Jesus puts in a plug from the spirit

(Jesus speaking:) It’s always a good idea to keep checking in with Me regarding the signs of the times, current events, world happenings and developments. My children often grow familiar with the daily events and goings-on in the world. This is a weakness of the flesh, and one you must continually seek to fight against. I would that My children stay alert, awake, and aware concerning the happenings in the world around them. By checking in with Me often on these matters, I’m able to clear your vision, and this helps to keep you stirred up and on your guard.




I call My children to watch in prayer and regularly check in with Me. I call you to stay tuned and receive My updates. Listen to My voice as to whether I will move you along in the plan I have given you aforetime or whether I would have you reevaluate your plan and move along in a slightly altered direction.

I would that My children watch and pray so that I might speak to them often. It’s not good enough to go on yesterday’s plans and instructions, for My children must seek Me ­often to know which way to go–if nothing else but to get a confirming word that you’re on the right track, for this will build your faith. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)





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