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A close friend suggested to me recently , (after we had been discussing some observations I’d made on the series “It Can Happen Now 1992”) that the Y2K letters have some very interesting insights on what the world is experiencing now. My friend said, “if you take the word Y2K out of the letters and where applicable, put in Corona an amazing similarity takes place”. Following are some excerpts from those two Y2K letters. (written in 1999)

Prophecy is timeless, written then for now. 

(Jesus speaking:) You can discern the signs in the skies to know that a storm is coming, and so I call you to discern these signs of the times, for a great storm is brewing on the horizon. Just like in the vision your Father David had of “The Great Escape,” there will be those who heed My warning signs and follow Me closely up the mountain to safety, and there will be those who see it coming too late to remove themselves from danger.

The year 2000 bug [Corona is a bug] is a key playing chip in the Antichrist’s scheme to take control of the world’s empires. Satan is the author of confusion, and he specializes in this area.

Even as I say that this is part of Satan’s design, I will add that the Enemy is the propagator of fear. In the end, fear is what will bring this proud world to its knees, as the material goods and so-called government security that people so love grow wings and begin to fly out of their lives. It is then that the world will represent a drowning man, willing to give up his very freedom if only someone will save his life. In that same hour, the world, seeking to save its life, shall lose it.

This Y2K bug [corona] is just one of the dominoes that will fall and affect other dominoes, and all shall work together to bring about the Great Confusion spoken of in My Word. Modern society is not prepared for this kind of crisis, for they have removed Me from their schools, replacing Me and My Word and ways with that of materialism, evolution, and many other things that are contrary to godliness. They have removed Me from their lifestyles, for never before has there been such a striving for wealth and success, a focus on pleasure and self-satisfaction, such a selfishness permeating every ­corner of society. In doing these things, they are setting themselves up in a house built on sand. When the storms come and the rain falls, this house will wash away. There will be a massive breakdown of the most basic moral codes that man has lived by for ages. Even those who still strive to have some kind of moral standard will be swallowed up by the vast majority of people who only care for their own skin.

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