more things done, transform every thought into a prayer. Think of all the things you do throughout the day‚ all the things you think about, all the thoughts that run through your head! So many thoughts—sometimes running wild! Now ask yourself, where are your thoughts running?”

“Watch your thoughts. Consider all your thoughts. Size them up, take stock, analyze, weigh them up, and ask yourself, what are your thoughts accomplishing? Where are they going? Are they headed in the right direction or in the wrong direction? Or are they lost in space, trapped in the gulf of nonsense? Or hot-wired to the switchboard of static and confusion?”

“Don’t think that to turn your thoughts into prayer is merely to keep them occupied, to fill up your time and corral your thoughts for lack of something better to do. For this fine art—practicing this Heavenly technique of turning every thought into prayer—is a great privilege, a great gift, a great power. the privilege to tap into Heavenly thought power! Use it, and it will serve you well. It will make your life easier and bring about miracles on your behalf.”

Heavenly Communication Jeremiah 29:13

Thoughts into prayer



Are your thoughts lost in space, trapped in the gulf of nonsense? Or hot-wired to the switchboard of static and confusion?”

“Instead of just thinking about someone, why not pray for them right then and there in the moment you have the thought? When you think about your loved one at work and wonder how they’re doing, why not pray for them? When you’re thinking about your children, or concerned about their health, progress, scholastic progress or ongoing problems—instead of worrying‚ why not pray for them? When you wonder what’s for dinner, why not let that thought trigger a desire to pray for the cook‚ or for the shopper, and the list goes on and on. We have hundreds of thoughts a day that could very well be turned into prayer.”

“You should be vigilantly trying to capture your thoughts and make them work for you and others for good through prayer. All throughout the day as you are taking in the sights and sounds of all that goes on around you, in the midst of all this you can make choices as to how you want to direct and filter the thoughts that pop into your head.”


“People equate action with doing something. But they must realize that praying is also action—the most efficient and powerful kind of action.” 


Specific prayers are like smart bombs

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; you fight not physical enemies, but spiritual ones.                                                                                                                           It’s like the smart bombs that armies use, and how much more effective they are than the bombs they used in World War II or even just a few years ago‚ when they dropped them randomly from the sky. Yes, they did damage, but the smart bombs are specifically targeted to destroy a certain target, and so the damage inflicted is of greater importance and does more harm to the enemy because it hits the exact spot which it was aimed at. This is like your prayers. When you are specific and your prayer is targeted, it inflicts greater damage on the Enemy.


If you want to do more in prayer, consider your thoughts. Thoughts are real things. They can bless or they can curse; they can help or they can hinder; they can provide comfort and peace, or they can emit emptiness; they can give protection and security, or they can lead the way to accident and misfortune—all according to how you turn them. Turn those thoughts into prayer