Don’t just prepare for Why2K… prepare for the end

A close friend suggested to me recently , (after we had been discussing some observations I’d made on the series “It Can Happen Now 1992”) that the Y2K letters have some very interesting insights on what the world is experiencing now. My friend said, “if you take the word Y2K out of the letters and where applicable, put in Corona an amazing similarity takes place”. Following are some excerpts from those two Y2K letters. (Written in 1999)

It truly is time to prepare for the End, and not just a little computer complication. It’s also a sign to alert My children that the End is growing closer. It’s to give you warning, to alert you that Satan is being unleashed as I said he would be. All things that I have written must come to pass, and this is his time. Once he’s unleashed, you’ll see how quickly his power will influence the world. So prepare, not just for Y2K, [corona] but for much more than that!

To you who are in the first world, the developed countries, I say this: Do not get so dependent on the System. For should the AC governments decide that this is the time to act, they will destabilize the banks, the credit systems, and the markets first. Don’t become so dependent on these things that you can’t survive a month or two without them.

To those who are in the third world, the less developed countries, I say: These are ­areas which will be affected much less, for these ­nations are still dependent on the old ways of doing things. Their systems aren’t so dependent on tech­nology, for they’re still behind in this area. But I would warn you also to have your survival and to be ready, for there are ways that this will affect you that you know not of. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)



My children the End is growing closer. It is even at the door.




Satan has been released as I said he would

(2 Thessalonians 2: 7)








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