Staying Open to Shepherding01 Love and Faithfulness10 Living by Faith
Tips for Leadership02 Full Time Discipleship11 Making Decisions in Faith
Prophecy Vitamins on Leadership and Shepherding03 The Price and Rewards of Discipleship12 Enduring Faith
Shepherding Thru Prophecy and Hands On04 Come Out From Among Them13a Prophecy Vitamin on Faith
Shepherding Teens05 Trusting in the Lord13b Prophecy Vitamins on Faith
We All Need Shepherding07 Reach the Rich and Educated13c Prophecy Vitamins on Faith
What Makes a Good Leader06 Be a Faithful Witness14a Prophecy Vitamins on Faith
Bitterness08 The Preparation Courses 14b Prophecy Vitamins on Faith
Forgiveness09 Full Access to The Keys14c Prophecy Vitamins on Faith
Vitamins on Forgiveness10 Spirit Helpers_New Weapons15a Prophecy Vitamins on Faith
Law Of Love11 Living the Law of Love Fully15b Prophecy Vitamins on Faith
Law of Love Vitamins12a The Loving Jesus Revelation15c Prophecy Vitamins on Faith
Law of Love and One Wife Vision12b The Loving Jesus RevelationPROPHECIES FOR THE COD BOOK 6
JESUS PERSONAL TESTIMONY13 Full Possession and Hev Thot Power01 Humility
My Life on Earth part 114 Using Praise02 Imperfections
My Life on Earth part 216 Unity is Your Sample03 Loving Interaction Takes Humility
My Life on Earth part 317 Our Sample to Our Children04 It Takes Humility To Become One
My Life on Earth part 418 Be Faithful to Feed the Sheep05 Prophecy Vitamins on Humility
ON PRAYER19 Yieldedness to Doing His WillPROPHECIES FOR THE COD BOOK 7
A New Bottle Prayer Warrior20 In Times of Affliction01 In the Bed of Love with Jesus
Full of Faith Extreme Prayers21 Through Trials and Tests02 Quality Time with Jesus
Praying On Target 22 Prophecy Vitamins03 Taking Quality Time in Meditation
Proactive PrayerKeys Turned to Swords05 Quality Time Using Prophecy
Put Me On The Spot 01 Yieldedness to Doing Gods Will06 Quality Time Praising
PROPHECIES FOR THE COD BOOK 102 The Contentment of Yieldedness07 Prophecy Vitamins Taking Time with Jesus
1 Our Founder On Our Radical Beliefs03 Yieldedness Brings EmpowermentPROPHECIES FOR THE COD BOOK 8
2 The Precious Words of David04 Trials Equals Greater Humility01 The Lords Supernatural Protection
3 The Word is the Foundation05 Yieldedness and Hearing from God02 Gods Protection and Supply
4 Strong Meat for Strong Disciples06 Yieldedness and Blessings03 The Word Protects Us
5 Be Faithful to the Words of David07 Three Keys for Our Destiny04 Obedience Gets Gods Protection
6 Words of David vs Theologians08 Prophecy Vitamins on Yieldedness05 Our Spiritual Weapons
7 Maria's Mission and Destiny09 Yield Fully to What I Ask of You06 Prophecy Vitamins Protection
8 The Majesty of Free Choice10 Rising Above with Yieldedness07a The Great Confusion
9 The Miraculous Resurrection of the CODPROPHECIES FOR THE COD BOOK 407b The Great Confusion
10 The Flame of Revolution01 Prophecies Only Mo Letters08 How To Prepare for Tribulation
11 Building a Whole New Society02 Prophecies Only Mo Letters2022-03015 Prayer a Focal Point
12 The Destiny of the COD03 Prophecies Only Mo Letters
13 The Family of the Future04 Prophecies Only Mo Letters
14 New Ways for the Last Days05 Prophecies Only Mo Letters
15 New Blood06 Prophecies Only Mo Letters
16 To My Mighty Youth Army07 Prophecies Only Mo Letters
17 War Horses to the BattlePROPHECIES FOR THE COD BOOK 5
18 Leaders of the End01 Faith is Trusting
19 Prophets of the End02 Greater Faith for the ET
20 Prepare Today for the Future03 Test Strengthen Your Faith
21 The Real Superheros04 Tests Strengthen Your Faith pt2
22 The Everlasting Reward of the COD05 Howe to Increase Your Fatih
23 The Everlasting Reward of the COD part 206 Fight For Your Faith
PRAYER NEW COMPS.07 But If Not Faith
08 Faith Comes from the Word
09 Full Faith Empowers Prayer