be prepared

A close friend suggested to me recently , (after we had been discussing some observations I’d made on the series “It Can Happen Now 1992”) that the Y2K letters have some very interesting insights on what the world is experiencing now. My friend said, “if you take the word Y2K out of the letters and where applicable, put in Corona an amazing similarity takes place”. Following are some excerpts from those two Y2K letters. (Written in 1999)

Be prepared, for you know not what hour the Antichrist will come and when he shall rise to power. Sudden shall be his appearance on the world scene. He will slip quietly in the door to world power like a thief in the night. How foolish you would be to not prepare both physically and spiritually for the future events that may come unexpectedly. Please be wise and heed My Words of caution, of wisdom, and of truth that will help you to make it.

I’ve shared much about the need for you to be spiritually prepared,and now I speak to you of the physical and what you must do to prepare, and prepare now. In the advent of a major calamity–for it will come soon–you must be prepared. You must have your survival food prepared. You must have survival water, and even possibly a generator, as you may be without electricity for some time. (Jesus Speaking)



My instruction and admonitions to receive the gift of prophecy, to practice it and use it are even more desperate and urgent.




The need to prepare your closest friends and contacts for future confusion–not to make them fearful, not to say when or how, but to help them be prepared.



Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45



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