faith. . .the true coinage

 “Faith is the true coinage of the Heavenly realm, and the quantity and amount of faith you have when you leave this life and take up residence there is going to be of real value to you.”

And this stock market will never crash, because it is backed by the Bank of Heaven

True Coinage


What is the value of faith? 

“The value of enlarging your faith and cultivating it is of inestimable value in the spirit world. Your faith will last eternally.” That’s one reason being born into a life on Earth is such a privilege and why you should use your time there wisely, because it is a stage of existence where you can determine your rewards and your status and develop as much value as you want to have here.”

Examine your faith

“You know whether you’re fighting effectively in a certain situation by examining your situation‚ examining the foundation you are standing on, and asking yourself if you are effectively fighting the Enemy and defeating every attack he throws at you to try to push you off that foundation of faith. If you are making an effective stand‚ you won’t allow anything to weaken your faith. That’s how you know whether you are fighting effectively.”

“So if you’re doing all you can do‚ if your foundation is sure, if you’re fighting with all your weapons and not getting weaker in spirit, then it is time to go through the storm and trust that I will help you survive, and I will. It’s time to make your stand and let nothing move you spiritually. If you are moved, then something is wrong with your faith and you need to find out what it is‚ strengthen it, or move to the right foundation, or attend to whatever the weakness is.” Jesus

“HE IS NO FOOL who trades what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose!”–Have you? 


Not only Peter Matthew 16:19 was given the Keys to the Kingdom, they were for all God's children  

The keys of the Kingdom have the power to bring miraculous answers to prayer and perform the impossible. But they also have the power to bestow upon you great faith to trust in extremely adverse circumstances. The keys will be your salvation.

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