Jesus in manger with watching angel
Angel overlooking baby Jesus

Christmas is a season of sharing moments and memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Christmas is a time to see the world with eyes of love. It’s a time to remember that the world is made up of people like us, and to see them for who they are inside. All have problems like

we do, and hearts as fragile as ours—no matter who they are or where they come from.

Christmas is a time for merriment of heart. It’s a time to reflect with thanksgiving on all the good the past year has brought. It’s a time to be grateful for the love Heaven has sent into our lives.

Christmas is a time to give to those in need, asking nothing in return.

Christmas is the season of love because God is the God of love.

Christmas is a new beginning, a time to leave past hurts behind and start afresh. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. He can be born anew in our hearts each Christmas.

Christmas is a day we can celebrate with joy, knowing that even if we’re lonely or feel we have no one on Earth who we are special to, there is Somebody Who does love us, and that’s Jesus.

Life, like Christmas, isn’t made of what we receive but of what we give. A life built on trying to get from others, rather than give to others, will fail.

Give the gift of love to someone today by showing that you need them.

In a world where things can change drastically from one day to the next, it seems little can escape quickly becoming passé. But there’s one thing that will never become outdated—the need to love and be loved. This is the essence of Christmas. This is the real reason why we are each here. This is how we leave our mark—in the love that we show to others.

It’s not what you get for Christmas that makes it special. It’s what you give.

Think of the most significant and beloved Christmas that you can remember and the reason for it. Now take that memory and make it happen for someone else.

How can Christmas be lived to the full? How can you end this Yuletide with satisfaction in your heart? By giving to those in need. You can give to those who need a smile or a kind word. You can give to those who are poor and needy, who have less than you. You can lend a hand to a neighbor. Giving makes Christmas worthwhile.

We can make every day as special as Christmas is, if we’re willing to try. Because Christ was born on that special night. Light had entered the dark world and salvation had come. They rejoice still because they see the Savior’s message live on.

They rejoice to see deeds of love done for another. We can again make the angels rejoice this Christmas by sharing love with others.

It doesn’t seem there was anything extraordinary about Mary and Joseph that caused them to be chosen to be Jesus’ parents. They were just a poor, young, working class couple. Perhaps their average-ness is something that we are meant to take comfort in. If such a great responsibility could be entrusted to their care, could it mean we are also capable of being trusted to do great things for God?

Love came down at Christmas. Christmas is love. The purest form of love is the giving of one’s self for another.

That’s what happened that first Christmas night, and what we should try to recreate every Christmas.

Baby Jesus, God’s Son, lay humbly in a simple manger.

We are each just as special to God, no matter how humble or lowly our state.

Please come to My birthday party. When: December 25.

Where: Wherever you are. Bring family and friends. — Jesus.

The birthday gift I’ll treasure most is your love. — Jesus

My birth was the greatest present My Father could give to you, the chance to receive eternal life. — Jesus

I’m one Christmas gift that’s too big to go under the tree, yet small enough to live in your heart. — Jesus 

For God so loved the world that He sent His only son, Jesus, on Christmas, so we could share Christmas with Him forever.

and start afresh. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. He can be born anew in our hearts each Christmas.


On Christmas you don’t need to have a fancy Christmas tree.

Abundant piles of wrapped-up gifts are not obligatory.

If what you seek is happiness upon this Christmas day,

This might be just the gift, one you never could repay.

On Christmas Day we celebrate the birth of God’s Own Son.

Of Christmas trees and presents, we know that He had none.

He was humbly born into this world so we could be set free.

He came to fi ll our lives with love for all eternity.

He is knocking at your heart’s door; He hopes you’ll let Him in.

If you accept, if you believe, new life you can begin.

He’ll never leave you lonely; He’ll always be your friend.

He offers you eternity and hope that never ends.

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