What’s happening in Singapore?


“Let Me draw the curtain back and bring your attention to Singapore, to Sydney, to London, in fact, to any one of the many juncture points around the globe: the airports, the seaports, the borders where many must funnel in and through as they run to and fro in the time of the end. For now, travel restrictions are in place, but not for too much longer; the turnstiles are almost ready. Single file is what they require, everyone numbered, every person marked, all travelers bio-chipped -scanner and camera compliant. The generated virus served its purpose, but its effectiveness is losing ground. The masses are restless; they want out of their cage.  So the planners and schemers must work hard to put in place the new substructure. Control the ports, control the borders, control the point of entry and you control the country, what comes in and what goes out. Checks and counter checks will be in place all along the route in order to make sure you are who you say you are and going where you say you are going, but more importantly, that you have permission to do so. Passports will fade out of existence in this new world ordered system; cash will be a thing of the past.  Welcome to the travel-port of the future.

When the shackles finally come off, when the stage is set, and the lights come on, when the virus is past and all are safely stabbed and numbered, then the seamless new world orderliness will be the order of the day. Everyone will wonder after “The Beast.” Everyone will worship the beast. No hiding then, no secret cash deals then, not one transaction will be unaccounted for. All will buy and sell with his number and under his name then.

But for now, the restraints and bullying will continue as the finishing touches and adjustments are being finalized. Let the world carry on with their demonstrations and what-not’s, they will very soon realize the straight jacket is tight enough and will once again resign themselves to another fresh mandate and settle back down to the new normal. In the end, how easy it was for the world to receive the number as they wonder after the “New Beast”- the last and final empire. Caesar seems benevolent enough. Growing pains are never easy, but after the pain, new growth is assured. As for the recalcitrant and uncontrollable, there are other ways of persuasion; we will cause that as many as will not worship our glorious system to be killed; they will be starved out.  We will force them into their dens and caves as outcasts of our New World Order.”


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