Wise Virgin …the bride of christ

Oh, the power and the might and the wisdom and the love that can be found there in the quietness, there in the peace. And, oh, how many neglect it! It does not take long. Oh, if you could see in the Spirit the riches that are given unto you in the quiet places, the quiet times, the quiet moments, in those moments when you seek Me and you lay down all else and say unto Me, “Come! Come! I am here for You!” (Loving Jesus Part 1)

Jewels from Jesus

 If you could see the jewels that I have and the strength that I can empower you with; if you could see tangibly, right there, the answers that I have for you, or the angels that I beckon to help you, or the wise men that I instruct to guide you, you would have greater understanding and you would not fail to stop, to look, and to listen! (Loving Jesus Part 1)


enter into rest

“But you do not see these things, and so often you simply see that there is so much to do, and feel, “We must labor, we must labor.” But I say labor to enter into My rest. For as you enter into this labor, so do I send forth those who will labor for you and who will help you, who will guide you.”

quiet moments

For it is at those times that I instruct those with the wisdom to guide you, and it is in those quiet moments when they can speak this wisdom unto you. So neglect not to come unto Me in quietness, and in doing so, receive all that I have for you. And, oh, I can make your job, your life and your ministry so much easier! I can give you that life that you need and desire, and I can give you the wisdom that you seek and the strength that you need. I can give you the power and might of the Spirit of God! (Loving Jesus Part 1)



Shekinah Glory

As Moses’ face shone when he came down from the mountain from being in My presence, so will your face shine and your spirit shine and your soul shine, for it will shine with the presence of God! For it will be as if the shekinah glory is upon you, and you will shine and glow, and you will have peace, and you will have rest. You will have the answers, because those that I have instructed will be helping you, and My voice will be saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” And then you can walk in peace and in confidence and in faith and in love–with no more worries or hurried and fretting feelings, but at ease. (Loving Jesus Part 1)

in the bed of love

“Come! Come! Come, let us lie together! Let us hold one another and speak words of love one to another, and let Me whisper in your ears. Remember, I am a King, and when you please Me, I will please you, for I have many, yea, legions that I can instruct and say, “Go and do this! Go and take care of that! Give them this wisdom! Give them this anointing! Give them this love! Give them this strength!” And I do so willingly! But how much more can I do this when you please Me and when you come to Me and say, “This is My need.” I can send forth many to help you as you seek Me in the quietness and in the solitude and in the communion of your love for Me.” ( Wise Virgin )




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